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Board set to approve Hatton comeback

Ricky Hatton is set to be given the go-ahead to return to boxing

Ricky Hatton is set to be given the go-ahead to return to boxing

Ricky Hatton will be granted a new boxing licence providing he successfully completes all parts of a medical, the British Boxing Board of Control have confirmed.

The former two-weight world champion, who turns 34 next month, retired three years ago but is set to relaunch his career at a press conference in Manchester on Friday. Hatton, who has been crowned both light-welterweight and welterweight champion, attended a BBBoC meeting on Thursday after shedding almost three stones in training this year.

BBBoC General Secretary Robert Smith told Press Association Sport: "He [Hatton] came before the board yesterday. I'm not a doctor but once we get the medicals in our doctors will look at them. If they are fine they will be signed off. That's all we're waiting for."

He added: "He's been granted it [the licence] pending his medical - so subject to the completion of all his medicals.

"We've got some parts of it but there are a few parts to a medical. We have received some of it but we are just waiting for the rest of it and when we get the rest of it, I presume at the beginning of next week, we'll put it all together and our doctors will consider it."

Hatton was the subject of allegations of cocaine abuse two years ago but Smith says the Manchester-based boxer has cleaned up his act.

"He was very frank," Smith said. "He admitted things he had done wrong and was looking to put it behind him.

"He looked very well and spoke very well and is entitled to another opportunity, pending his medicals."

Hatton's last bout was a brutal second-round knockout by Manny Pacquiao in May 2009 and he has since established his own promotions company which ran into problems in May when he lost his television deal with Sky.

For his comeback fight, it is likely the undercard would feature a majority of Hatton Promotions boxers, including Martin Murray, Anthony Crolla, Rendall Munroe and Scott Quigg.

14/09/2012 01:06

he shouldn't return to boxing he was good in his time but manny almost killed him it was that fight that

ended things for him .i wouldn't like to see him get hurt in the ring over pride ...

14/09/2012 00:21

I wish Ricky Hatton well but i wish he would reconsider

I once met Sir Henry Cooper one hell of a nice guy (he even bought me a pint) he drank water

Sir Henry had hands like shovels and was as big as a barn door and the kindest gentlest man you could ever wish to meet a great sense of humour and a credit to the sport

 he carried on fighting too long and ended up losing to a young  no mark who was not fit to lace his boots (joe Bugner)

Joe went on to lose a 15 rounder on points to an aging Muhammad Ali

Ali in his prime would have whupped him in the first round

The point I am making is that no matter how big and strong you are age catches up with all of us boxing for heavyweights can go on a little longer than most but all eventually succumb to age and the punch of a younger man

13/09/2012 22:57

Boxing as it's problems,it always as done just like many other sports have.

Tragic deaths in the ring,disgracefull behavier by-well you know the recent boxers that I am refering to. 

But the British Boxing Control have lost touch with this great sport,a long time ago.

Just when you think things are going to change,especialy after Frank Warren had the balls to speak up against the "Board." What goes and happens?The British Boxing Control,in all there wisdom and for the good of the sport,decide to grant Ricky Hatton,allegely a class A drug addict and a well known lover of going over the top of booze,booze and more booze,thrown in with a passion for food that would make a elephant blush,is fight licence back.

 A once great sporting icon and a bloody great boxer of his time,came down to earth with a bang,just like many a great sporting icons have done in the past.

George Best,say no more.

This decision is plain and utterly stupid and will damage the sport even more that as already had some major kickings lately,even further.

This latest ****-up is just feeding ammunision to the anti-boxing brigade who want this sport banned.

This sport does not need banning,it needs someone to lead the British Boxing Control by people who actualy know about the sport.

Ricky-stay retired,for the good of the sport you surely love.


14/09/2012 08:24

stay away son, you will only get floored again

be a proud man, not a silly man, and stay away

14/09/2012 07:52
I am a big fan of ricky, followed his career and read his book etc, would love to see him succeed but in all honesty, i would prefer him to stay retired, i cant see him getting back to his prime, i think the time has past, put your time into training others and grow the legacy with a new generation, dont just chase the purse Ricky. All the best......

he was a very good fighter, could have been even better but let his weight balloon in between fights, i noticed with his last few fights his punch resistance seemed to have gone.

i hope I'm wrong but i have a bad feeling about him returning.

14/09/2012 00:38
he must be short of cash but liked him as a boxer
13/09/2012 21:56
he must need the money ?  well past his best.
13/09/2012 20:51
I have nothing but respect for ricky hatton ,but his to old now, and has been away from the game to long .
Ricky Hatton stands to damage his long term health if he fights again. Hatton was at his best when he fought : Kosta Zu,  and won the title. When Hatton got beat by Mayweather, that was the start of his decline. I suppose the most natural fight for him is with Amir Khan, and I think Hatton would win by stopping Khan. But what's it all about ? Hatton has millions in the bank, and does not need to fight again. I wonder if Khan, would take a fight against Hatton, because if Khan loses that would be curtains for him. Khan, versus Hatton would turn over millions in this country, but will Khan take the fight ?
14/09/2012 07:56
Rick, don't be a dick!!...You thrilled we don't want to see you killed!!
14/09/2012 02:33
He's just another sportsman that gone over the top in his private life. Photographed snorting coke is not a good image.
13/09/2012 17:18
Would like to see it because he's a character but think it's a bad move fatton.
13/09/2012 20:15
looking forward in seeing an old master  at work of  a gentleman's sport
 good luck & wish you all the best mate.
13/09/2012 19:25

It must be very difficult for a boxer like Ricky just to walk away after fighting 2 of the greatest pound for pound fighters of all time.


Please be careful Ricky, you're obviously serious and a great professional - but you're no spring chicken anymore! So no more pie and chips and a few beers with the lads! Your destiny is quite literally in those dangerous hands of yours!


All the best fella

13/09/2012 20:55
hope he fights khans and knocks f**k out of him
Everybody in life deserves a 'second-chance' regardless of what they have done in the past - not one person on planet earth is free from sin - for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Ricky Hatton needs to learn that alcohol, drugs and over-eating food binges will play havoc with your body. He needs to stay physically and mentally and spiritually fit - basically he needs to clean up his past messy image. 
13/09/2012 22:25

"HATTON'S LAST BOUT, a brutal second round Knockout by Manny Pacquiao" summs it up!!. Lad should stay put, retired. Loveley bloke, tough fighter, who sadley fought with his head hung out to dry. The football Thug type fan who follow and think Ricci a real champion of the people, fail to understand that his style of brawler, in the modern age, leads to only one thing. Brain damage!!. BBBC should step in now, and refuse him a licence. 

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