10/12/2012 10:25
Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression

Win or bust

Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression (© REUTERS/Nacho Doce)
  • Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression (© REUTERS/Nacho Doce)
  • Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression (© REUTERS/Nacho Doce)
  • Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression (© REUTERS/Nacho Doce)
  • Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression (© REUTERS/Nacho Doce)
  • Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression (© REUTERS/Nacho Doce)
  • Caroline Wozniacki's Serena Williams impression (© REUTERS/Nacho Doce)
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Danish tennis queen Caroline Wozniacki raised a few smiles when she made some unusual adjustments to her outfit at the weekend.

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10/12/2012 15:11

Lighten up Guys, surely just a bit of fun cannot hurt in any shape or form.

I would imagine that even Serena had a laugh at it.


10/12/2012 16:18
Some really dour people here, lighten up, it was done for fun!
11/12/2012 00:04
come on people, every flat chested woman wants boobs, let her dream
10/12/2012 18:03
it's funny because serena has achived much more than wozniaki in tennis
10/12/2012 18:23
Why are people saying things like lighten up or its just a joke. I think Wozniacki' s imitation of Serena's body shape (not  her game cos Wozniacki is no where near Serena's level) is not funny at all. But that just me. Serena may mind it funny. She may find it offensive. It depends on the relationship they have. I recall Andy Roddick doing an imitation of Serena by stuffing pillows down his backside but they have a good relationship being Americans and being in the same age group. Some of the posts here talk about Djokovic doing imitations. Djokovic imitated serving styles and hitting styles and mannerisms, NOT a person's body shape. And still Djokovic got alot of criticism from players and trolls for his imitations. What does he do? He dominates 2011 and wins multiple majors and is current world 1 
I feel Wozniacki is trying to draw attention to herself and the women's game (which lets be honest, is behind the mens game) but she needs to make headlines or articles like this one by winning majors. She was world number 1 without winning a major. Once again I reiterate that she is nowhere and probably will never reach the level of the person she is trying to imitate. 
10/12/2012 17:52
it think this was a bit of fun but also a tribute to serena for being able to paly so well with them curves.
11/12/2012 18:46
Jealousy will get you nowhere love....
10/12/2012 16:51
This is great fun. The PC brigade are out in force, I notice. Hey guys, you forgot to throw in the race card.
11/12/2012 18:31
Robbie Young, may be you are too young to think or you have a VERY low IQ. Your comment on Venus & particularly on Serena  is IDIOTIC & SENSELESS.
11/12/2012 19:48
What a Beauuuutiful body and pose!!
11/12/2012 16:27

Tennis SHOULD NOT be allowed to loose it's decency with these untoward mockery. Those who think it's just fun to make fun of someone's stature or shape should realise that it is an abuse on the person's personality. So think again if you are to receive such mockery in the name of fun.


Wozniacki, you are a disgrace to Tennis. 

10/12/2012 18:33

I thought Tennis was a much more civilized sport!!!

Is this the  shape of things to come, after soccer?


Is she going to be reprimanded?

If Serena is not going to make an official  complaint, I'll take on the batton.


You have to cut these uncouth practices right out from the outset - there's no place in this, my most favourite sport, for the likes of her behaviourial pattern. No no this should not be taken lightheratedly, bad behaviour could be forgiven, this has RACIAL connotations. I'm waiting for you NINCOMPOOP over here at Wimbledon in London - that is if you make it!!! 

10/12/2012 18:20

fun is fast disappearing and won't be allowed to return until our disingenuous government has put a tax on it.


The globalists will tell you when you can have fun, until then just get used to being miserable.

to all you people who think its great fun,would you be so approving if someone took the p1ss out of you and broadcast it on a global scale.luckily it seems miss williams has a sense of humour
10/12/2012 18:20

Caroline Wozniackii a poorly educated idiot- shame on you.

11/12/2012 00:08
i gotta say..serena's knockers are too big to be attractive!! they are comical. Good on yer Caroline. Isn't it odd how neither serena or venus have mentioned marriage or having kids. can you imagine serena's kid breast feeding on her!!! that's one big feed!
10/12/2012 19:05
Sadly caroline Wozniacki is Racist scum
10/12/2012 14:01

for doing it in the first place - IDIOT!

for posting this as an article - BIGGER IDIOTS!

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