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Ecclestone defends Silverstone

Bernie Ecclestone believes the Silverstone officials have a 'done a good job'

Bernie Ecclestone believes the Silverstone officials have a 'done a good job'

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has defended Silverstone over the problems that have beset the British Grand Prix weekend at the Northamptonshire track.

Continuous rain on Friday turned car parks into quagmires and left many spectators stranded in lengthy traffic jams outside the track. That led Silverstone chiefs to advise up to 30,000 fans with public car park passes for Saturday's action to stay away from the circuit, which has been hit by further rain.

Ecclestone, who was himself advised not to travel to the track on Friday, told Sky Sports F1: "I'm not a big supporter of Silverstone, but in all fairness they've done a good job and the rain is not their fault. England has been flooded; people's houses have been flooded and they've been left stranded in the streets. So it is no different here than anywhere else."

He added: "If the weather was suitable for the car parks then things would be perfect. But because of the rain things are not dangerous but if you got in there you might not get out.

"It is difficult for them to do what they could have done, which was to cover all the car parks."

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07/07/2012 22:04

I have never written one of these "replies" before but nobody seems to be telling the truth.  A lot of hard working people have paid a lot of money and been short changed.


 I was at Silverstone as a guest on Friday and it was shambolic.  Bernie Ecclestone is weak to defend the indefensible.


I found out that the "Car Parks" that everyone is talking about, one of which we parked on as VIPs, were just fields and ours, a sloping one at that with 8 inch uncut grass.  My local car boot fair honestly has better parking.  They charge £1 to park not £45 to £55 a day.  They do not tell you it is a field, so if you arrived in nice clothes with expensive shoes they would be ruined.  A field is a field and not a car park even if it has got a wet marshal in it.   Everyone else had the other really muddy and the tractors to rescue them.  Apparently this was the reason for the few hours wait trying to reach the venue.   The locals must get sick of the inconvenience that this clear incompetence at the highest level causes.  We heard on the radio on Friday that they were surprised by the rain and were in the process of trying to put some hard core down over the muddy entrances on the Friday as people arrived. 


Even the head man at the course was interviewed on TV on Saturday by the BBC and said they had done their best and it had rained a lot. Also, he had talked to the normal visitors and they were all happy with how it had gone!  I spoke to a few and all were fuming.  


Even my 8 year old girl wondered why they had not made things better as she had seen it raining for weeks and when I told her the car park was grass she just laughed and said "The one at Butlins and Alton Towers isn't grass."  I did like the TV shots of the new glass stand which cost £24 million however.  Money well spent on themselves and hang the loyal fans that keep coming back at ridiculous prices.


The funny thing on Saturday is that they turned people away because it was that bad.  So the VIP box where we were on Friday had 2 guests costing near £500 each turned away after I expect another long drive.  Forget the cost for a minute, what about the good will that loses the company who invited them.  It is an unbelievable farce, poorly run and ill prepared for the 100,000  plus paying "guests" who are always expected. 


The grandstand where we were taken "was put up at the last minute" according to staff,  with no close access to toilets and no path to reach it.  The grass was muddy and waterlogged and the bottom of the steps really muddy.  They could have hired a rollout plastic or wooden path for the weekend for peanuts.  I did like the look of their new £24 million glass stand however.


The footage of twenty five men on the circuit with what seemed like 3 of them sweeping was comic and sad.  Santa Pod and come to think of it, my £3.50 car wash has big jet blowers to clear the rain off the circuit and my car. 


I do feel embarrassed as this circuit shows off Britain to the world.  Who at the top is going to get sacked or resign?  Probably no one.  Would I go again?  Yes, but to a circuit abroad as this is just making fun of us.


08/07/2012 11:32

Once again it's all about money in Ecclestones' pocket.

As if this guy hasn't enough millions.

You just have to look at the money he throws AT HIS DAUGHTERS to realise the obscenity of it all.

Not bad for a second hand car dealer back in the 60's.

But does he care about the loyal F1 followers and the ordinary man in the street today?


08/07/2012 13:47

once again its the punters who lose out while Bernie rakes it in.

Why use a field as a carpark anyway? Silverstone is not a modern day venue despite the work thats been done in the past few years. Give somewhere else a chance of running a succesful g.p.

08/07/2012 15:12
Horrible LITTLE man, why can't they make some proper car parks, like other countries?
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