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Your support matters so please watch and cheer

By Pete Waterfield 08/08/2012 19:04

We had a go and we made a mistake. At this level you can’t afford to do that and we paid the penalty.


Pete Waterfield


To be honest I haven’t really watched it back yet though I will after everything is over.


But my son, who’s 11, was at the competition and afterwards he said he was proud, that he’d enjoyed the day and that I’d inspired him and I hope that’s the message people have taken. Anyone who’s a parent will understand what that means.


I know everyone will be disappointed that we didn’t get a medal, Tom and I were both devastated, but in the end we finished fourth in the world. I’m going into the individual competition confident that I can make it onto the podium and I know if I don’t and finish empty handed it will really hurt. But I also know that when I look back in a couple of years’ time I will be proud of what I have managed to achieve.


Just being at these Games has been a tremendous experience; the support has been incredible, way beyond anything I expected. I started the Games on 3,000 Twitter followers, by the time of my dive I had 15,000 and I’ve now almost hit 65,000 and the comment’s I’ve had have been amazing so I hope I’ve had some kind of positive impact on people.


Diving is hard. Four years in training for 1.6 seconds in the air. It’s worth it though.


And the best bit is that the Games aren’t over for me yet. The individual will certainly be tough- - 32 divers compete in the first round until 10pm next Friday and then 18 have to do it all over again on Saturday to reach the top 12 for Sunday’s final.


I made the top three in the World Cup in February so I know I can do it again.

Your support really matters so please watch, cheer and hopefully enjoy.

10/08/2012 15:50

Pete, both you and Tom  have done yourselves, and this country proud.

It would have put the icing on the cake had you won a medal, but you can't expect to win every competion. The nation are immensely proud of you both, so please don't be downhearted or disappointed. You are both an inspiration to us all. Well done.

10/08/2012 19:51

Pete, both you and Tom have done yourselves and this country proud. We as a nation can expect no more from either of you. Your dedication, determination national pride and effort are a credit to you both.

Medals or no medals we are PROUD of you whatever the outcome of these Olympics. You are both inspirational. Good luck to you.

10/08/2012 14:49

Whatever the result, the whole nation will be proud of you...

Good luck!

10/08/2012 14:42
Wishing you the very best of luck!!
10/08/2012 16:12
Good luck guys, we are all rooting for you!
10/08/2012 16:36
Go for it lads, all you can do is "your best", as my old man used to say. Best of British to yeh.
10/08/2012 17:32
Good luck to both of you. You're both Olympians whatever happens.
10/08/2012 16:02
Yesh u can do this boys !
Ur making GB proud !

10/08/2012 16:17
GO GB!! I love diving so I really support Pete.W and Tom.D
Good luck guys!! Were all proud you!! Go GB!!
10/08/2012 15:45
GO ON PETE, You can do it,Southampton is supporting you.
10/08/2012 17:07
i was worried about u guys, always hold u r heads high with lots of pride and know the british people r soooo proud of you guys,
10/08/2012 19:33
You are taking part in a sport, you have done the best you can on the day. Mistakes are part of life, especially in sport. Whatever the outcome you have always done us proud.  Be proud, you have earned the right.  Good Luck.   Hazel
10/08/2012 19:02
Good luck, Pete, in your hunt for the gold medal.  Be proud that you are representing GBR
10/08/2012 15:34


Pete, you're doing okay.


And you can't possibly be judged on that few seconds performance - diving, unlike any other sport is open to too many tiny, fractional, minimal, momentary factors.


Getting to the Olympics, and competing in the same arena as China and the States (who's population odds alone are stacked in their favour) is an achievment worth of the term Gold.


You've got a country behind you wherever you're placed.





10/08/2012 18:29
 My family will be watching you and tom, we will cheer you both on, plus we will be waving our flags and we don't care who sees us through the windows looking daft, so pleased you are doing well. Good Luck and get us another gold!
10/08/2012 15:42
Peter, good luck... we'll be cheering!!!!! Also, the comment from your son is amazing and I hope this is what you will treasure for the rest of your life because nothing will every be as meaningful as knowing that you are inspiring someone whose life (at least for now) is your responsibility. Britain *IS* proud of you. The issue with the Olympics is that the scrutiny is ten times more obvious because of the visibility of the event. But those who have been following your career know that neither your career nor your incredible effort and sacrifices start at the Olympics.
10/08/2012 20:49

i think you are both great and very good at what you do


10/08/2012 18:08
you're going to be amazing, you will get a medal and we will all cheer......
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