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Button: We're the team to beat

Jenson Button's title hopes suffered a setback when he retired at Monza

Jenson Button's title hopes suffered a setback when he retired at Monza

Jenson Button is convinced he can again scale the heights after suffering another dip in a rollercoaster season.

It was a real case of what a difference a week makes for Button for after the high of victory in the Belgian Grand Prix, seven days later came the low of a retirement when running second in Italy on Sunday with a fuel issue. McLaren team-mate Lewis Hamilton took the chequered flag.

The positive for Button, though, is that after three successive poles and wins for McLaren, he knows he is in the car to beat, and that is a great feeling. "We've had a great stretch and we've been the only team that has had a stretch like that," said Button, speaking to Press Association Sport.

"It's great for the team and I'm very happy to be a part of that.

"Every time i jump into the car I know we have a chance of winning the race, and for a racing driver that's such a good position to be in.

"That's the position we'd all love to be in, so yes, it is good and I look forward to Singapore (on September 23) and having the chance of fighting for that victory again."

Button knows after his strong start to the season, a win in Australia and second place in China, beyond that his campaign suffered an alarming dip from which it was always going to be incredibly difficult to recover.

"If we'd had a second at Monza (behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton), or fought for the win, it would have been great for the championship.

"It wasn't the case. It's one of those things, and you don't get too down about it. The pace was there, we proved the car is very competitive, so you pick yourself up and move on."

11/09/2012 15:49
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11/09/2012 11:19

Way to go Jensen, that's the spirit!!!!!   I really believe that you and Lewis compliment each other, its so nice to have two Englishman together in the great Mc Laren team.


By the way Jensen, my husband Keith Marshall went to School with your Dad, and was also at your Dad's Wedding to your Mum.  Ask him if he remembers Keith!!!


He is an ardent supporter of you Jensen, and wishes you well in your bid for championship Glory.


WAY TO GO!!!!!

11/09/2012 22:52
Don,t believe the hype,hamilton is not going anywhere,its contract time and he is simply pressuring for the commercial deal he wants,logically he does,nt have many moves if he wants to win next year.
11/09/2012 22:33
Mclaren have secured engine contract for 2013 , 2014 when the engines change  to1600 v6 turbocharged they are going in house..devolpment and tooling is all under way.
12/09/2012 13:15







11/09/2012 23:06
So thats 2 full seasons after this where Mclaren, if they continue in the ascendancy, will give their drivers a fantastic opportunity of winning the championship. Why then would Lewis or JB go to Mercedes (or anywhere else) now just in the hope that they may have an advantage 3 seasons down the line and sacrifice 2 great seasons of opportunity? That wouldnt make sense to me!
11/09/2012 22:31

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11/09/2012 22:36

Button have to say that as the main question is where will Mclaren be in the next two years as their contract with Mercedes for the supply of their engines is due to run out,therefore the performance of the replacement car is not guarantee that it will be competitive.

So with this to come into play I think Lewis is thinking this would be a good time to change team.

11/09/2012 21:15
Well you read some rubbish on here,Fernando has had a lot of good fortune early in the season and unfortunately good fortune does,nt always last. Button has never been a second driver in the team,both have equal standing!! and both are highly capable.Ferrari is not on par with McLaren they have a car which is hit and miss,i personally think that they will struggle to live with the future upgrades of Mclaren,lotus and redbull for the rest of the season,Alonso has had reasonable success at singapore but he is not alone in this and do not believe he has any advantage here.
     I personally think Alonso has the personality of a damp squib and eye brows like a thunderbird,he is not unlike prost  in this respect,see the Senna documentary,when the going gets tuff they are found wanting,Alonso has more than a outside chance of the F1 title but i for one would not wish it.
11/09/2012 22:22

No one seems to be talking about the fact that Mclaren will be out of contract with Mercedes for their engine and that will affect the performance of their car car.

Mclaren may be the car to beat this season but what happens when they don't have the use of Mercedes engine ? that to me is why Lewis is looking at moving which is important as the next few years is what Mclaren team and supporters have to worry about.

With just seven more races to go Mclaren may challenge Ferrari and Redbull for the world championship but what will happen after the season finish.

11/09/2012 22:19
Its a tough call. Mclaren certainly have the car to beat at the moment but with Alonso having a 37 point advantage and being fairly consistent in finishing in the points (with Massa playing a supporting role) which team and driver will come out on top?
11/09/2012 21:19
Well said someone,i think Alonso is a **** and i believe f1 needs a character as a champion not a thunderbird.lol.
The reason lewis might leave Mclaren, is because, in the past 20 years, Those who leave Mclaren majoritvely have been miles happier than when they have been there.

Prost was happier leaving mclaren, Senna was happy to leave Mclaren for Williams in '92 but was blocked by prost so had to leavein 94, Montoya was happier leaving Mclaren, Coulthard was happier leaving mclaren, Kimi Raikkonen was happier leaving Mclaren, Fernando Alonso was happier leaving Mclaren, heikki kovalainen was happier leaving Mclaren.

Brundle and Blundell were dumped by Mclaren, berger left for money foolishly. The only driver in the past 20 years Happy to stay with Mclaren, is Mika Hakkinen because he was Ron Dennis' Golden boy. People complain about Schumacher/Barrichello and Alonso/Massa team orders, but for gods sake, Coulthard had such a tight leash around his neck if he lead into T1 he had to give it back to Hakkinen, let alone purposely taking schumacher out in Spa 98.

You can clearly see lewis is NOT happy at Mclaren anymore. Mclaren have a tendancy to single out a driver, and lewis, like Fernando, is very emotional with his heart on his sleeve. I mean, come on, are people blind? Can you not see the same thing as 2007? Alonso went there thinking it would be his team and nobody would beat him. Nobody would get favour over him. Public outburst slating mclaren after lewis beat him.

Forward to 2012, jenson beating lewis from time to time, ever increasing. The team seem to be favouring Jenson and have a Jenson love in. Lewis openly criticising the team, feeling its getting a hostile environment. Public outcry on twitter trying to prove that Jenson only beat him because the team changed his wing but wouldnt change jensons.

The two drivers are of the same mould. Both can be as fast as each other, Alonso has the life experience of knowing what its like to truly lose, to fight for zero points midfield and at the back, and he knows how to think through a race. This is what Lewis will learn with time. But its strikingly similar, and I reckon leaving Mclaren would be the best thing for him.

Id hope he goes to Ferrari and we would have the dream team. Who cares if Alonso or Lewis spits their dummy out? Who cares if one beats the other? Who cares about bruised egos? It would be the greatest season of Formula 1, and I dare say it could top Senna vs Prost at Mclaren.

But the fact is, nigh on every driver who leaves Mclaren are happier in doing it regardless of if they win again or not. And im afraid, THAT says something.
12/09/2012 16:34

Seriously, is this the calibre of F1 fans? 'Someone' you have, NO knowledge of F1.

Alonso hasnt had complete good luck. Its not his fault Mclaren couldnt get pit stops right and the car is rubbish in the wet. Its not his fault that RB struggle. Its not his fault Renault cant make Alternators to withstand heat; Jerome's failed just like Vettels was about to in Monza, same problem as Vettel and Grosjeans in Valencia.

Valencia a lucky win? Probably. But he overtook 12 cars to get to 2nd place in a phenomenal drive, he picked up the pieces like he always does because he doesnt make mistakes.

And your on about good luck coming down, look at fernandos bad luck; Broken engine, broken gearbox, broken toe bar in qualifying,severely damaged floor in the race, telemetry blackout on the pit wall, and being took out at Spa.

Thats the same amount of bad luck in 2 races than the other have had in 10. So at least get your facts right. And it just shows how thick you are saying he has no personality; you clearly dont know the driver. Why do you think everybody raves about him from commentators to fellow drivers? Even lewis said in the press conference 'how the hell did fernando get into 2nd!?'.

And when the going gets tough? Yeah this is the man who beat Kimi Raikkonen in a faster car, and Michael Schumacher at his prime. This is the guy who threw his dummy out at Mclaren after being beaten by lewis, went back to renault and became a miles better and mature driver and the best on the grid. You also clearly know nothing about F1 if you think Prost and Alonso are left wanting when the going gets tough; ask anyone with F1 knowledge, if your racing and youve got Fernando Alonso behind you, your worried; he WILL NOT give up. If he is ahead of you, your worried; you have a 95% chance that you arent getting past.

Reasonable success at Singapore? You really are clearly thick. 1st/3rd/1st/4th is his results. Now, He won in 2008, get over it. He controlled 45 laps of perfection and it is PROVED he had no knowledge of Briatore/Symonds/Piquet/Permanes plan. 3rd in the R29, setting the fastest lap of the race in a car which had no business being in the top 10, especially as it had no developments from July/Silverstone onwards. 2010, stunning win against a much faster vettel; Pole, Race Win, Fastest lap; the grand chelem; lead every lap. 2011 he finished 4th in the F150. 

The Senna love in sickens me. Prost still has more championships than Senna because all Senna was, was a very fast driver with a lack of brains and happy to purposely crash into his rivals and potentially kill themand himself. There is no justification in the world which can appease that. Mardy Alonso? Tell that to Senna, who Irvine unlapped himself and senna refused to let him by so the two crashed, and he punched Irvine. Because Irvine was faster and wanted to unlap himself.  I cant stand the Senna love-in, he was a disgraceand shouldve been banned for what happened in Suzuka. Just because he died, doesnt make him a legend at all, it seems that all his faults and dangerous incidents are washed over. Well not in my books.

get rid of cry baby Hamilton and the world is there oyster
Problem is, Fernando is the driver to beat. His ferrari is on par with the Mclaren. Anti-roll bar failure on saturday stopped his front row slot, and he had severe floor damage with his off from Vettel (which lets be honest, shouldnt have been penalised; it was racing).

See, Jenson refuses to be 2nd driver to lewis. And in a way he has a point; he is 41 points behind lewis. if lewis has ONE retirement and jenson wins, theres 16 points between him and Lewis. What happened to jenson on Sunday, a failure, could easily happen to Lewis.

Singapore is Alonso's track; 1st/3rd/1st/4th is his previous four results; 3rd in the R29 whilst setting the fastest lap in a car which had no development from July/Silverstone. Lewis is also superb around there. This is the problem. Brazil, Singapore and Korea, Ferrari are strong at,just like Suzuka. Mclaren are also strong at Singapore and Suzuka too.

Redbull are the unknown quantity right now; Vettel is supreme at suzuka, even with power deficits of the Renau engine, RB have always gone very well there and at Singapore. All it takes is Vettel to win and then lewis and Alonso 2nd/3rd, and thats just 2 points chipped away at alonso's 37 point buffer. Kimi is also an outside threat.

Alonso has the benefit of consistent speed, not always fastest but always at the top no matter what happens, always getting podiums or close to it. The fact that there is 6 cars; Vet/Alo/Ham/But/Rai, Webber also does come very good at tracks like Korea, Singapore and Brazil.

And this is the point, RB will put everything behind Vettel, Mclaren cant afford at this point, to use team orders UNLESS jenson has another poor finish or DNF/DNS.

Alonso is looking mighty rosey at the top. And as a fan of his, I hope he wins!
12/09/2012 10:43
Shut up Button - Hamilton is the one to beat, no one cares your slow ****!! Other drivers don't even consider you as a rival. Such an **** this guy!
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