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Hodgson v Redknapp: what the stats say

By SportUK 30/04/2012 10:30

The FA have approached Roy Hodgson to be the next England manager, despite much clamor by press and fans alike for Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp to take over the helm.


Both managers have enjoyed success at club level and have been the two favourites to manage the Three Lions since Fabio Capello left the post, but who has the better record?
Roy Hodgson statisticsHarry Redknapp statisticsBut it is only Hodgson that has international experience, managing Switzerland, UAE and Finland.
Roy Hodgson international statisticsWho do you think is the right choice?
30/04/2012 12:41
The "Country" wanted Keegan, the "Country wanted them but didnt do us much good. Redknapp's past record isnt too good, and if you remove Spurs from the equation, its pretty dismal apart from FA Cup, which is the only thing he has won. He has shown this season that the pressure is just too much for him to handle, plus his health hasnt been the best. I would like to see Pearce for a long term solution as he has the youth so would stay the course. Hodgson has a decent record at International level with teams that are, or were, considered inferior to England. Maybe give him a couple of years and see what happens, cant be any worse than the last decade can it?.
30/04/2012 12:38




30/04/2012 12:54
Hodgson's overall record for Switzerland is pretty good (51% wins). If he does that for England he'll have a lot of success. Not that Switzerland won anything. And any manager can only make the most of the team that's there. On that basis, neither man can expect to be a big success as (a) their team may not have what it takes and (b) as this trail of comments shows, they will be condemned before they even get started!
30/04/2012 11:49
Where are Roy's stats for the other teams he managed such as Inter and Malmo?
30/04/2012 11:16

At last a logical decision from the FA. Roy is a proven quantity and above all he had Fulham playing like Liverpool under Paisley/ today's Barcelona/ Rinus Michels' Ajax.


Remember the FA didn't even reply to Jack Charlton's application and look what he did with Ireland. Now they have a manager who's done it at many levels,  


Finally, if the discredited UK Press don't like something, it must be the best.

30/04/2012 20:31

Roy Hodgeson would have been  a great manager for Liverpool if the players had bought into his system, it is going to be interesting how Stevie G handles his system. His is the man the got a team like Swizerland playing well, that they drew with us (England), I'm excited as he is in the mould of Terry Venerables with a better group of players than he's ever had before.

30/04/2012 12:56
Being a Spurs supporter i would of loved it to have been Harry but then spurs would have suffered ,I'mglad Roy got the job and i hope England will go from strength to strength with a British manager running the shhow again good luck Roy may the force be with you
30/04/2012 11:32
So many people moaning about this, give the man a chance!!!
30/04/2012 11:45
As a Spurs fan I would be happy if Arry didn't get offered the job but I am not sure bumbling Woy is the answer. Would he get the 100% respect that job needs from the senior players? Really not sure about that. On the other hand, he IS experienced and he IS English so why not! Just as long as he gives the younger players a fair crack and doesn't just roll out the same old has beens who have consistently failed to deliver.
30/04/2012 12:39

If you want a foreign coach, the man is GUUS HIDDINK, managed about 4 different countries in world Cups, an absolute class act!


I think Hodgson is a baeeterr bet than Redknapp though, because he has managed all round the world, therefore is more tactically adept and has a better understanding of international football. The Premier League is not the pinnacle in football, just look at english success in Europe in the last few seasons

30/04/2012 11:40

Harry should be given a chance to manage England one day dispite his "dodgy dealings". Like Terry Venables he is able to get a team together and make them perform. However  I am a huge Roy Hodgeson fan and think that if he is able to deal with the prima donas he will probably go further in competitions than Harry because he is far more tactically astute. As a Fulham fan I could not believe how he was able to get some of the results he got, but he did, and  against some very good European sides..

At Liverpool he was on a loser from day one, the players didn't like his style of play and soon the fans were calling for Kenny to come back. How could he be expected to manage the club with Kenny sitting over his shoulder. He had to make do with the poor Liverpool sqad he inherited and was not given the cash to buy who he really wanted unlike Kenny.

Having said all that there is only one manager in England who I believe is up to the job of winning and he is Irish. I wish the FA were talking to Sunderland and not WBA.



30/04/2012 12:36

What about Stuart Pearce.  Would have played the kids and moved on the golden failures.  Lets hope Roy does the same.  Would "our Arry" have left out Frank (his nephew) JT, Rio, etc etc? No chance!!



30/04/2012 11:51
Once again it appears the FA have gone for the more safer bet. Much as they have done in the past and it has to be said, without much success. I wonder after they have had time to sit down and reflect upon Harry,s Tax problems, has that had anything to do with it and of course he has difficulties reading and writing and that may be a problem for the hierarchy at the FA !
30/04/2012 12:35

Think we have for a change done the right think ... was talk of Hoddle, who will of course always be in the wings hovering, But think it may well be sizing up and preparing Stuart pearce. Good thing that!

 So all in all a good thing and happening.

11/05/2012 14:46
I believe England have the right man for once, his cv over Rednapp is far superior and I for one will be right behind Roy let's hope he takes on the old guard and gets rid off.time for youth give them a chance 
30/04/2012 11:47
I think the F A did not quite believe the juries verdict, and decided to give it to a non controversial safe pair of hands.
30/04/2012 14:48

blah blah blah, we havent won owt since 66' FACT. give roy a chance but we must re build

or it,ll be another 46 years of sweet f.a.!!! 

Should really be Alex Ferguson if you want success. said in jest guys But we all know at this level its who you know not what you know. As in most walks of life. Whoever takes over will not have a winning team until we stop putting our players on a pedestal. And look at building a team, Not a group of big name individuals.   
30/04/2012 12:34
what has harry exactly won.nothing.hes not the best man for the job .thank god the f.a. has a mind of its the way its the footballers that kick the ball.hes the best man available,mind oyr players are just not good enough to win anything so whoever gets it we wont win.realistic not pessimistic.
16/05/2012 20:22
about time you sad people out there who think they know about footballand talk the talk wouldnt be able to run a 10year old team properly never mind the england job mr hodgson was never given the chance to run liverpool as there superman daglish never stopped back stabbing him now look were he is its the old saying what goes around comes around
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