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Daley coach warning over criticism

Tom Daley has been criticised for his part in the new TV show Splash!

Tom Daley has been criticised for his part in the new TV show Splash!

Tom Daley's coach has warned the diver could quit the sport if he continues to be criticised over his media commitments.

On Tuesday British Swimming chief executive David Sparkes claimed the 18-year-old, who is appearing in new reality television show Splash!, should consider waiting until the end of his competitive career before doing such programmes. And last year Great Britain performance director Alexei Evangulov admitted his worry that Daley's media work was harming his Olympic prospects.

But Andy Banks, the Olympic bronze medallist's coach, said such criticism risked pushing him out of the sport. Banks told the Daily Telegraph: "There's a danger here that if Tom gets too much grief all the time then he'll say, 'I'm quite enjoying my TV stuff. Diving was great but I've done it for 10 years, so see you later. I'm off'."

He added: "That wouldn't do anyone any good as far as our sport is concerned.

"For the whole of the 10 years since Tom first walked through the door he has loved every minute of his diving. I'd hate for him to be pushed out of the sport because he no longer enjoys it because people are giving him too much grief.

"At the moment he is still in a position where he really enjoys what he's doing, but watch this space. Four years is a long time and a lot of water is going to flow under the bridge between now and then."

09/01/2013 18:56
Sorry, but so what ?? He has taken a lot of public sympathy and support but he should have been told that to link yourself to ITV and a TV show is to identify yourself for ever to an organisation that has done nothing for sport except exploit those that make a name in sport. I think that Splash was designed simply to exploit Mr Daly's body and the half naked bodies of the celebs. Nothing has been contributed to the world of sport and never will be by ITV. Indeed one of the celebs as good as admitted on 5live that she was hard-up and took the fee gratefully - not even a glimmer of wanting to join in the competition .Splalsh is a gravy train for out of work/down on their luck/faded has-beens who grab the chance to get wet for a wad of cash.
09/01/2013 19:48
Tom , scrub round that programme , it stinks. Not because of anything you have done, but because it's a crap concept with z list subjects . You deserve better - get up there .
09/01/2013 20:34






09/01/2013 20:00

Dont worry... if the rest of the series is as poor as the first episode he wont be doing much more media. 


The show is very poor fair indeed.


Move along nothing to see here.

09/01/2013 18:51

Leave Him alone let him enjoy all that he is offered, he is only young and needs to experience things

good luck tom all the best in everything you do

09/01/2013 21:03
Leave him alone - he's 18 for God's sake - he needs a break after all his work - and losing his dad.  He can pick up again well in time for the next Olympics.  "Splash" is pants, but he probably knows that already!
09/01/2013 19:55
give a sh1t.............................nah!
09/01/2013 19:33
I think Tom was illavised to front this waste of time so has beens can join in to keep theselvesin the public eye
09/01/2013 19:17
As if this is news is a shock to anyone. The young lad has been seen at more photo shoots than swimming pools since he hit the media spotlight at 14. He has been heavily invested in and produced no results with the London 2012 the obvious proof. Let the lad be the poster boy he wants to be and lets use the money to invest in someone that puts his sporting interests before his perosnal ones!
09/01/2013 20:57
Tom...  not much good for your image having fat people bomb in to swimming pools and have complete amateurs judging them.. and you had the nerve to criticise a dive partner for being unprofessional when he phoned home from a tournament. This show is the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen
09/01/2013 20:17
Tom think what would my Dad have advised, and you know better than anyone what he would have advised. And when you have that answer in your mind, do it.
09/01/2013 20:15
"Tom Daley's coach has warned the diver could quit the sport if he continues to be criticised over his media commitments"

Quit then. Who does he think he is? How can he not expect criticism when he is in the public eye. Every celebrity experiences it. He needs to get over himself. Talk about a superiority complex! 
Yeah, sure he'll quit. What'll he do? Read the the fukcing news!

tom daley is a good looking guy, well spoken and nice white teeth. nothing wrong with that at all. i hope he carries on with his diving career and hopefully win gold in future olympics. BUT... i guarantee when his diving career ends the tv companies will be queueing up to sign him and that is when he will become very very annoying

09/01/2013 20:09

yeah right all this is recycled from b4 the Olympics


MSN BS as usual



09/01/2013 21:26
Little ****hould never have been given a tv show, another example of itv's ruthless struggle to get ratings.. the whole show was/is a mess and daley is a total tos ser with as much talent as russell brand.
09/01/2013 22:56

it does not help when people competing in the show say its crap and they are only in it for the money


tom is a great guy and great sportsman


its a shame he is being dragged down by these comments

09/01/2013 21:28
Don't care. More interested in the tax breaks for the rich.
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