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England's Euro squad - according to form

By SportUK 15/05/2012 20:33

If he were picking by the stats, Roy Hodgson would include John Ruddy, Danny Graham and Grant Holt in his first England squad.


Roy Hodgson's bored of the statsThe three players are among the best in their positions according to an index compiled by EA Sports using official data from the Premier League.


The quad has been compiled from an index based on key stats for each position but if you disagree you can choose your own squad here.


The Full Squad:


Goalkeepers: Joe Hart (Man City), Ben Foster (West Brom), John Ruddy (Norwich)


Defenders: Danny Simpson (Newcastle), Kyle Walker (Spurs), Leighton Baines (Everton), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Joleon Lescott (Man City), John Terry (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), Shawcross (Stoke)


Midfielders: Theo Walcott (Arsenal), Matt Jarvis (Wolves), Matthew Etherington (Stoke), Ashley Young (Man Utd), Danny Murphy (Fulham), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Gareth Barry (Man City), Michael Carrick (Man Utd)


Strikers: Wayne Rooney (Man Utd), Danny Wellbeck (Man Utd), Grant Holt (Norwich), Danny Graham (Swansea)


  • EA Sport released its index to conincide with the launch of its Euro 2012 Xbox game



16/05/2012 06:10

Frank Eves: pay attention, eh? It's based on STATS, geddit!? So no prejudice against Liverpool, not a prophecy of what Roy Hodgson will pick, but a squad based on stats.


What is wrong with it is that an England squad for championships MUST have FIVE forwards and SEVEN midfielders, something the idiot Sven didn't know, but which I hope Hodgson does



16/05/2012 09:54
Alf Ramsey adopted the approach to pick in form players in 1966....worked for him!
16/05/2012 12:46


I know one thing Holty would give 150 % for his country and be proud to wear the shirt ,unlike some of the prima donnas that have turned out for England.

16/05/2012 12:39
Go for the old Fifa favourite 4-2-4

     Get crouch, heskey , holt and Graham up front

Shotton and Delap to launch the long throws.

Boom trophy in the bag.
16/05/2012 00:50
great, a computer game manufacturer is choosing  our team, what a load of balls. 

16/05/2012 10:35
I would need to replace Ferdinand Terry Lampard Cole and Barry and Walcott

Walcott is not good enough and the others are past it....
16/05/2012 11:30
Well done Roy for picking Grant Holt and John Ruddy a lot of managers would have shied away from the smaller names. As a Norwich supporter I can tell you yhat both men have given 100% for their club and will do the same for England
16/05/2012 15:04

When will we get an England manager that will smell the fresh air and realise that playing the likes of Terry, Lampard, Ferdinand and Gerrard will win us nil zilch absolutely nothing. They have been tried and tested and failed miserable.


For goodness sake get rid and bring in some fresh blood !!!!!!!! makes me sooooo angry

16/05/2012 16:45

Not a bad squad but I would not have chosen Caroll at any price, and not Jones for Richards a far better right back and in form which Jones is not at the moment. To me Caroll was well over priced at 35 million if he wnet up for sale today Liverpool would not get anything like that for him.


Alan Cooper

16/05/2012 09:25
These players are on form!! That goes along way confidence plays a massive part on the big stage. Its been one of the best seasons I have seen in english football and these seem to be the best english players based on form.However Danny Graham , matt Jarvis not sure about that.  Liverpool players? not sure about that either. There is one thing players who want it the most should be picked.  Players who have a fire in there belly.  The issues we have had in the past is picking players who are have big names but no form Gerrard? Barry? If we are palying for a draw play Andy Carrol.
16/05/2012 14:05
why dose england need  a manager when all the know alls think thy can pick the team
30/05/2012 16:22

Roy has actually picked a decent squad. Too many people are complaining about picking the same old team. In my opinion Roy has picked a a team which is capable of winning; he's included a good mix of experienced players in the form of J.Terry, F.Lampard and S.Gerrard, but he's also included some less likely figures such as Oxlade Chamberlain and Welbeck, who have both proven to be great players for their club when given the chance, and can be nurtured by the likes of the more experienced players as mentioned above. 

16/05/2012 13:49
whoe  is ricky lambert pauls dad the window cleaner (crouch) can score against monkeys he has been with 12 clubs in 12 years says it all if he came to scotland he would be like the rest of them including the booze bag from newcastle
16/05/2012 06:12
oh, and Walker is injured, so he can't go....
16/05/2012 11:09
Shawcross? might as well have Barton aswell
16/05/2012 16:16
Wrong man for the job straight away before they kick a ball,manager picked same old dead wood thats failed on a many occasions in other tournements.Says alot  for our football in this country.Just waiting now for the usual excuses from the england camp,long season,tired legs,etc etc.Basically the fact is that we carnt produce a half decent team out for any competitions.As ive always said.1966 was a one off. After saying all that, good look to our lads they need it..
16/05/2012 10:32
@ Sue, are you sure they will loose?
16/05/2012 13:45
mahlonnny, belhamy, john macdonald, jelavic, could not buy a goal in scotland cannot wait for euros to see yuo get gubbed
16/05/2012 13:46

well did'nt take long for moaners to start " ME FOR ONE" glad he as picked some new faces,but will they play.I think Roy as may one big mistake.and it's to do with forwards Rooney out for 2 games then who have we got only need a couple of injuries then that's it home early sorry to say why all the defenders should have picked more forwards.

ANY WAY GOOD LUCK they will need it.


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