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Grosjean sorry after pile-up

Lotus driver Romain Grosjean apologised for an error at Spa which caused a major pile-up in the first corner

Lotus driver Romain Grosjean apologised for an error at Spa which caused a major pile-up in the first corner

Romain Grosjean has apologised and vowed to learn after causing a frightening first-corner smash in the Belgian Grand Prix for which he was hammered by the stewards.

It was the seventh early-race incident in which Grosjean has been involved this year, and the Frenchman appears to lack spatial awareness. On this occasion at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, Grosjean tried to cut across Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren, only to bump wheels, sparking a chain reaction that resulted in an almighty pile-up.

Grosjean appeared shellshocked as he spoke, but was honest in admitting to his faults as he said: "I accept my mistake. I misjudged the gap with Lewis. I thought I was in front of him. It was a small mistake, but a big incident. I'm very sorry, and I'm just glad nobody is hurt. That's the main thing."

On-board footage showed Grosjean's Lotus come within inches of championship leader Fernando Alonso's helmet as it flew over the front of the Ferrari.

Alongside Alonso and Hamilton, Sauber driver Sergio Perez's race was also destroyed, resulting in the stewards deciding to ban Grosjean for next Sunday's Italian Grand Prix at Monza. He was also fined 50,000 euro (£40,000).

It is the first time a driver has been banned from a race since Michael Schumacher was excluded for two grands prix in 1994 for ignoring black flags during the British event.

Accepting he may need to change his ways, Grosjean added: "If there is more than one (mistake) then that is too many. It is too much. I know that. Some are not my fault, but I will analyse and I will try to not repeat it in the seven last races.

"For sure I don't want to do any more (crashes), so I will work as much as I can to try and avoid those. It's just most of the time misjudgement of the space I have in front or the space I have on the side. It's true we don't see much in the mirrors and stuff like that and it goes very quick at the start.

"I was 100% sure I was in front of Lewis, but I was not so I need to rethink about my view of the car. I am most angry at myself to have misjudged the gap with Lewis' car."

Team principal Eric Boullier, who described the penalty as "severe", believes the one-race ban will give Grosjean time to reflect on the error of his ways. "Being in the wrong place is not good, and that means we have to keep working and talking - more talking I think - as to the reason why he is in the wrong place," said Boullier.

03/09/2012 15:07
What about Maldonado?!!! He should have been banned for the rest of the season for all his careless mistakes!!! I am sure everyone would have got through the first corner with no problems had he not false started!!
03/09/2012 12:44
Well Grosjean admits his mistake thats great, now.. lets deal with Maldonado...
03/09/2012 15:57

I have commented already but just wanted to say to MSN...




03/09/2012 14:05
Well clearly action had to be taken.You don't have 7 first lap incidents in the 12 grand prixs for nothing.I'm glad he admitted he got it wrong tho,Maldonado could do with following suit and admitting his faults!
03/09/2012 12:04
Good on him for apologising, though I would have thought he'd have learnt by now, having been involved in previous incidents. I was thrilled that Button won, and happy that all involved in the crash are ok
03/09/2012 13:19
 very unfair  / grosjean  gets a race ban so Maldonado should in theory be banned all season only fair ........
03/09/2012 15:01

"It was the seventh early- race incident  in which Grosjean has been involved "....."appears to lack spatial awareness"    Not a good testimony for a racing driver!


Should he be on the track at all, putting others` lives at risk as well as jeopardising  other drivers` chances and causing serious damage to their cars?    Why was he not banned after the earlier incidents, which surely indicated that he was a risk to himself and the other drivers?

It`s fortunate that nobody has been seriously injured or killed.

Alonso seems to have had a lucky escape, according to the report.



03/09/2012 14:07

Where was Hamilton supposed to go - on to the grass and into the wall causing an even bigger accident.  Grosjean needs to learn quickly from his mistakes before he kills someone.  Alonso was extemely lucky.



03/09/2012 18:39
I cannot believe whats being said about Hamilton by f##king wa##kers who know nothing at all about anything. Before you criticize,try driving a F1 car at speed sitting that low. I have driven single seaters at Silverstone,now i know they are a million miles away from F1 but you cannot see very much at all through the mirrors and thats only going a 10th of the speed,so unless you usless f##kers have nothing constructive to say,shut the f##k up.Hamilton had no where to go,if he would of backed off,they would of still had a accident as Grosjean`s back wheel was behined Lewis`s front wheel,to his right was grass,so again still going to have a accident,plus all this happened at high speed. I agree Hamilton is no angel but on this occasion he is blame free,so cut him some slack ffs
03/09/2012 14:34
wholeheartedly agree with most comments apportioning blame, but maldonado's jump at the start could surely have had something to do with what followed, a split second when your attention is distracted from the job in hand  can have dire cconsequences in f1- (in life too if i'm honest) - we've all seen it before, but maldonado's actions  really do need looking at, . being a danger to yourself is one thing but when you recklessly put others at risk action must be taken for the good of all.
03/09/2012 12:15

I saw Grosjean a while back and on several occasions.


He's a bit dangerous, I don't know how he has managed to get so far with the awareness missing from him.


I've met people like this on the road, best place for them is in front of you and you can avoid the idiots who go from Close to your backside to someone elses.


Shame all the other drivers was out at the first corner.

03/09/2012 13:03
Yes I agree with TCH7  Maldonado is a big serious accident waiting to happen, just like Grosjean, no sense of feel of the car or others around them... it should be three strikes and you're out, there are better drivers out there, real talent waiting to take over and do the job in a more professional way... Come on FIA wake up...
03/09/2012 12:13
Penalty is not stiff enough...race licence should be suspended, bearing in mind number of incidents involved in at start. Shows great promise but has no race head yet.
03/09/2012 14:54
I think the stewards done what they had to here , And this is a warning to all those who drive without care and consideration , I know they are in a race and some risk is inevitable . Perhaps some one should show him just how expensive this crash was ! .......
03/09/2012 13:06

How unprofessional.

He didnt have to try so hard at the start of the race

He had the whole race to work up to the front of the pack.

Its no use saying he thought he was in front of lewis,he badly judged where he was and saying sorry  and it cost not only him but knocked other drivers out as well.

What would of happened if he had caused serious injury to the other drivers ,



03/09/2012 13:42

When drivers are repeat offenders they are not only a danger to others they are a danger to them selves, if they won't tow the line they should be shown the door.

Accidents and mishaps do happen in this type of racing but Grosjean is not learning by his many mistakes and it makes you wonder why!!!


I think in circumstances like that incident Hamilton would not have had time to react, he's not super human and it all happens so quick.

03/09/2012 16:52
I regularly click on the spam box,but it seems to be a waste of time.Msn you need to get on top of this 
03/09/2012 14:38
I agree with the Windows live team if Hamilton had backed out hewould probably of been smashed onto from behind by some one Grosjean should invest in a very large set of wing mirrors if he thinks that he was anywhere clear of Hamilton because the onboard camera on Hamiltons cars clearly shows that his rear wheel contacted the frontwheel of Hamiltons.
03/09/2012 12:46
Harsh penalty but he needs to learn, he was lucky this time that no-one was seriously hurt. A race ban hurts not only himself but the team, hopefully he will think twice next time!
03/09/2012 13:57

I agree with Mrs W below. sadly althought Grosjean is a good driver he isnt a F1 driver and  after crashing out of a number of races this year i think he should walk away from F1 before he kills someone.

Maybe a drop down to F2  should be made by him for a year or so until he is able to learn the tracks and is up to speed..

he should take note of people  who are far better then he is and remember what others had said durring this weekend

You DONT win a Grandpix race on the first corner

But you can certainly loose one

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