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Wimbledon giant killings and Murray's chances

What does the defeat of Nadal mean?

By Duncan Hooper 29/06/2012 07:50

There were two giant killings at Wimbledon yesterday. Andy Murray cut down 6' 10" Ivo Karlovic while Lukas Rosol pulled off one of the biggest shocks in the tournament's 126-year history by defeating Rafael Nadal.


Rafael Nadal and Lukas RosolExcuses

But both losers put some of the blame the authorities at SW19 rather than allowing all the credit for their opponents. Karlovic was furious after being called for 11 foot-faults - indeed an extraordinary number - at crucial points in the game. The Croat was further incensed when a press officer confused his nationality at the post-match press conference but then made the same mistake himself. Accusing a line-judge of patriotic favouritism he fumed: "I'm angry because I don't expect it here, even against the English guy who they want to win."


Ivo KarlovicMeanwhile, Nadal who had played a strong comeback fourth set to level his match was unhappy at having to wait 40 minutes as the roof was closed before resuming for the fifth.


"Closing the roof wasn't great, but that is sport," Nadal conceded.


The unknown

Rosol, 26, has been on the professional scene for years while making little impact. He is a doubles specialist who, until this year had never played a professional match on grass, failing to qualify for Wimbledon five times. In the run-up to the championships, he didn't make it into the main draw for Eastbourne.


The shock caused by the victory by the world number 100 puts some perspective on the stranglehold held on the sport by Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.


Murray's route

But it also potentially opens up the draw for Murray, who was expected to meet Nadal in the semi-final. That's happened for the past two years with the same result. Murray will still have to progress past Marcos Baghdatis, probably Marin Cilic and likely David Ferrer in the quarters.


His semi-final opponent now looks set to be the dangerous Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, tipped by many to take Murray's place in the top 4.

29/06/2012 10:16
Yes Rosol is great,  but he is just like the footballers SPITTING i have never seen this before in all the years i have watched the tennis,it is so disgusting,i only takes one to start and all the rest will follow,please please put a ban on this
29/06/2012 10:15
What does it mean for Murray ? It means either Roger or Novak will probs win it this year.
29/06/2012 10:19

What sour grapes!!!


Nadal ONLY waited 40 minutes for the roof but if it was rained off he would have waited longer.


Shame on these two players for throwing their dummies out of the pram!!

29/06/2012 11:49
Brilliant  match. Shame about the spitting.
29/06/2012 12:07
if murray was an english-man , i bet 99% of these comments would be different ,
29/06/2012 13:00

i am enjoying the tennis very much but was disappointed to see rosol spitting just like the footballers do now. hope this disgusting habit doesnt carry on. how did we manage all the years

previously. i also love the football. wish it would stop.


29/06/2012 15:48
WHY does sharapova have to do that bloody noise everytime she takes a shot? its disgusting. its not a heavy racket is it???!!! 
29/06/2012 12:39
Spitting for the men and Grunting for women, they all have excuses just fine them it will stop them dead.
29/06/2012 10:42
if rosol beat nadal he can certainly beat murray does noone realise that!!!  nadal is much better than murray as the rankings prove
29/06/2012 11:52
With Nadal out it will be a straight forward cahmpionship win for Roge rFed this year.  Sorry Murray you just aint good enough to take the title!!
29/06/2012 12:12

Perhaps Murray and Rosol shud play doubles together.....one can get gobby and the other can gob all over the court!!!!








29/06/2012 13:57

I still believe, that this result was the most unbelievable in the history of tennis at Wimbledon. Okay so 100 to 1 outsiders are a common occurrences at  horse racing, but I do not take anything away from Rosol, glad he has established himself onto the tennis scene with a bang beating Nadal. In boxing when George Foreman annihilated  the likes of Joe Frazier, and Ken Norton in the way he did, two and two did not add upto four for  Muhammad Ali to challange him for the heavy weight title. We all know what Ali did to prove that two and two does not always match up. So, do not think just because Nadal lost, Murray has a chance. This was one of  the off days lots of top sportsmen encounter, and in my opinion Nadal still has a lot of improvement left, and will return with absolute determination.


29/06/2012 12:43
Oh I forgot one, accussing match officials of cheating. Wind back the VT as I did and you can he only justs get off the ground thus touching the base line. Not a game for giants.
29/06/2012 13:49

I support Murray but the officials were really bias yesterday because he is the home favourite.Karlovic was right to speak out about it. As for Nadal he played quite poor last night but Rosol was spectacular. Andy Murray will still probably get beat in the Quarters or the Semis. I dont think he will reach the final

29/06/2012 15:10
i don't care he is out now so, hooray
i'am supporting this guy Rosol and that's what i call beating Nadal
29/06/2012 12:55
Some more kicking planks maybe?   without a line judge, obviously.
29/06/2012 15:47
If  Murray has to wait for another player to get beat before he can get into the finals that just shows what a useless player he is.
29/06/2012 16:30
I find Murray a bloody disgrace, the way he is on and off the court is unbelievable, I'm sorry but the way it says about the ones who lose complaining and blaming others, Murray does it even if he is doing well and even if he WINS!! And as for Nadal, well he does have a good point about the roof, it always does kick you back when you have to have a long break, like when he won the French open, his performance dropped massively when they had that long break and when they had to come back the next day. Nadal will bounce back definitely in the next tournament, no one should ever think different, but as for Murray he will always be a F*****G ****!
29/06/2012 11:29
Murray will be in the final this year without a doubt looking very strong and fit for a change, as for the spitting comment, you try and run for 4 hours without spitting, it's a sport and it's hard work, Jesus 
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