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Weighing up the pros and cons of who deserves to stay in the Premier League

By Tom Hooper 19/05/2011 18:50
SURVIVAL SUNDAY! The usual hyperbole is being drummed up as this Premier League campaign is concluded this weekend. However, with five teams seperated by just one point and only eight goals, and two of these teams set for relgation, we are set for the most dramatic final day at the foot of the table in Premier League history.

Only a fool would try to predict what could happen in terms of actually avoiding the drop, but from the standpoint of an interested onlooker who deserves to stay up? 
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Who do you think will replace David Moyes at Manchester United?

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    13 %
    Jurgen Klopp
    4,002 votes
    2 %
    Carlos Queiroz
    1,058 votes
    19 %
    Ryan Giggs
    5,902 votes
    19 %
    Sir Alex Ferguson
    5,732 votes
    6 %
    Gary Neville
    1,906 votes
    19 %
    Louis Van Gaal
    5,819 votes
    8 %
    Pep Guardiola
    2,325 votes
    10 %
    Jose Mourinho
    3,057 votes
    4 %
    Diego Simeone
    1,101 votes

Total Responses: 30,902
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