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Introducing the all-new Andy Murray

By SportUK 06/07/2012 18:55

Rewind 12 months and Britain’s number one Andy Murray was getting battered 5-7 6-2 6-2 6-4 by Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon semi-finals. Now fast forward to the present day and he is the one dishing out a right royal thrashing, taking down world number six Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.


So what’s happened? The Murray bashers will point to the absence of Nadal, Murray’s nemesis in the last two years at the All-England Club, as the reason behind the Scot reaching his first ever Wimbledon final.

Murray makes his fourth Grand Slam final


True, the absence of the former champion made Muzza’s path a whole lot easier, but his presence in the final isn’t purely a result of the lack of Nadal’s presence.


Here’s why Murray is a whole different player from last year.


  • Focus- having Ivan Lendl in his corner has been huge. He’s always had the talent to succeed, but he just lacked the focus and the belief in the big games. Lendl is famously ruthless and seems to have instilled belief in Murray this year.

  • Emotional control- Similar to the above, but with one crucial difference. The lack of focus affected Murray’s game by making him hit daft shots. However, his fist pumps to the crowd, his anguished cries of ‘Come on Andy’ would often give a huge boost to his opponents. Now that’s been cut out, his rivals are looking a lot less assured.

  • Serve- Murray has been working on his serve for a while and now it is a huge weapon. The speed and placement he got in the quarter-final fourth set blew David Ferrer off the court and he now has another strong string to an already impressive bow.

  • Preparation- Now this is a strange one. Last year he had, one would have thought, an excellent preparation for Wimbledon by taking the title at Queen’s. This year, he lost his opening match, as well as all his invitational warm-up games. This seems to have given him some steel and determination to prove the doubters wrong this year, as opposed to last year where his success may have led to a touch of complacency.

  • Absence of Nadal- Ok, it’s not all to do with the absence of Nadal, but it has played a part. Knowing from the first week that he wouldn’t have to play the Spaniard has lifted a huge shadow from the tournament for Muzza. No matter what he says, he will not have been looking forward to a match up with Rafa and the world number two’s loss in the third round will have been a huge relief.

  • Dealing with pressure- There have been so many times in the past when things all get too much for Murray and he just implodes in games. Not so this year. He could have buckled under intense serving pressure from Karlovic but didn’t. He could have crumbled under ruthless accuracy from Ferrer but didn’t. He could have been intimidated by the weight of history on his shoulder against Tsonga but wasn’t. His mind is much stronger and he is all the better player for it.
06/07/2012 19:29
I believe Federer is still the better player, but the intensity and determination Murray showed in the 4th set against Tsonga, after being on the wrong end of a battering in the third set, shows Andy is ready, physically, mentally and emotionally, to join the BIG FOUR, seriously compete in a Major final, and, if luck is on his side, he could even win.  Up until now, I'd have said he wasn't mentally ready to compete with Federer, Nadal or Djokevic in a Major final.  Today he 'grew up' and is ready to have a go!  GOOD LUCK, ANDY!!  Self-belief is there now, you CAN do it!!  NOT for Britain, NOT for Scotland....You can do it for ANDY MURRAY!!
06/07/2012 20:09

and so say all of us, we agree with Phillip Allan, you go for it Andy,

first for yourself, then for all your fans worldwide, especially here in Dunblane.

06/07/2012 21:15

I'm nearly 50 and can remember Roger Taylor getting knocked out in the W/don semi in 73! 2001 Henman v Goran hurt as did Murray v Roddick semi in 09. So thanks Andy for getting to the final! I don't care how dour you sometimes are for the press, you create excitement on the court and that's all that matters


Djockovic lost his semi more than Fed won it today. Fed's return of serve was iffy and he can be beaten. The article above covers the reasons why Murray has improved this year. Britain is rooting for you Andy..!!

06/07/2012 21:41
so typical of people in this country all ive heard since murray won is . wouldnt have beaten nadal. lets get this straight murray has beaten all thats been put in front of him heis now in a wimbledon final wow what an achieement . nadal got beat by someone else .celebrate his achievement and sod the pesamists good luck andy i think u deserve it
07/07/2012 04:23
All this vitriolic bile contemptous bigoted stupid nonsense simply because Andy Murray is playing in the Wimbledon Final on Sunday, and he's Scottish. So what? Is that any reason to resort to some of the comments seen here? No people, what is the root of the problem or the anger? I'm no great patriot and it would seem that being patriotic brings out the worst kind of sentiment and feeling amongst people, which I think has always been an underlying problem at it's core. Patriotism means being proud not to slate others.
He is a good Tennis player at present ranked 4th in the world which is a testimony to his hard work. There seems to be so much envy, jealousy and resentment, even hatred,why?
Does he REALLY hate the English? Has he been quoted as saying such? Could he really get on in life hating the English? I don't think so. I think it's way overblown. He's reached the Wimbledon Men's singles final, an achievement, first for 74 years, why can't the comments simply be of that nature? He doesn't have to be adored by the public because he's not grinning inanely like a demented Cheshire Cat? He's a Tennis player, not a media personality. Maybe he doesn't want to be fawned over as a personality/celebrity like some, and wants to be judged on his Tennis and nothing else, That's what he's here for.
 Who really knows him? So he appears miserable and dour, so what? I bet  most Celebrities are stuck up, snooty, even hate their fans or public if they were seen up close and personal. They're probably the fakest of all so have no room to criticise or be hypocritical. Maybe with Murray what you see is what you get, no bullsh*t, take him or leave him, I don't think he's screaming out to be loved, who is? Get a grip.
So he's not media friendly as some peole would like, My God big deal. Does anybody know anybody who's friendly to everybody they come across? I don't and wouldn't care if anybody was so long as they're not hateful or rude, or ingnorant or spitting bile, resentment and anger. He made the anyone but England comment when England played Paraguay a few years back, He was stupid to say so and probably should have kept his mouth shut, will he repeat it, I don't think so.
 For years commentators and the public have been clamouring for a British player to succeed at Wimbledon, well they've potentially got one come Sunday afternoon, what's not to like? If they wanted 'Tiger Tim' because above all else he was English, then they don't understand British means anyone from the 3 nations, whilst the United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland. If that was their hope then they were wrong. If Tim was good enough he would have made a Wimbledon final, he had enough attempts. Maybe Andy Murray does not want to wallow in sentiment and get sympathy when losing, maybe 2nd place is 1st loser to him and he doesn't want to do the supposed British thing and be a jolly good chap and all nice about it. He's got Ivan Lendl in his corner, anybody remember him? Do you think he was bothered if people liked him for being nice? Same as McEnroe? No, he wanted to win and maybe he has Murray focused on that.
Scots should be proud, as should the rest of the nation. Talk of hating the English the Scottish, Scottish Independence, historic wars fought, insulting the Royals, etc. I'm no Royalist but if I have to address comment I'll find an appropriate time and place if I have to, and it won't be of the vilest lowest order as it wouldn't be whatever the subject matter, contrary to some of the unncessary comments here. And as I mentioned the ancestrial make up of The Royal Family, heralded as being the best of British, isn't a problem.
Britain needs more Tennis players, no sportsmen and women like him who are close to winning and being successful, regardless of whether they're English, Welsh or Scottish.

07/07/2012 05:40
Wow, reading some of the comments here it's clear there are some pretty sad and frustrated people out there. How does a conversation about tennis turn into one about British racial tensions? I'm English and happy to be so. Happy, rather than proud. A fine distinction perhaps but one I highlight. That doesn't mean I need to put anyone else down or rake over pseudo history, to feel better about myself. I've experienced racism because I'm English and sometimes work in Wales. It's thankfully very rare, (4 or 5 incidents in 20 years) and I find the vast majority of people where ever I go, especially the Welsh are very decent, nice, friendly people. I've found this with people who are Scottish, Welsh, English, Irish, whatever. I genuinely feel sad for some of the people here, who seem to hate someone because they were born one side or other of an imaginary line. Never forget that-countries only really exist in the minds of men.  PS-If you want a cure for all the bile in some of these comments then Look up "Kids Company"-this is what happens when nice people get together!
06/07/2012 22:42
The posts on here stating that Muray has had easier matches to get to the final obviously dont know much about tennis or the players. So far Murray has had to beat, in no particular order, the 5th,6th,18th and the 59th seeds. Federer has had the easier path, apart from today, playing the 33rd,75th and 32nd seeds. Murray will beat Federer providing the occasion doesnt get to him, as he has in many other tournaments. Come on Andy, the sensible people living all over the UK are with you 100%. Ignore the bigots, they hate anyone who is more successful than themselves.
06/07/2012 21:35
Congratulations to Andy Murray! how fantastic that we have a British player in the finals during the queens diamond jubilee! I hope she cheers you on Andy, just like we were down here in the depths of SOUTH SUDAN! what a fantastic achievement for you and your family and everyone who supports you in your sporting career.  YOU MADE OUR DAY! good luck you will be hearing us cheering I hope x
06/07/2012 21:29
Brilliant win Andy , though Nervewracking once again but you won. Fantastic. One more to go!!! GOOD LUCK & BEHIND YOU all the way.
06/07/2012 21:37
Well done to Andy Murray!!  I knew one year he would make a grand slam and am overwhelmed that it is at Wimbledon!!  I love Roger Federer but sorry this year it has to be Andy Murray that gets my support!!  Good luck for Sunday Andy!!xx
07/07/2012 01:18

II  will be rooting for you ANDY all the way.  Never mind about the racist  ignorant  jealous  foul mouthed  tattood  uneducated  uncivilised  fellow country morons. You have made us proud by becoming the 1st finalist for many years. i  have watched your tantrums and swearings on the court  including the vomit on the court after drinking too much Robinsons orange juice. I have also commented in the past years to grow up and not to swear on the court in front of those ball boys and ball girls and asked you whether your mum allowed you to swear? Now all that  past history and you are playing a different  ball game and  a whole lot of very good behaviour. Top marks for that.  I ached with you when you lost a point rejoiced with you when you gained a point. Dont listen to those minority who can  never be  Number 4 world champion  ever. You will be higher in the ranking soon.  SO  GO ANDY GO ON SUNDAY. . 

07/07/2012 00:06

  I'm  an Englishman through and through, a tipical Scouse, but I wish you all the best in the Final Andy, Its a pity we have these ignoramuses proving it by their Tattoo's

and foul mouths.

 I couldn't play tennis to save my life,. Go it Andy Scot or British I will be rooting for you.



06/07/2012 22:38
Good Luck to Andy Murray on Sunday. It will be difficult but he has come a long way now and deserves a Grand Slam. One Ivan Lendl has given him a different look and he is more steeley these days.
06/07/2012 21:37

Like Victor 'Mildrew'  I have to exclaim........I don't b-e-l-i-e-v-e it. Guess I have to! I didnt think he stood a chance against Tsonga. I really want to see him lift that trophy.

06/07/2012 21:37
Thats It Andy.  Agression.  Hit the ball.  Good luck, one last time C'mon
06/07/2012 21:31
nothing to do with luck, difference between heman and all the rest of them is the scottish in him, true grit Scotlands son
06/07/2012 23:07
Just absolutely delighted for Andy!!!  Don't listen to the sour grapes brigade.......just go out there and do your best.  Best of Luck.

Congratulations,knew you could do it!!

06/07/2012 23:38

why is it when someone does well do people have to come out with all the negative comments


some of the comments made about andy murray and scotland/the scots are just downright RUDE


JEALOUSY is what it is    you didnt have the talent to be successfuly yourself at anything in life so why dont you go and get A LIFE


WELL DONE   ANDY   good luck for sunday

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