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Lewis Hamilton crashes new Mercedes in testing

Pictures of the F1 star's prang at Jerez

Lewis Hamilton crashes new Mercedes in testing (© Paul Gilham-Getty Images)
  • Lewis Hamilton crashes new Mercedes in testing (© Paul Gilham-Getty Images)
  • It was all going fine... (© David Davies-PA Wire)
  • Hamilton ploughs into tyre wall at 170mph (© Paul Gilham-Getty Images)
  • Hamilton tells marshals what happened (© Paul Gilham-Getty Images)
  • Hamilton walks away unscathed (© Paul Gilham-Getty Images)
  • Hamilton's Mercedes is winched on to a tow truck (© David Davies-PA Wire)
  • The Mercedes is lifted away and taken back to the pits (© David Davies-PA Wire)
  • A marshal examines damage to the tyre wall (© Paul Gilham-Getty Images)
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Lewis Hamilton's first day behind the wheel of his Mercedes resulted in a crash into a tyre barrier.

Team-mate Nico Rosberg completed just 14 laps on Tuesday following an electrical fault which led to a small, short fire and the replacement of the wiring loom on the W02. Following lengthy repairs by the team, Hamilton was at least able to make his debut on time for the second day of the opening pre-season test at the Circuito de Jerez.

But after 15 laps, the 28-year-old locked up as he was braking at 170mph approaching the turn six hairpin known as 'Dry Sack'. He appeared to lose control of the car and it went straight on before ploughing through a wide expanse of gravel and eventually coming to a stop front wing-first in a tyre wall.

Given the tyre marks on the asphalt on approach to the corner, and the fact Hamilton's car simply careered straight on for 70 metres, the early diagnosis is a fault to the front suspension.

Hamilton emerged unscathed from a car that was soon recovered from the barrier, covered with a black tarpaulin and craned on to the back of a flatbed truck before being taken back to the garage.

It means Mercedes face another investigation into their second successive testing incident, and with more repairs required, it remains to be seen whether Hamilton will make it back out on the track.

Mercedes later diagnosed the issue on Hamilton's car as a loss of rear brake pressure.

A team spokesperson said: "The front brakes enabled him to slow the car but he couldn't avoid the barrier.

"There is obvious damage to the front wing and nose; we are checking the car over now. Lewis himself is fine."

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06/02/2013 14:29
Just to make it clear, if you take the time to read the article instead of just seeing his picture and posting nonsense, you will see lewis did not crash the car, it was a mechanical failure.
Mercedes have confirmed that it was hydraulic fault and affected the brake lines which needs to be completely replaced, he had no rear braking, just front brakes. The crash also resulted in a damaged front suspension.

Not lewis' fault.
06/02/2013 14:55

Fingers crossed Mercedes can get the teething problems out of the way.


I cant see how anyone could blame Lewis for this seeing as it was a fault with the brakes.

NOTE TO ALL HAMILTON HATER'S this is why they have shakedown's to test if bits want to brake, the list of similar incidents is long and distinguished at least nowadays people tend to die less 
06/02/2013 14:47
I personally think the car is not of the same standard as the car and team he left. We will see how he goes this season.
06/02/2013 15:55
id like to see the people slagging off lewis , get behind the wheel of his car and do better , most of the haters would sh.. there pants just looking at the first corner.i like f1 i dont follow any 1 driver , but you need big balls to get in one of those cars fair play to them all ........
Good Job all the faults are being found now, rather than when the season kicks in, all those who put Hamilton down for not crashing his car (it was a mechanical failure)  will not have the courage or humility to withdraw their comments when it turns out that a move to Mercedes was his best option and he returns to winning ways  
06/02/2013 16:24

I'd wait until 17th march before condemning Hamiltons move to Mercedes. As already stated by those in the know, this is shakedown time, all the immediate issues will be dealt with long before this car races in march.

I'm not so sure his switch to Merc was a good move, but i'm not going to condemn the guy before giving him a chance to race.

06/02/2013 16:44
Its no surprise to me that the Hamilton haters have an inability to read beyond the headline!
06/02/2013 15:38
@Keith White 

Get a life you sad sad person trolling this story 
06/02/2013 17:24
Early days ! All the teams are testing and will be finding faults !
06/02/2013 20:25
Wow, so many haters. I wonder why......rich, talented, racing car driver, **** Cat Doll partner... and black. I can see how this would be too much for some under acheivers, who have had the benefit of a free educational system but chose to do nothing with it. It wouldn't take Freud to understand where the likes of Keith White are lacking...........physically and emotionally.
06/02/2013 22:25
I read with interest all the negative comments from all the so called experts about a person who is trying to achieve something that most of us never can, and instead of wishing him well, all the armchair, beer drinking, crisps eating experts, still put him down at any and every opportunity.  Well done peoples, you all seem to do the same thing every time, never learn.
06/02/2013 22:12
hamilton knew this season would be tuff and it is only testing can't wait to see him really fly good luck mate...
06/02/2013 16:47
Keith White, I get the impression that you are not just an armchair racer but a downright plonker to boot
Just another day at work..?? Stay cool and relaxed Jenson..
07/02/2013 00:30
I say Good Luck Lewis, testing is testing that's what its for. I just look forward to seeing Lewis racing at least there's a spark and a bit of flare to his driving.
07/02/2013 12:12

Everyone has an opinion on things. Sometime people make comments without using their inner brain to process their thoughts.


Those who make un-thought-through comments are either:

a) never driven a vehicle

b) just hate the individual being discussed (in this case lewis H)

c) they drink too mich or eat too much which makes their body over-work to process what they eat and or drink giving less processing time to their brain.


Like Lewis stated, this year he is not expecting to score much and wished Janson good luck. He also stated that he thinks Janson is likely to win this season.


Lewis is focused on next season - 2014!

If you love the sport, you need to see strong competitors but not see them dead. Otherwise your favourite driver will have no one to drive against!


The majority on here are sports people and love the sport.

07/02/2013 12:09
Lewis is like any other F1 driver during testing and they know the risks, find the gremelins now and fix them; no sense in tippy toeing round and then have it break during a race causing mayhem or even injurying other drivers. He is doing his job by pushing everthing to breaking point  giving the team a chance to learn or re-design. Other teams are doing exactly the same, are we going to give them all a hard time if something breaks; get real!!
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