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The Olympics are like exams but more fun

I’m going to be first into the Olympic village and I’m going to pinch the towels…

By Pete Waterfield 14/07/2012 15:52

Pete Waterfield with towel - PAThe diving squad are going to be the first athletes into the Olympic village, which I’m very excited about. I’ve left home for the last time before the Games now, heading up to Southend before we go to the Park on Monday to get some training in the real pool.


That’s a bit of an advantage for the GB divers (as it should be because they are OUR Olympics) because the other teams won’t get to dive in the Olympic pool until the competition itself.


I’ll be rooming with Nick Robinson-Baker who’s doing the springboard synchro because his events time quite nicely with mine. The choice is made by the team but I’m pretty glad because Nick’s a great lad and we’ve shared together many times before. Also he doesn’t snore.


It’s very cool going over to the Olympic Village. There’s always so much to do: games rooms, Xboxes, people to meet, places to hang out. The problem is, my events are at the very beginning (synchro) and very end (individual) of the Games so I don’t get much time to really chill out.


It’s a bit like doing exams but a bit more fun - you do all your revision and you either want to start early and get them out of the way or start late and watch everyone else going through the pain first.


I remember past years going down for breakfast on the morning of an event and seeing other athletes coming in from their night out and feeling a little bit jealous!


Once you’ve finished you can really take advantage of all the great facilities. You can get your hair cut, nails done (neither of which is much use to me) but at the end you’re allowed to pinch the Olympic blankets and bathrobes, unlike in hotels.


I did have a couple of Olympic towels in my bathroom at home but I’m not sure where they are now, perhaps in the loft or maybe some house guests walked off with them!

14/07/2012 17:59

Colin Knox

So what attribute do you have that makes you special ?

Other than talking out of your whooo as you put it

15/07/2012 20:50
Good luck Pete! Im sure you will be awesome! 

15/07/2012 20:19
All the very best for the Olympics. I hope you have a great time and enjoy success.
14/07/2012 19:28

WOW....Fantastic pictures of the olympic village, so much luxury. Well now we know where all the money for hospitals, and welfare of our soldiers went.

14/07/2012 17:59
I dont want the Olympics here; British citizens are already treated as second class [if that], now it'll be 10 fold worse!
14/07/2012 17:36
he is going to be first into the olympic village like he is going to get gold for it ....its a pity  really because he will probably not win anything ....give him a blue peter badge and shove it up his you whooo 
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