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Amir Khan suffers crushing defeat

Amir Khan, pictured, has lost to Danny Garcia

Amir Khan, pictured, has lost to Danny Garcia

Amir Khan's career lies in tatters after he suffered a devastating second successive defeat in Las Vegas as Danny Garcia knocked him down three times en route to a fourth-round stoppage win.

The 25-year-old Englishman admitted recently that he had endured the toughest spell of his career after a torrid six months which saw him suffer a controversial defeat by Lamont Peterson and a bitter fall-out which saw their rematch scrapped after the American tested positive for synthetic testosterone.

Khan, who had perhaps naively talked about fighting Floyd Mayweather in the near future, had the WBA belt he lost that night returned to him but lost that to Garcia as the American caused a huge upset to retain his own WBC crown and become a unified champion at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre.

Khan came into the fight with a record of 26-2 with 18 knockout wins while Garcia boasted 23 wins, 14 early, and no defeats. Despite Khan coming off a defeat in his last bout, the Briton was a heavy betting favourite and the majority of the 7,000-strong crowd were in his corner.

Khan flew out of the blocks and barely a second had elapsed when he landed a beautiful left hook-right hand combination. He easily won the first round with sharp, attacking jabs and hooks, while Garcia had to settle for two right crosses and a naughty low blow, for which he was warned.

Garcia landed a nice right in the second but Khan retaliated immediately. Khan also won the second but had to take sporadic body shots and a strong overhand right from the Philadelphian. Garcia was cut over his right eye in the round, though it was unclear how the wound was inflicted.

Khan landed an excellent lead left in the third which Garcia shrugged off well, while the American was also having occasional successes himself. Another warning for low hitting was perhaps harsh. The fight then exploded as a counter left from Garcia floored Khan hard. He got to his feet quickly but was clearly devoid of his senses.

Referee Kenny Bayless scandalously allowed it to go on and the Briton was saved by the bell as Garcia threw a massive right. After a minute to recover Khan looked in better shape for the fourth but what followed was one of the most brutal rounds in recent memory.

Garcia threw huge power shots in search of the stoppage and Khan was soon down again, this time from a right, which saw him trip on the rope. Khan somehow survived and amazingly began firing shots back as the two men stood and traded crashing blows. Khan actually goaded Garcia in and landed a good shot himself, hitting Garcia with an uppercut and left.

Khan was then down a third time when he was caught by a glancing left and right to the temple. Again he got up quickly, but when Bayless stared into his eyes, the referee finally decided enough was enough.

15/07/2012 08:34
I boxed whilst in the army......24 fights......23 wins (21ko's) and 1 defeat. My last fight I went into thinking it was going to be easy and I was destroyed and embarrassed by a better boxer (from the RAF no doubt) and that was it for me. Many wanted me to carry on but I knew after a loss that going in the ring would never be the same for me again. I bet Khan felt the same! The difference for Khan being it is about cash and his lifestyle foundations. Because Khan is fast, I never really rated him as a good pugulist, anyone with speed and with a good ability to take a few knocks, I thought would easily overcome him. Garcia has the abilities in bundles but eventually no matter how many followers he accumulates over his career, in the ring he will suffer the same humiliation that I and Khan did. Khan has made enough money throughout his career to have a good life now and there's no need for him to end up "punch drunk." Amir Khan...you're not Ali. There are a very rare few like Ali, who can lose a title and then win it back and hold on to it. Go do something else whilst your faculties still allow it! The final bell has rung, son!!!!
15/07/2012 05:37
I watched the buildup to this fight and from that I came to the conclusion that Garcia would prevail. It was blatantly obvious that Freddie Roach is sick of wasting his precious time on a fighter that won't stick to the plan. Roach didn't give all his time to this and I feel he should take some of the flack for not preparing Amir properly. 

Although all the credit goes to Garcia for delivering a sweet performance, let's not forget the part Garcia senior played. He played mind games to perfection.
15/07/2012 07:47
Its a shame to see this talented boxer taken apart because he tried to fight instead of box.  He should know by now he cannot take a big hit.  His ego will be bruised by this defeat but he must look at why it happened.  Barry McGuigan got it exactly right when he described Khan's punishing training.  He was getting knocked about by sparring partners and in retaliation got into a brawl.  He should use his brilliant skills and stick to boxing as part of is not to let the opponent hit you.  Also he should show respect for his opponents as they are every bit as good as he is.
Talking of fighting Mayweather should never be on the cards as he would take Khan apart and he would probably never box again.  So its back to the drawing board and this time try to keep your trainer present the whole time you are in training so as he can control your  passion to beat somebody up instead of learning the art of boxing.
15/07/2012 07:39
khan was getting to cocky. already eyeing a fight with mayweather, which he would have lost. he needs to take it easy, otherwise he will end up like victor ortiz. another ko, you have to question khans ability. yes he has talent but he has major flawes which are time and time again exposed.
15/07/2012 10:08

You know what makes me laugh is all these people on here saying Ha Ha what a shame and basically labelling Khan as rubbish. Whatever your opinion he has won Olympic Silver and won world titles not to mention made more money than any of you haters will ever see in your lifetimes.

What have any of you achieved that rivals what Khan has? How many of you could get into the kind of condition that Khan and other fighters do and do battle in the ring? None

Yes he got beat and it goes with the territory but I think all thses hating comments come more from Jealousy because unlike Khan many of you will never achieve anything on the scale that he has.

15/07/2012 08:48
In reply to john (fish57) That is a totally uncalled for comment and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself......................wishing Garcia had killed him.................you.are one horrible man,and cannot bear think anyone could be so downright evil.......................what has Khan ever done to you..................you total Moron........................
15/07/2012 08:25
same old story these boxes the like of naz and amir khan look good with the fighter that are hand picked  by the promoters to build up there ability as great fighter but get them in the ring with good pro fighter and they are not in the same class it finished naz and it will finish khan they are just not good enough put your glove up khan your a nice guy but not good as you think
Its very disturbing to see asian posters coming on to these posts and screaming racism, at anyone that dares criticise Amir Khan. I believe Khan, himself made this quote : " I will show them what a Pakistani, can do " so he is not British, he considers him self Pakistani. Well you cannot blame people finding Khans, attitude puzzling, and he should not expect a lot of support for turning his nose up at the country that educated him, gave him and his family lavish benefits, surely we expect some loyalty from Mr Khan ?
15/07/2012 08:45

Most of the posters seem to have an issue with Khan because he is of Pakistani origin.Why can't you support him because of all his achievements as a Brit?


BTW-Can you please learn to spell and at least try to use correct grammar when posting please.

15/07/2012 09:19
Like i said 2 months ago and got millions of thumbs down for saying it. amir is NOT as good as he thought he was. He is overrated and the only thing that has let him stay in the lime light as long as he has is his countrymen who support him as a boxer he was never that good and got what he deserved a good hiding.
15/07/2012 21:17
Amir Khan is a good classy boxer, being cocky and confident is all part of the hype of boxing, I am a boxing fan and race, colour or faith do not come into it for me, the guy is good but he got beat, it happens, he will pick himself up and decide where he goes from here when he is ready, good luck Amir in whatever you choose to do next.
15/07/2012 08:13

totaly right christopher

how comes after his 1st defeat in a matter of seconds, he soon had a title shot while poor brendis was no where to be seen, to suffer 3 defeats when all ur opponents have been hand picked either old fighters past there best, or people with day jobs is a joke,

he has the best trainer and camp in the world but a **** chin and mouthy attitude,

not to mention how he likes to use his head,

why he had some much handed to him is beyond me, when he only came home with silver,

silver is second is it not

totaly unfair on all the young boxers that get in there and do there job against real compition

Dont wanna see him anymore let alone hear hi BS Excuses 

15/07/2012 11:12
All too easy to low punch another great boxer from Britain. Who cares where his parents are from, it's time to realise that the Britain of today is multi coloured, multi race and no matter what pigeon hole you fit into we should be supporting our sports champions, Amir Khan is a great boxer one of the best to be born in Britain and love him or hate him his boxing ability and his record are far from ordinary. UNLUCKY BUT NOT FINISHED I THINK.  To paraphrase another hero  'He'll be back'
Whatever your decision Amir, thanks for many rounds of scintillating entertainment and stinging punishment meted out to your opponents.
15/07/2012 08:48
im very sorry to say this but when it comes to any british fighter -having to fight outside england..forget it..the physical fitness ,abilities,capabilities,stamina and of course body strength to endure pain in every department as fighters --we r simply outclassed...unlucky mate ..i put a bet that u would have been knocked out as you remind me of thomas hit man hearns absolutely nothing upstairs .but u were lucky and only got knocked down..as u r no different from prince naseem hamed.or  other british/english fighters,,this country is just simply too desperate for champions--lets see how we do in the olympics...
15/07/2012 07:52
what has happened to Khans ability??? He was one of the brightests prospects in boxing, but now he seems to have lost it.
15/07/2012 09:25
just like prince nasim talk the talk cant walk the walk as been
so will he contest this decision as well
15/07/2012 20:48
Im glad he lost he has always been a cocky type who i knew one day would be exposed for what he is a hyped up average boxer !!! Believe me most boxers have a punch like a sledge hammer but its their style that lets them down and self righteousness ie not listening to instruction by the corner who can clearly see the mistakes being made during the fight,i never had time for him and his fights after he knocked an old man down at a pedestrian crossing and got away with it £400 fine !!! i know people who knew him from being young and he has always been cocky and horrible. oh and before the racist/islam bandwagon drive towards my comments it has nthing to do with colour or faith i just dont like the guy and i hope he retires!!!! 
15/07/2012 07:55
Khan it's alright fighter around Bolton  but around the world he has no chance he has no chin no power no talent no speed so I'm afraid after watching that fight I think he should never fight outside Bolton again as he's making a fool of him self lol
15/07/2012 15:15

Khan was outclassed...simples....

He got drawn into a brawl and came off worst...

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