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Kevin Pietersen's the fall guy again

By Goughie 08/08/2012 22:32

We’ve been here before. When Kevin Pietersen lost the England captaincy he was just saying what many in the team were thinking about the coaching set-up. He took the abuse, but things changed and now England are No 1.


Kevin PietersenThis time again he’s saying what other players must be thinking. The IPL is here to stay. It’s a reality that the tournament is a major feature of the cricketing calendar. Really it should be an ICC tournament, no countries should be playing at the same time. New Zealand have accepted that and are letting their big names play; the West Indies are the same; Australia are making allowances for players as well.

However, the ECB are being stubborn. Maybe it’s because it’s KP. He doesn’t always do things the right way, sometimes he does come across as arrogant. But look at his intentions, he’s been very transparent about what he wants and anyone in the same position would want the same.


He’s made no bones that $2 million is a big deal –throw in endorsements and a three year-contract and there is $10 million at stake. I had to quit Test cricket at the top of my game aged 32 because of a knee injury and I’ve had to look after myself and my family since so I’m not going to criticise him for trying to make money while he can.


And just because he’s the only England player in that position now doesn’t mean he’s the only one who will benefit. They’ve pretty much all expressed an interest in getting on board but because of the issues around the availability they’ve struggled to be attractive at the auction.


I don’t really want to knock the ECB, I respect the people who run it and the tremendous results they’ve achieved. On this though, they are holding out against the inevitable. They can refuse KP’s demands and force him out of the team but the issue will come up again and again around the top stars. Eventually they will have to give in, so why not do it now and keep Pietersen on board.


People will say I’m taking this position because I’m Kevin’s mate. What I really want is for England to have their best players in the team. Without Pietersen would we have won the 2005 Ashes? Would we have won the 20/20 World Cup when he was man of the series? Would we still be in the current series against South Africa? No, no and no. And some of the players who are currently in the side would probably not be there as a result.


In the end, all the players, and the fans, will benefit from Kevin taking a stand. In the meantime, he’ll be the fall guy.

10/08/2012 04:10
He's a professional sportsman. Why should he not get the best income he can like the top players in other sports?
09/08/2012 15:03
Having to sort out so many inappropriate sites from proper comments is becoming a nuisance
KP won't lose out - he is too good a cricketer to be side-lined.  The ECB must, really must, drag itself into the 21st century.  Cricket is no longer an old boys club, but a highly popular sport.  My elderly mum and I are members of the Oval for goodness sake.  

It is the old boys club mentality that will keep the English game down, and backwards.

Keep it up KP!  We love watching the IPL for the sheer thrill of it.

10/08/2012 07:47

i totally agree. we have the ECB who sits there and thinks of the days of the Empire. gents time has moved on and suggest you move atleast to the 19th century. KP should be an integral part of the English game and team. scrap tours during the IPL.


09/08/2012 23:01
How many people would turn down a lottery win. Yes he's on good money but how many years at the top left. And what's wrong with earning good money. Talented kids today with the choice of football or cricket. Football hands down. Financially makes good sense to let the players earn good money from ipl. Takes the pressure off ecb coffers, players happier with financial stability and kids see the money in the sport. Also to get the big contracts in the ipl you need to be high profile in playing for your country. Again a huge incentive for county players to do better. 
10/08/2012 00:21

Spot on Goughie.....There needs to be a two division Test match circuit. One series home and away with 5 test matches.....3 match series are not long enough. After all the teams have played each other home and away then 2 go up and 2 go down -that will free up the congestion and add interest to all the series that are played. Also introduce independant groundsmen to ensure that surfaces do not favour either the batsmen or the bowlers.


20/20 and the EPL are here to stay, let KP earn a living, why punish a man for being supremely talented? Furthermore, how can it be acceptable to take a series off as Strauss did in order to spend time with his family, yet the same understanding cannot be afforded to KP.......''JUSTICE FOR KP''

10/08/2012 10:18
Why has one to choose between playing for your country or earning more for the well being of your family. Don't tell me that if you worked for a Company but was then offered a much higher paid job with someone else which would in turn go much further with your own families future security, you not take it.?!!! This I think this is the problem with KP. He would love to keep on playing for his country not least because it would continue his high profile as a good if not excellent batsman bu the money on offer by the IPL is huge. I for one don't blame him though I do think he comes over too arrogant at times 
09/08/2012 14:40
these s**t sites are becoming tedious
10/08/2012 10:23
Moderators wake up and do your job and get rid of the postings that have nothing to do with the subject, then bann those that misuse the site.
19/01/2013 10:34
At least he has the guts to stand up and say what he believes is right.....he's a good guy and a winner.
27/09/2012 18:51
Gough asks, " Without Pietersen would we have won the 2005 Ashes?".  Would they have won it without Monty Panessar resistance in the first test?
21/09/2012 05:39
Warner of Australia reached 1000 T20 runs yesterday only three have done this Peterson is on his way to 2000 brilliant selection only the old farts at the ECB could leave out the most exciting T20 player in history well done boys.
19/01/2013 14:03
The ECB is a pathetic load of "old farts" who need to move forward about 20 years and get rid of everyone over 50 period.
I am in my 76th year and remember the likes of Hutton, Compton Laker etc. but the game is now, 2013 and the selectors, and idiots that run English cricket have to go and admit that if we don't move into the 21st century English cricket is doomed.  World's no. 1 my backside. we have just been completely smashed again by India.  Bring in some young talented players and give them a fair chance and get rid of boring pokes like Trott

07/12/2012 12:15

Love how MSN have reloaded this article, including posts from 4 months ago, must be desperate for logins.

Just wish the moderators were actually doing their jobs across the site!

19/01/2013 10:33
At least he has the guts to stand up and say what he believes is right.....he's a good guy and a winner.
19/01/2013 10:32
At least he has thwe guts to stand up and say what he believes is true...he's a good guy
09/08/2012 20:09
ECB pay Him £1m per year, NZ players get 50p and a bag of crisps, thats why they have to allow them to go. The Aussies dont let there players skip anything for the IPL, and they do as they are asked because they respect the team and their team mates, unlike some.....
08/09/2012 16:12
Graham Harding, where do the England cricket team stay when they do a tour of south Africa???? ......... with their parents.!!  There are loads of South Africans playing for the English - Trott, Kieswetter, Pietersen, Strauss just to name a few that immediately spring to mind.  South Africans are like Marmite..... 
07/12/2012 12:15

Love how MSN have reloaded this article, including posts from 4 months ago, must be desperate for logins.

Just wish the moderators were actually doing their jobs across the site!

10/03/2013 08:02

I would be delighted to see KP play in the IPL and return to South African cricket because then we wouldn't have to put up with his poor performances and his bad manners.


I just don't see this rude and bad tempered Afrikaaner being the saviour of English cricket and am fed up with thetrouble and BS that follows him around.


kevin, Please do is all a favour and just go home.



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