Spain vs Tahiti

20 June 2013 20:00 GMT 20/06/2013 20:00:00 GMT
Ref: D. Haïmoudi
Estadio Jornalista Mário Filho (Maracanã)
Attendance: 71,806
  • Fernando Torres 5', 33', 57', 78'
  • David Silva 31', 89'
  • David Villa 39', 49', 64'
  • Mata 66'
0 15 30 45 60 75 90 15 30

live commentary

    I'm Martin Macdonald, and I'll be taking you through the action this evening!
    As expected, La Roja have made wholesale changes. Vicente Del Bosque has made 10 alterations from the win over Uruguay on Sunday.
    Spain (4-3-3): Reina; Azpilicueta, Ramos, Albiol, Monreal; Javi Martinez, Cazorla, Silva; Mata, Villa, Torres.
    Tahiti (4-5-1): Roche; Lemaire, Ludivion, Vallar, J.Tehau, Aitamai; Bourebare, Caroine, Vahirua,  Chong Hue; A.Tehau.
    This may be a bit of a collector's item tonight folks. It is by no means out of the questions to suggest that Spain could get into double figures against Tahiti.
    The islanders went down 6-1 against Nigeria earlier this week, and looked worryingly susceptible at the back. The Spain strikers will certainly be looking to bag a few goals each!
    How about some stats which highlight the gulf in class between these two nations?
    Spain are unbeaten in their last 23 matches, winning 16. Their last defeat came against England in November 2011.
    Tahiti have lost six of their last eight international fixtures and are ranked 138th in the world - below the likes of Rwanda, Burundi and Puerto Rico.
    However, the The South Pacific side have had success in recent years. They  became the first nation other than Australia and New Zealand to clinch the Oceania Nations Cup last year.
    They go into the match as impossible underdogs, but you have to appreciate the passion of Tahiti. Just look at the way they celebrated their consolation goal in the 6-1 defeat to Nigeria!
    Greg Stobart is at the Maracana in Rio, anticipating Spain's landslide victory:"I am back at the revamped Maracana in the Rio haze, where there is once again a terrific atmosphere building in this historic stadium. The locals are roaring on Tahiti as they would the Brazil side - although of course we are all expecting a thumping Spain victory. The Tahiti players have just entered into the crowd behind the goal to my right to hug fans in the front row, presumably family members."
    Make no mistake about it, Tahiti will have plenty of followers in the Maracana tonight!
    Greg Stobart: "One thing I would say about the Maracana is that I’m lucky it’s not been too hot on either of my visits here. They may well need to invest in a fan system before the World Cup to cool the press area, which is absolutely roasting under the new roof here. I can only imagine how warm it would be in the height of the Brazilian summer."
    It's a really special atmosphere in the Maracana! It would be genuinely silly to suggest that Tahiti could get a result here, but let's not hope they get completely turned over!
    The players have took to the field now, and we can enjoy the national anthems! This will be a special moment for the Tahiti players, no doubt about it!
    The Tahiti players are putting handmade necklaces around the necks of the Spaniards! A truly touching moment! What a culture clash this is!
    Greg Stobart: "The best supported club in Rio, and indeed in the whole of Brazil, is Flamengo - and the chant around the Maracana as we prepare to get underway is ‘Mengão’ (Big Mengo), the club’s nickname. I saw thousands of increasingly familiar red and black Flamengo shirts as I made my way to the stadium this afternoon."
  • 1'
    We are under way in the Maracana!
  • 2'
    Tahiti start the match by thumping the ball out of the park, which doesn't exactly inspire confidence! Spain begin to play the ball around and they are met by a chorus of boos!
  • 3'
    No doubt about it, the Maracana crowd are behind Tahiti in this one! Even the Brazilian locals are behind the South Pacific nation against the World Champions!
  • 4'
    What a sensational atmosphere we have tonight, mainly due to the passionate Tahiti fans! They are cheering every pass, tackle, clearance and header!
  • 5'
    GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL FOR SPAIN!! AS EXPECTED, IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG!!! Fernando Torres bursts down the inside-left channel and somehow squeezes a shot inside the near post! AWFUL goalkeeping from Roche!!! 1-0 Spain!
  • 5'
    The assist came from Mata.
  • 6'
    Greg Stobart: "Well, the atmosphere has been electric here so far but that Spain opener will dampen a few spirits. It was a simple goal for Fernando Torres after he played a one-two with Chelsea team-mate Juan Mata - and the worry for Tahiti is that the world champions have opened the scoring so early. It will be the first of many."
  • 7'
    The bad news for Tahiti is that La Roja look in the mood for this! Don't forget, this is basically Spain's 'B' team, meaning that the players out there will be looking to impress Del Bosque.
  • 9'
    Great play by Hue!! The Tahitian skips past the challenge of Cazorla before galloping down the left-hand side, but he is unceremoniously bundled over by Azpilicueta! Free kick to Tahiti in the Spain half.
  • 10'
    Poor miss from Torres! The Chelsea man latches on to a loose ball through the middle and opts to try and chip the 'keeper when Villa was inside begging for a pass! It should be 2-0!
  • 12'
    Great defending from Azpilicueta there! Chong Hue drives down the left wing and looks to cut inside the box, but he Chelsea defender was on hand to out-muscle the Tahitian. The Maracana SCREAMS for a penalty kick, but the referee correctly plays on.
  • 13'
    Spain very much going through the match at a neutral pace at the moment. Tahiti just had a spring in their step for a couple of minutes there, but La Roja are professionally seeping the intensity from the game.
  • 15'
    15 minutes in, and I think Tahiti would definitely have took this before the game started. Fair play to them, they are showing absolutely no fear against the World and European champions.
  • 17'
    Great goalkeeping from Roche!! Azpilicueta gets to the byline and flashes a cross into the Tahiti box! Torres looks poised to score but he is foiled by the 'keeper, who makes an extremely brave save at the front post!
  • 18'
    Some worrying signs for Tahiti at the moment! Roche is currently down injured after that saves, it looks like his hand was accidentally trampled by Torres.
  • 19'
    Thankfully, no further medical attention is needed, and Tahiti's No.1 embraces Torres before heading back to take the free kick.
  • 21'
    Roche is forced into action again! Once again Azpilicueta gallops down the right-hand side on the overlap and smashes a cross into the box! It was an unorthodox save, but the Tahiti 'keeper cleared the danger with a diving punch!
  • 23'
    Well well well, 23 minutes in and it's only 1-0. When Torres netted early on it looked like the floodgates may have opened, but Tahiti have done so incredibly well to remain resilient. I hope for their sake they keep it up!
  • 25'
    Absolutely wonderful play from Chong Hue!! The 23-year-old goes on a marauding run through the centre of the park and finds himself one-one-one with Albiol! The Madrid man eventually blocks him off and Tahiti get the free kick in a great position! The Maracana sound their massive appreciation for that run!
  • 26'
    Vahirua steps up and rattles the free kick straight off the Spain wall! A little bit of a waste, but it's a shot on goal for the Tahitians!
  • 27'
    Greg Stobart: "So far, so good for Tahiti. Every pass and tackle for the minnows is being greeted like a goal, with a huge roar greeting Steevy Chong Hue’s powerful dribble moments ago. The atmosphere is sensational and, on the pitch, Spain have struggled to create much of note since Fernando Torres’ opener. You do wonder whether they are going easy on their opponents."
  • 28'
    Torres latches on to a pass down the inside-right channel and looks to turn back inside, but he is bundled over Vallar. Free kick to Spain just a few yards from the corner flag. Mata will hit.
  • 29'
    Great block from Jonathan Tehau!! Mata clips the free kick to the back post and Albiol looks to head back across goal, but the Tahitian was on hand at the front post to make a really important block!
  • 30'
    BRILLIANT SAVE FROM ROCHE!!! Cazorla rifles a left-footed volley at goal but the Tahiti goalkeeper makes the block with a strong left arm! Torres looks to score the rebound but the islanders scramble the ball away!!!
  • 31'
    GOOOOOAAAAAL!! GOOAAAAAAAL!! GOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!!!! Spain lead 2-0!! David Villa cuts inside from the left and threads a sensational pass through the middle of the defence for Silva, who coolly slots into the bottom corner!!
  • 31'
    David Villa provided the assist.
  • 33'
    GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALL FOR SPAIN!!! TWO IN QUICK SUCCESSION!!! Fernando Torres breaks the offside trap before nicking the ball past Roche and slotting into the empty net!! 3-0! The game is starting to get away from Tahiti!
  • 33'
    Fernando Torres scores for [team]!
  • 33'
    Mata gave the assist.
  • 34'
    Greg Stobart: "Heartbreak for Tahiti. Two Spain goals in quick succession and now talk of a double-figures scoreline is back on the agenda. The gulf in class between to two teams is ridiculous."
  • 36'
    La Roja are really flexing their muscles now. Cazorla, Javi Martinez, and David Silva are all having fun in possession and are spraying glorious passes all over the park. It looks like the Tahitians are tiring. Not good!
  • 37'
    DAVID VILLAAAAA!!!! That looked like a goal!! Azpilicueta swings a cross to the back post and the Barca man chests the ball down before have a crack at goal! The net rustles but it's the side-netting!! Tahiti let off the hook!
  • 39'
    GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL FOR SPAIN!!!! Unbelievable sights!! David Silva bursts down the left and find himself 5 on 1 with his team-mates against a solitary Tahiti defender!! The Man City man squares inside for David Villa, who stabs home. 4-0. The scoreline continues to grow.
  • 39'
    David Silva provided the assist.
  • 41'
    Really good play from Alvin Tehau! He brings the ball down with ease inside his own half before taking a lovely touch out of the air. He passes is out to the left and Vahirua brings the play forward down the left.
  • 43'
    Tahiti desperately need the half-time whistle here. They are looking so fatigued, and Spain are going for the jugular!
  • 45'
    Some respite for Tahiti here, and we have seen the first yellow card of the match. Chong Hue gets beyond Cazorla and the Arsenal man gives him a shove in the back. A harsh yellow card, but he's the first man to go in the book.
  • 45'
    Cazorla receives a yellow card.
    Half time in the Maracana. Tahiti played bravely for the first half of the opening period, but two goals from Fernando Torres, and strikes from David Silva and David Villa are seeing Spain on their way to a more than comfortable victory. It looks like a case of how many La Roja will net now. The islanders have to be applauded for their efforts so far, however! See you in 15 minutes for the second half!
    Greg Stobart: "Half-time at the Maracana where some of the Spain players look a little sheepish as they go in at the break with a 4-0 lead over Tahiti. The Pacific islanders have received a brilliant reception from the locals here and performed as well as they could possibly have expected in the first 25 minutes. You sense Spain could win by almost as many goals as they want now - and it will be interesting to see if Vicente Del Bosque asks his players to take their foot off the gas after the re-start."
  • 46'
    We are back under way in the Maracana!
  • 46'
    Jesús Navas comes on for Sergio Ramos.
  • 47'
    A change to report for you at half time. Manchester City new boy Jesus Navas has been introduced in place of Sergio Ramos. That may mean that Javi Martinez drops into defence.
  • 48'
    Tahiti are sixes and sevens at the back here! Some head-tennis ensues inside the box before Vallar eventually manages to scramble clear!
  • 49'
    GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL FOR SPAIN!!! David VIlla earns his 55th goal for his country!! Nacho Monreal runs behind on the overlap and hits the byline before lashing a cross to the front post. The Barca man is in his usual predatory position to divert home. 5-0!!
  • 49'
    The assist came from Nacho Monreal.
  • 51'
    It looks like the match we all predicted before the game is starting to transpire. Tahiti done so well at times during the first half, but their are massive holes starting to appear in the middle of their defence.
  • 52'
    First change of the match from Tahiti. Alvin Tehau comes off and is replaced by his cousin, Teaonui Tehau.
  • 53'
    David Villa looks really hungry for that hat-trick goal! The former Valencia man looked to break the Tahiti offside trap down the left channel but the linesman's flag just goes up at the last minute. Good decision, but there wasn't a lot in it.
  • 53'
    A. Tehau is replaced with T. Tehau.
  • 55'
    Speculative effort from Villa this time. He receives the ball from Torres on the edge of the box and looks to whip a strike into the top right corner, but he just gets it wrong, and sends the ball a few yards over the bar.
  • 57'
    GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL FOR SPAIN!! FERNANDO TORRES GETS HIS HAT-TRICK!!! Jesus Navas stretches his legs down the right wing before reversing a pass back inside to the penalty spot. The Chelsea striker is on hand to pass home! 6-0 now! Still 30 minutes left, you really do fear for Tahiti!
  • 57'
    Jesús Navas gave the assist.
  • 59'
    DAVID SILVA!!! HOW DID HE MISS THAT!? Jesus Navas is at the heart of the action again as he bursts down the right-hand side and picks out his team-mate inside the box. The Manchester City man somehow scuffs his shot from a few yards out and Tahiti clear!!
  • 61'
    Great block by Ludivion. Mata drops deep and looks to pick out Navas with a ball over the top, but the Tahitian stretches out a leg to stop the path to goal for Spain.
  • 63'
    Greg Stobart: "You sense people here almost pleading for Spain to ease off now - but this side’s recent success has been in no small part down to their ruthlessness. There are places in the first choice starting line-up to play for, not to mention the chance for players to boost their international scoring records."
  • 64'
    GOOOOAAAAAAL!!! GOOOOAAAAAL!!! GOOAAAAAALL!!!! David Villa earns his third goal!! Horrible mistake from Roche!! The ball comes over the top of the Tahiti defence and the 'keeper rushes from goal, only to miss his interception!! The Barca man scores the easy chance to make it 7-0. Double figures here we come folks.
  • 66'
    GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL FOR SPAIN!!! IT'S RAINING GOALS NOW!!! Mata somehow bulldozes his way beyond the Tahiti defence and hits a rasper of a strike under Roche into the bottom corner!! 8-0. Oh dear, there's still 25 minutes left.
  • 68'
    Second change for La Roja. Juan Mata is the man coming off, and he'll be replaced by Cesc Fabregas.
  • 69'
    Tahiti follow suit and make a change of their own. The last Tehau cousin, Lorenzo, is introduced is plance of Heimano Bourebare.
  • 69'
    H. Bourebare is replaced with L. Tehau.
  • 69'
    Fàbregas comes on for Mata.
  • 70'
    Great save by Roche!! David Villa whips a deflected free kick over the wall and the Tahiti 'keeper manages to beat the ball away!! He turns round and gives an appreciative gesture to the crowd! Really nice scenes, he's nearly cheered out of the place!
  • 71'
    Greg Stobart: "You can’t help but feel for the Tahiti goalkeeper, Mikael Roche, who has had a horrible afternoon, but the crowd here are making a wonderful noise as they give him their backing. Tahiti have finally abandoned their high line to sit deeper and Spain, in turn, look happy to keep possession now."
  • 73'
    Another substitution from Tahiti. Lemaire comes off for Yannick Vero. Another player who will appreciate the chance to get a run out against the World and European champions.
  • 74'
    E. Lemaire is replaced with Y. Vero.
  • 75'
    What an atmosphere it is inside the Maracana at the moment! Every fan inside the stadium is absolutely DESPERATE for a Tahiti goal! Sadly though, it looks extremely unlikely.
  • 76'
    Final change for Spain. Andres Iniesta enters the action to a very warm atmosphere from the crowd, as he replaces Santi Cazorla.
  • 76'
    Cazorla is done for the day. Iniesta is his replacement.
  • 77'
    Penalty for Spain!!!! Navas clips the ball into the centre and the ball comes off the hand of Aitamai!!
  • 78'
    FERNANDO TORRES SMASHES THE CROSSBAR FROM THE PENALTY SPOT!! An enormous cheer comes out from the Maracana stands!!! Roche points to the skies!!
  • 78'
    GOOOOAAAAAAL!!!! GOOOOOAAAAL!!!!! GOOOOAAAAAL!!!! Torres makes up for his penalty miss! The Chelsea man easily runs in behind the Tahiti defence before rounding Roche and slotting home. 9-0!!
  • 78'
    Albiol provided the assist.
  • 80'
    Greg Stobart: "The biggest noise of the game so far? The collective laugh when Fernando Torres missed that Spain penalty, with the crowd encouraged by fist-pumping Tahiti goalkeeper Mikael Roche. His joy didn’t last long though."
  • 82'
    Vahirua valiantly takes the ball for a run down the right wing, despite being obviously completely knackered. He earns a free kick out of Cesc, and receives an appreciate round of applause from the Maracana faithful.
  • 84'
    Fantastic defending from Jonathan Tehau!!! Torres gets in behind the defence and looks to pick out David Villa at the back post, but the Tahiti man comes in with a superb challenge to block the ball at the vital moment!
  • 86'
    PENALTY SHOUT FOR TAHITI!!! Tehau bursts into the Spain box and goes down under the challenge of Albiol! It did look like he took a dive, and the referee waves play on! Believe me, not a popular decision from the ref!!!
  • 89'
    GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL FOR SPAIN!!! LA ROJA REACH DOUBLE FIGURES!!! David Silva picks up the ball inside the box and beautifully swivels inside the box before rifling a strike into the bottom left corner! 10-0!!
  • 89'
    Assist by Fernando Torres.
  • 90'
    Two minutes of added time have been added. Tahiti won't need to suffer this for too long, but God, how much do you want them to score!? The Maracana would explode!
    Greg Stobart: "Great scenes at full-time as the Tahiti players saluted the crowd, who backed them until the very end despite the humiliating scoreline. The goalkeeper, Mikael Roche, appears to have become a particular cult hero here in Rio. It was actually a very enjoyable afternoon, despite the scoreline, although Vicente Del Bosque will not have learned anything about his players despite the goalfest."


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