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John Terry reveals weird superstition

By SportUK 10/07/2012 16:13

John Terry's court case has revealed many things we already knew about footballers.


Cole, Terry, Lampard and SturridgeThey're not very polite to each other; they're not particularly bright and ... they are superstitious.


Not content to leave their fortunes on the pitch down to their prodigious talents, Frank Lampard, Daniel Sturridge, Ashley Cole and Terry had a routine of getting changed lined up in a set order while the team was winning, the court heard today. Defeat would result in a reshuffle of positions.


At times it must have felt like musical chairs at Stamford Bridge.


Also, it's not hard to imagine how this went down with AVB, a man known for his preference for tactics and stats over juvenile hocus pocus.


Hello everyone, please send me some money,as Im raising funds to become a MSN journalist, Im booked in to have 80% of my brain removed shortly so I have the qualifications, just need to buy some HD crayons and pencils and I will start bringing you all the most import news soon.

12/08/2012 20:28
John Terry's superstition, going to the toilet and trying to talk at the same time, wouldn't know which way the sh1t would exit!
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