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Hamilton's driving does the talking

Lewis Hamilton, pictured, closed the gap in the title race to championship leader Fernando Alonso to 37 points

Lewis Hamilton, pictured, closed the gap in the title race to championship leader Fernando Alonso to 37 points

Lewis Hamilton presented a contrast in character after an Italian Grand Prix victory that proves he should remain with McLaren.

Bombarded with questions over his future in the build-up, Hamilton shrugged them aside to grab pole and follow that up with his 20th career victory at one of the world's most famous racetracks. At times post-race it was hard to believe Hamilton had emerged triumphant, closing the gap to championship leader Fernando Alonso to 37 points after the Spaniard finished third.

In one sentence Hamilton declared himself "so grateful, so happy" to have won, but in another he claimed being on the podium was "hard to enjoy when you're being booed, but I don't care, I won".

As Hamilton took to the podium in front of a sea of tifosi, the colloquial term for Ferrari's fans, there were plenty of boos for the 27-year-old Briton, seemingly tempering his joy at finally taking the chequered flag at a venue he has long held in such high esteem.

Team-mate Jenson Button claimed last week the scene below the podium, in the wake of finishing second on three consecutive occasions, was more akin to a football crowd and difficult to take in.

Hamilton had a taste of that, but not hard to understand given he is a McLaren driver standing on top of the podium in Ferrari's backyard, but after a near lights-to-flag success save for a few laps led by superb runner-up Sergio Perez (Sauber), a chirpy Hamilton said: "It's an incredible feeling, phenomenal.

"You never know what's going to happen when you come into a race weekend, but I've been so happy that it's just gone quite smoothly throughout the weekend and the guys have done a great job with the package.

"And this is Monza, one of the very historic circuits, one I have not won at before, so it's great to take another stepping stone in my career. I'm very thankful for all the support I've had."

When it was put to Hamilton whether this weekend was enough to keep him at McLaren, he said: "I'm not really focusing on next year, I want to focus on this year. This is one race at a time and I'm trying to take this team to the top.

"I'm trying to help them as they are trying to help me to win both championships. It is an incredible team and I have a great relationship with them, so I'm really looking forward to the future."

10/09/2012 16:13
the behavior of the italians was a discrace terrible loosers i was really disapointed at the booing
10/09/2012 12:42
Well done Lewis,your aunty would be very proud of you once again as you did what was expected of you and you did it in style.
It is not an easy place to win a race especially when you are not a Ferrari driver as the fans are just one sided.
So you did us all a big favour by beating wonder boy Alonso who had a great race to come from 10th on the grid and finish fourth officaially but Masa had to move over and lert wonder boy claim the third spot.
10/09/2012 15:23

Well done Lewis, great job, you let your driving do the talking!!!!   Not easy for you at Monza with the Fararri so called fans.  But rise above it, you were the winner and Alonzo did not even manage second place!!!!


Stay with Mc Laren please, it is where you should be.  Keep the good work going!!!! You can do it, be a champion again!!!!

10/09/2012 18:52

Good job Hamilton... it's great to see him at the top of the podium again... who give's

a t0ss about the tifosi ( Ferrari fans).. bunch of spaghetti munching idiot's.. That decision

to give Vettel a penalty was a joke, Alonso had no right to the space he was trying to move into, Vettel had every right to cover his position,it's typical Ferrari loving in F1.. it's always been that

way from the Schmacher day's to now..  all the decision's going for them!!!!!

10/09/2012 08:32

Great team win Lewis but what's with the persistent wearing  of shades...not a good image for an F1 racer. Your fans would rather see your face than an overgrowth of plastic. Get rid, as you've nothing to hide!


Was it Coultard or Humphreys who highlighted how Jenson was so mature, waving to fans, hopping & skipping along the side of the track after a fuel failure.

I can remember throughout his winning year with Brawn there were times he looked suicidal and same again with McLaren when things begin to go wrong he tends to wilt fast. This is an observation of Jenson, who am I to say that I shouldn't understand someone less than perfect.


I can remember the tantrums of Schumacher, OK that’s was then this is now, wasn't it last season Schumacher almost squeezed Hamilton off the track, his position in points nowhere the reason for this behaviour was it something to do with his ties with Ferrari and the beef between Hamilton and the Ferrari drivers.


Does Hamilton deserve to be treated like this by his country men who'd you think would defend him (BBC Comentators) rather than breifing against him.

11/09/2012 02:52


Its very BARBARIC to BOO at any WINNER even if  its not your FAVOURITE.  I thought F1 or FIA should have  (voiced out)  said something. No comment  from FIA, F1  or the FERRARI'S. So is it something FIA, F1, or the FERRARI CONDONED?????  I don't THINK SO, but doing NOTHING ( leaving a situation like this  unrebuked) cast  people DOUBT on YOUR POSITION.

11/09/2012 03:12
Simply, we can't give what we DONT have, Lewis dont worry about the ITALIAN BOING. If I RESPECT myself, I will respect someone also.  if I have NO respect for myself, I could'nt OFFER to anyone.
11/09/2012 12:37
How uncomfortable did Alonso look when asked after the race about the drive thru penalty for Vettel. Does he forget that the viewing TV fans can hear his whinging antics over his radio that undoubtedly swayed the decision, and then in post-race interveiw says he has no opinoin whether it was fair or not and it was purely the officials decision. He himself pulled the exact same move, in the exact same place last year, but in Italy, Ferrari's dont get penalty's. Alonso is unquestionably a supremely talented race driver, one of the best of all time in my opinion, but this should never be confused with sportsmanship. He is only happy when he gets all the attention and everything goes his way, just ask his previous/current teamates; Hamilton, Massa and dont forget the position Senna was put in for "his" benefit.
10/09/2012 15:40
Ironic that The Italian Job was showing on TV at the same time!
14/09/2012 09:05
remember the italians are not even decent to their own compatriots, not so long ago in the euros they were booing italian balotelli even after he scored a goal for his nation, and we all know that this was to do with his colour not is temperment! therefore mixed race mclaren driver hamilton never stood a chance?. well what should we expect from a finanically and mentally backwoods nation (furry racist linguine eating fools)

I'm sure where the betting fraternity stand on a rigged hand that Ferrari can almost deliver like a trump card. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Would you be sure the odds were write, would you on race position which included a Ferrari car?



10/09/2012 16:19
Great drive and well done Lewis, just wish he would (a) Remove the girly earrings and (b) Stop sulking and threatening to leave when he doesn't win!
10/09/2012 15:56
It about time he did something for the motor racing world he's been a sleep for the last few years we make to much out of these sports people no matter who they are it will not do a think to how life's run only them and who cares.
13/09/2012 20:20
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