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Federer’s the final Murray will have hoped for, says Philippoussis

By SportUK 07/07/2012 13:20

Former men's finalist Mark Philippoussis gives his views on the big match.


I predicted the results of both semi-finals and that both would end in four sets but the final is too close to call.Philippoussis predicts Murray will play well against Federer in tomorrow's men's final.


I’d love Federer to win – to regain that number one spot and to prove wrong the critics who said he was past it. I’d also love Murray to win - to be the first Brit for 74 years to take the title on home turf, and to gain the Grand Slam he’s deserved for so long.


What’s certain is that it will be an awesome match - one to remember.


For my money Federer’s the best player ever. Of course he will go a step closer to proving that statistically if he can win here and equal Pete Sampras’ record. While he didn’t start in the most convincing manner this year, his hitting in his last two matches has been nothing short of incredible.


"If Murray plays his punchy shots he can win"


There’s no way he’ll have a poor game in the final, that’s just not him - not at Wimbledon,  not when there’s a Grand Slam to play for; and especially not when he has a chance to regain that world number one spot.


Nevertheless, I think Murray will be happier not to be playing Djokovic. Federer may be the best player of all time but the Scot has a remarkable winning record against him and Federer’s game of mixing things up, coming to the net sometimes, will suit Murray’s counterpunching style. Murray loves pace on the ball, he likes to finish points off and Djokovic has an amazing and frustrating quality of keeping the ball coming back that puts sustained pressure on opponents.


It’s important for Andy to play his own game and stay focused. He can’t get negative and allow some of that negative body language to take over. If he waits for errors he’ll get beaten because Federer doesn’t make them. If he plays his punchy shots he can win.


So much has changed since I lined up against Roger in 2003. The serve and volley style that I used then has been pushed out of the game to a large degree by slower and heavier balls. Federer’s approach has been simply to get better, hit the ball harder and improve his variation.


One man is going to make history: either by extending an extraordinary run of successes or ending an extraordinary run of disappointments. Whoever it is will thoroughly deserve it.

08/07/2012 09:23

I was born in London, I am English. I am proud to be English, I am proud to be British even though I am also from the United Kingdom. I am proud that one of my compatriots is in the Wimbledon men’s final this year,


Win or lose I am proud that he is a Scot from Scotland and that Scotland is part of Great Britain, part of the British Isles that form the United Kingdom. Also I am proud that one of my countrymen is one of the winners of the men's doubles at Wimbledon this year.


Come on Andy; use all of our support, the Diamond Jubilee, that we are hosting the Olympics and your own desire to win this match. We are all behind you!!!

08/07/2012 00:05

good luck for tomorrow ANDY MURRAY


everyone in britain apart from the bigots on here are behind you

08/07/2012 08:58
Like all residents of great Britain he has a British passport not a scottish one but first if you ask him he will say he is Scottish then British just accept the guy is both like all people who were born in Scotland like me Scottish through and through but as my passport says im british too. No big problem as in tennis we compete as a British team a bit like the Olympics etc and tell me you wont be supporting Sir Chris Hoy in the cycling??? Grow up we are all british and most of all we are all adults here are we not?
08/07/2012 06:33
I can't remember the Moron's name that was on here a few days ago berating Andy and also disgustingly attacking his mother but i think that over  the years Andy has always given his best and has achieved so much in his career and i know he will give his best today.So good luck Andy and i have my seat well and truly booked on the settee in my lounge to watch you in your hard task and hope you win but hey if you do lose you can still hold your head up high so go for it.     Perhaps that sad moron can send an opology to Andy and his Mum.
08/07/2012 01:07

yes of course federer is favourite to win


but the simple fact is this       the player who plays best on the day is the player who will win


if he wins great if not as we always say there is always next time


as far as his pointing to the sky--no one really knows why--but it may be because of what happened in school at dunblane and if so lets just leave that one alone--- its a private thing


good luck andy

08/07/2012 07:00

sanity 58, no wonder


there is so much hate in the world,




08/07/2012 09:35

If Murray is lucky enough to win today,it may be a good thing for British tennis.That is if the English press instead of attacking sportsmen and women back them.

Murray is a focused athlete,who has had to stand a lot of negative press.He is the best hope of Britain getting a wimbledon champion,but the press attack and highlight his losses,something that the press in this country do so well,you just have to look at how they went after the English football squad,

Lets remember,its only a game,and Murray is now in a position where he has a chance to change the history of the game.

To many people are against him just because he is a Scot,well they should grow up.

08/07/2012 04:49


08/07/2012 01:10
The WIMBLEDON FINAL Andy......keep your concentration, don't lose your head, go for it,and you can do it.....   Good luck to you !
08/07/2012 02:12
I would just love Andy Murray to win he has broken his duck he is in the finals and here's hoping he wins against Federer that would be the icing on the cake.A lot of people are saying Federer will win but as they say you never know in this game.
08/07/2012 08:51
It's just good old fashioned tennis....... Can't we just enjoy it ?
08/07/2012 09:15

I don't think Murray hates the English, hes just proud to be Scottish, but all i'm bothered about is watching a great tennis match today.

Anyway, i'm English and i hate the English so there.



08/07/2012 09:42

Well whatever the outcome a Brit has got into the final for the first time in 74 years which is an amazing achievement. He's got as good a chance as he's ever had to grasp the trophy. I think on balance he would prefer meeting the Fed express to Nolly. It had to be one of them didn't it eh.


I am sure like all true sportmen he will give it his best shot. Those who play tennis know what it's like to be serving for a match on a tie break, that crucial moment when your legs go wobbly and your elbow just doesn't do what you want it to do. It's those moments which decide if you are a champion or not and only Andy Murray will know what it's like at that stupendous moment maybe. I for one would love to be in his shoes at that moment.

08/07/2012 02:28
Here's hoping Fed will be fed up by this time tomorrow night.

Come on Andy!

08/07/2012 10:48
08/07/2012 01:05
i see murray is still brittish, lets hope he doesn't lose and become scottish again lol, but i hope he goes all the way this could be the year for a scottish and brittish win
08/07/2012 07:06
Fight the Good Fight Andy. You've come this far, you know it's a toughie but you CAN do it! Belief!! Whatever the outcome PROUD PROUD PROUD of you :).
08/07/2012 01:28
Is there a way to block negative comments??
08/07/2012 09:15
Come on Andy...you CAN do it and do it for yourself...forget the hype!!!!!!
08/07/2012 09:39

Oh and by the way,Murray is not Anti-English,but your press would love you to believe it.

it feeds into the minds of stupid people,he just wants to win.

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