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08/11/2011 12:08 | By Rob Jones, producer, MSN Sport
Bitter boxing rivalries

David Haye v Dereck Chisora

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The sport of boxing has seen its fair share of titanic battles. There's something undeniably special about a bitter boxing rivalry.

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When two competitors at the peak of their powers battle for supremacy, they spur each other to greater heights.

There is no doubt that neither David Haye nor Dereck Chisora come close to the rest of the fighters in this list, but the utter hatred for one another catapults their rivalry into one of British boxing's best.

Some rivalries are defined by the antipathy between two competitors. In others, the participants are said to represent opposing social classes or political ideologies.

Can the conflict between Haye and Chisora reach the same magnitude as MSN Sport's top five boxing rivalries?

13/07/2012 17:19

Can all the wannabe hookers,pimps and goldiggers please go to the sites that concerns their business and let people who want to pass their oppinions on the subject matter talk in peace.



This is a supposed to be about boxing do you not even look at all the spam. MSN you are a disgrace.

is it, as I suspect run by a group of graduates who have no idea of work ethic. 

13/07/2012 16:16
You need a new copywriter. I can't keep reading with all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Are you not a multi-national massive company? And you can't even get staff who can spell. Pathetic.
Absolute load of s.h.i.t.e. Its all about money that's it. I see haye doing chisora inside 3 rounds, believe me i would love to see chisora knock haye clean out. Haye is an embarrassment to boxing, the biggest thing about haye is his mouth.
13/07/2012 23:00
They should  meet down at their local have a few pints then step outside. Forget all the theatrics, neither ones a real fighter....... Joe Frazier would have had them both the same night.

13/07/2012 16:56

What a shame these comment sections are ruined by the drivel written by these foreign half-wits below about marrying a rich man or something .......... !  Why can't MSN get rid of these morons ? !


13/07/2012 23:11
Boxings been let down BADLY by this pair of knobs let them fight in a pub car park
13/07/2012 18:40
Holyfields headbutts were on purpose,this guy hides behind god but is a serial cheat both in & out of the ring.Steroid user too.
13/07/2012 18:22
I am currently living in Qatar and really wish i could watch the fight. Anybody know of a good web stream live web site I i could log onto?. Knock his block off Mr Haye. You both have big mouths, however Chisora has a larger one.
13/07/2012 22:54
Boxing has truly gone to the dogs.. this used to be an artful and credible sport of skill , stamina and endurance.. there are no longer any credible british fighters,, they are all a load of over hyped,over blown big mouthed show boaters,, i can't stand either Haye or Chisora.. i hope they head butt each other and knock themselves out.. the pair of w.a.n.k.e.r.z..
13/07/2012 17:27
Ref the previous if not original headline for the "David Haye v Dereck Chisora" article (Grudge match!  Boxing's bitterest rivalries) - "bitterest" - whatever next!
13/07/2012 21:30
money talks with this fight im afraid
13/07/2012 20:41

I would prefer chisora to win!...haye was out of order punching with a bottle of beer in his hand and felt foolish when mocked about his broken toe excuse for losing to klitchko...he felt humiliated and let the fans down by not throwing enough punches whereas chisora gave a MUCH better account of himself against the same opponent...lets just hope haye's toes are in tact and he doesn't carry a bottle in the ring!

13/07/2012 21:58
Why are you even giving this rubbish the time of day MSN!!!
13/07/2012 20:53
what a load **** more money in bank, 
14/07/2012 18:52
the worst fight ever,,,travelled to see haye fight in hamburg,,,,waste of time so no chance of me travelling 25miles to upton park to watch the cardboard cut out fight a plastic mug boxer,,,,embarrasing night for true boxing fans
13/07/2012 20:50

Well the author was right when he suggested Haye and Chisora weren't in the same league as these guys !


Thier fight is nothing short of a disgrace to boxing - no wonder the Board of Control wont sanction it !


Pair of cardboard Gangstas! - It will be a terrible fight and a rip off for those daft enough to watch it.

15/07/2012 11:19

It's plainly obvious you no zip about boxing & even less about Sugar Ray Leonards fighting style. In the 1st fight in Montreal SRL fought Duran he'd always fought & that was a plant-em multi salvo banger & said along with Angelo Dundee his trainer that they expected to get Duran out of there in 4 rounds. It turned out that it was Duran who outboxed Leonard & then beat him up. SRL on record as saying that he was surprised by the older mans speed of foot & countering. Common consensus has always been 10/5 in rounds to Duran.

In the re-match SRL was castigated by large sections of the press for his lack of intestinal fortitude by opting for the alien style of running around the ring & not engaging with Duran considering he was the younger/bigger/fresher/faster man & the judges’ scorecards reflected this with two judges having SRL ahead by 2 rounds & the 3rd by just 1 round. It was a non-event & SRL did anything but toy with an out of shape listless Duran, so this nonsense about SRL reverting to his "NATURAL" style as you say is absolutely bogus. SRL's natural style was how he fought in Montreal & he got beat. It's the same style that he beat Benitez/Green/Bonds/Kalule/Hearn’s & Finch, the way he fought Duran in the re-match was alien to him & he never fought that way again + I must again correct you with regard to the so called "NO MAS" statement!!! DURAN never ever said that, that was invented by Howard Cossel who was ABC commentator. DURAN told the ref that "I WILL NOT FIGHT WITH THIS CLOWN!! & just waved his hand at SRL using a male hand gesture. This fight has become total MYTH as to what really occurred that night in New Orleans & SRL got just as much negative ink from the scribes for opting to run away from any form of fighting or boxing & Duran was castigated for being an undisciplined fat overweight bum who'd neglected his weight & training.

So it wasn’t SRL's NATURAL STYLE it was a style induced by FEAR of getting another Montreal style hammering & I challenge you to name me one fight PRO or AM fight that SRL employed the run 4 for life style. YOU WON'T because it never happended & he never ever fought that way other than being an in yer face superfast multi salvo banger & when he tried that in the 1st fight Duran outboxed him then beat him up.


14/07/2012 23:25
pair of cockney pricks and the big media **** won. whbo cares ?
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