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Fabio Capello's England: average score 2:1

By SportUK 08/02/2012 22:34

Fabio Capello has the best post-war record of any England manager. Despite the dismal failure of the World Cup campaign in South Africa, his 28 victories from 42 games surpass even that achieved by Sir Alf Ramsay.


England managersFive England managers have served longer, but even had Capello continued to the end of the European Championships as originally planned, he couldn’t have outstripped Ron Greenwood who presided over 55 games.


Capello’s England have scored an average of 2.1 goals a game, conceding on average 0.83 goals. More than two thirds of those came from open play and the team’s respectable pass completion rate of 83% suggests they played relatively attractive football (Chelsea and Swansea, the top passers in the Premier League, manage about 85%).


Gareth Barry has seen his international career blossom under the Italian, claiming 35 caps, ahead of Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard. John Terry played 30 times, 21 as captain.



The players picked by Capello


Players under Capello

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