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Armstrong won't contest doping charges

Lance Armstrong has decided not to fight the charges filed against him by the USADA

Lance Armstrong has decided not to fight the charges filed against him by the USADA

Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has announced he will not fight the charges filed against him by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

American Armstrong said in a statement on his personal website that he is "finished with this nonsense" and insisted he is innocent.

"There comes a point in every man's life when he has to say, 'Enough is enough'. For me, that time is now," he said. "I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999."

The 40-year-old has always denied claims he ever used performance-enhancing drugs during his career but USADA chief executive Travis T. Tygart has said Armstrong should face the same proceedings as any other athlete charged with doping offences.

Armstrong, who was charged in June, sought a temporary restraining order against the agency's legal action but that was dismissed in a federal court in Austin, Texas on Monday.

His statement added: "If I thought for one moment that by participating in USADA's process, I could confront these allegations in a fair setting and - once and for all - put these charges to rest, I would jump at the chance.

"But I refuse to participate in a process that is so one-sided and unfair. Regardless of what Travis Tygart says, there is zero physical evidence to support his outlandish and heinous claims."

Responding to Armstrong's statement, USADA chief executive Tygart said: "It is a sad day for all of us who love sport and our athletic heroes."

While Armstrong remains steadfast that he did not cheat, Tygart sees the case in a different light.

Tygart added in a statement released by USADA: "This is a heartbreaking example of how the win-at-all-costs culture of sport, if left unchecked, will overtake fair, safe and honest competition, but for clean athletes, it is a reassuring reminder that there is hope for future generations to compete on a level playing field without the use of performance-enhancing drugs."

How can someone win the tour 7 times without being tested positive but then years later is stripped of his titles?

that's like testing diego maradona for coccaine tomorrow and saying he has to give back his world cup winners medal.

totally ludicrous!

Tygart is dragging sport in the mud
24/08/2012 08:53

Lance last won a tour in 2005 why pick on him now?  This is clearly a witch hunt, next thing USADA will be stripping Greg Lemond of his victories.  Lance you are a legend no matter what the officials say.


24/08/2012 10:00
Lance Armstrong, the most tested cyclist ever and never failed a drug test. There has been a witch hunt for him ever since he recovered from cancer. If he was taking drugs they would have found them. They caught everyone else who now point the finger at him. Did he have some other drug that nobody else knew about. Don't think so.
24/08/2012 07:39
If the case against Armstrong has not been proved, then Tygart should not be making such derogatory comments. In fact Tygart should be removed from office immediately, charged with making libellous remarks, convicted, sentenced and booted into touch smartly, after paying Armstrong serious compensation.
24/08/2012 08:05
They can't strip Armstrong of his titles, what is their statement "samples entirely consistent with doping" supposed to mean, surely he's either failed a test or he hasn't. There's zero physical evidence it wouldn't meet the standards of proof required by other bodies surely. 
24/08/2012 09:02
Clearly there is an agenda against Lance. Suely he would have been tested at the time, as would his fellow participants. The guy does nothing but good for his fellow humans, why blacken his name now.
24/08/2012 07:49
Er Tygart?  Have you ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?  You've yet to "prove" anything and yet here you are making statements as though Lance has already been found guilty.  And this you are doing to one of the greatest cyclist who ever lived?  You're just making yourself look like a complete imbecile man!
24/08/2012 07:14
The guy has not failed a drugs test so why all this now?
Where does USADA think that it has the authority to strip Lance of his Tour de France titles? Only the Tour de France organising committee can do that. USADA can inform the TdF committee of its 'findings' but that is a s far as it goes.
24/08/2012 09:48
Seems like this Tygart chap is self seeking publicity for his own ego and advancement in a celebrity culture!
24/08/2012 09:55
Has this moron not stopped to think that the "performance enhancing drugs" may just have been those life enhancing drugs that Lance had as a result of his cancer. As others have already said, why wasn't this pointed out 7 - 10 years ago. I don't believe a person like this would do that, it's not in his make-up.

This shows one of the things that the Americans are good at, petty jealous witch hunts. To me Lance you're still a legend and I'll still tell my children and grandchildren how great you were. That's something they can't take away.

24/08/2012 08:59
Armstrong doping?, don't know, they've been trying to catch him for years and have failed so in good old USA fashion have just moved the goal posts to suit themselves, yes it's a pointless witch hunt, if you are going to run with evidence like this you might as well ban cycling all together or just let anybody take whatever performance enhancing stuff they want and they can get on with it.
24/08/2012 08:48

I hope for Tygart's sake he has 'clear physical' evidence rather than heresay, otherwise 'his' reputation and career should also definitely be on the line! The time to catch drug takers is whilst it is happening, rather than years afterwards which involves enormous and inflated costs of enquiries and, presumably building a case based on a framework of 'testimonies'. I would say that the sport would be more effectively served by paying more attention to stiffer controls 'whilst' it is happening rather than years later. No athlete enjoys receiving a belated medal (especially 17 years afterwards!) in the post, neither does it seem to do much good pursuing such an ancient case which presumably cleared all the tests at the time.  

Let us not forget also the negative implications this can apply to the sport! Those of us who enjoy following any sport become extremely disenchanted if our heros of many years can, out of nowhere, be progressively discredited, presumably  if enough tax payers money is spent relentlessly pursuing those suspected of slipping the net. Who  do we (or Tygart) choose? Where do we stop? 

We all agree that stopping drug taking in sport is a must, but please do it 'at the time' at far lower cost and far greater positive impact on the sport!!

Even if Tygart can prove his assertions, can we say it has been worth the money and served the sport? Does it perhaps open up the gates for a season 'cold cases' with 'a bold hero' (?)  leading the charge? Please let common sense prevail and put more attention and resources into keeping up with technologies and improving controls in the sport in real time. The case smacks of a costly vendetta does it not?!

24/08/2012 08:11
To bad they cant test your will to win !!
24/08/2012 13:25
Who do they think they are? If the Olympic and Tour de France could find nothing what makes them so much better? Ten years on, I don't think so. Put up or shut up.
24/08/2012 07:21

Only Lance himself knows the truth,if he is being honest he can live with that.The hardest pill to swallow is others saying otherwise if you know in your heart you haven't cheated.

But on the other hand if he has cheated,he should be ashamed of himself.

Alot of people don't realise with all these medals & achievements comes great financial wealth,so if he as cheated it's nothing short of fraud.

I'd like to believe Lance hasn't because i have suffered similar battles as he has with his health,and he was one of my main inspirations to recovery & fitness.


God Bless You Lance!..:)


24/08/2012 10:10
c'mon Lance...
have a poster of you in my office with the caption
'pain is temporary. it may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take it's place. IF I QUIT, HOWEVER, IT LAST FOREVER'
don't let the bastards drag you down...

24/08/2012 07:44
this is just so sad.its not just drugs that can spoil the sport its crap like this.usada need to move on and spend some time in the now.
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