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Hamilton link to Mercedes denied

Claims that Lewis Hamilton is about to sign for Mercedes have been denied by his management team

Claims that Lewis Hamilton is about to sign for Mercedes have been denied by his management team

Lewis Hamilton's management team are denying suggestions that the 27-year-old is poised to sign a deal with Mercedes.

Former team principal and current BBC F1 analyst Eddie Jordan has fuelled rumours by claiming he believes "Hamilton and Mercedes have already agreed personal terms and a deal could be imminent".

Such comments, however, have been comprehensively dismissed as a McLaren spokesperson informed Press Association Sport: "We have been told by Lewis Hamilton's management team (XIX Entertainment) the story is untrue."

In addition, a spokesperson for XIX has insisted Hamilton is more on the brink of re-signing with McLaren than moving elsewhere.

The spokesperson told Press Association Sport: "As mentioned in the past by all parties, we are in advanced discussions with McLaren about a new deal. More importantly, at the moment, Lewis is focused on Monza (this weekend's Italian Grand Prix) and competing strongly for the championship."

Mercedes, meanwhile, are playing their cards a little closer to their chest as a spokesperson said: "Until we are in a position to confirm our full driver line-up for next season, it is inevitable there will be speculation around this topic. We would ask for your understanding, however, that we do not comment on speculation."

Hamilton's future has long been the subject of such speculation - he is out of contract at the end of this season - and the fact no new deal has been agreed yet, despite intense periods of negotiation at McLaren, has only added fuel to the fire he could end his 14-year association with the Woking-based team having been initially signed as a 13-year-old.

Mercedes have been mooted as a potential option, in particular as the German manufacturing giant have yet to offer any indication as to whether Michael Schumacher is to re-sign for one more year.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone appeared to drop a hint over the weekend that the seven-times champion was on the brink of retiring for a second time. Asked about Schumacher, he said: "I'm sorry he's leaving us not being a winner, because he is a winner," referring to the fact the 43-year-old German has not won a race on his return over the last two-and-a-half years.

Schumacher, however, later countered Ecclestone's remarks as he said: "As I told Bernie I had not made a decision."

05/09/2012 23:29

Rumour and counter rumour with the desired intention of extracting as much money as he can- as the weekend proved what goes on off the track seems to playing more on Lewis's mind than on it.  Trying to maintain a reported salary of £9.42 milllion is ridiculous - he needs to let hisdriving do the talking and not his mouth (or twitter account for that matter) knuckle down and win some of the remaining races with McLaren.... he can forget winning the championship this year - thats long gone thanks to team errors, maniac Maldanao and get-out-of -my-way Grosjean as well as an arrogance on Lewis's part.  If JB thinks he can still do it then he is deluding himself...I am losing faith with all this posturing  ...get on with the driving....

06/09/2012 09:34
I think moving to Mercedes would be a backward step for Lewis unless of course he knows something about next years performance that we dont. On the other hand Mclarens performance has improved over the last couple of seasons and if it wasnt for team mistakes this year and various kami kazi drivers taking them out they would be neck and neck with the leaders. I think moving now would be the equivalent of when we change our shopping check out queue only to see our original line start to move faster. Stay with Mclaren Lewis!
06/09/2012 10:41

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06/09/2012 00:51

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06/09/2012 19:17
Keith White, kindly note: Whilst I would agree that Hamilton has seriously blotted his copy-book, the title of 'cry-baby' belongs fair and square with the snake, Alonso.
06/09/2012 19:35
Snake, or cry baby? I dont no which i prefer. I do remember how snake treated Hamilton when he was at Mclaren and how he cheated him out of being the youngest ever world champion. Funny how he ended up at ferrari after the alledged spying scandle. Hm.
06/09/2012 20:58
Please Please Please MSN, STOP THIS DATING SPAM it is so annoying

He needs to leave Mclaren he's not been happy for some years also the Beebs commentators have been routing for Jenson for some years now. 

Not that I have anything against Button bar the overt biased against Ham.

 Not unlike George Michael song He's Your Man, and a bit of a loser.


Its stomach churning when the Beebs commentators step in with excuses on behalf Buttons behalf or shift focus on another driver when Buttons not performing.

06/09/2012 08:06
Wouldn't be at all surprised if this happens as Mercedes always seemed the next stop with its big international image suiting Lewis's projected self - whether by him or his management.  McLaren will still be around long after LH is off the F1 scene. It really is a natural progression in a world of marketing.
06/09/2012 20:15

FACTS!!!!!! Hamilton is younger won more and he is still going after all the **** he gets off everyone.

I'm british and support both but i like hamilton he races all the time and this season he has mixed it up with maturity and consistancy


Lewis Hamilton


titles1 ()
Career points840



Jenson Button


Races222 (220 starts)
titles1 ()
Career points912
06/09/2012 17:59
He is a very talented driver of that there is no doubt, but his childish outbursts will eventually come back to bite his bum,indeed if I were to be honest I would call his disclosure of Jensons data to be gross misconduct and were it not for the fact that  he has grown up in the Mclaren family he may well have found himself on the outside looking in. Outside of Ferrari nobody throws money at a problem than Mclaren and diddums wont be going there so he needs to be careful what he wishes for.
06/09/2012 17:54
He could just f**k off Ferrari and join that other whining fa**ot
06/09/2012 21:58
Keith to the bottom right,move your mouse over the area,up will come two words,report and spam. You know what to do now.
09/09/2012 07:25
Matt, how these people behave off the track is just as important. Granted Hamilton is one of the best drivers in recent years, but he can hardly be considered as a good role model.
06/09/2012 22:44
The only thing mildly entertaining about Formula 1 is the politics that go on behind the scenes, I am a pure petrol head in every sense of the word but formula 1 is utterly boring, maybe its something that gets mildly interesting when you reach your 50's, or round about the same time as you join one of the many dating sites advertised on here, who knows!

The BEEB it say's a hell of a lot about the naive idyllic idea of impartiality internationally, those countries many that may watch the BBC coverage must wonder the smug comments made and the obvious lack lustre support for Hamilton.

Especially after the abuse he got from the Spaniards, an almost muted response from the BBC and commentators.

I haven't SKY TV I wonder has Brundle now adopted a partisan approach towards both drivers now that he has a new paymaster.

I'm warming to SKY News something that I thought I never thought I would do.

So much those hollow cries that there isn't many black role models coming forward.  You can see why!  Either they're not being publicised or they're really doing the right type of activity to be news worthy.  Drugs or shooting 

06/09/2012 09:28
hey he's a limp wrist it only works when its wet

I'm watching  Mclaren's going to  soar with Button!


Yeah Right!   Sorry I'm not feeling right, my car doesn't feel right at the moment.

All hail the guy who's good with tyres,  smooth and  serene when driving. Looking forward to next two seasons. 

05/09/2012 21:38
think of a lot more id be chasing before hamilton
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