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Texas venue given resounding yes

Circuit of the Americas has been given COTA 'Grade One' status

Circuit of the Americas has been given COTA 'Grade One' status

The Circuit of the Americas has been given the green light to stage this year's United States Grand Prix.

FIA technical delegate and race director Charlie Whiting conducted a 60-day inspection of the venue that is due to host the race in Austin, Texas, from November 16-18. Whiting had no hesitation in awarding COTA 'Grade One' status to the 5.5km (3.4-mile) track, which will allow it to stage the grand prix.

In a COTA statement, Whiting said: "Everything I've seen so far has been absolutely first class, and the progress that's been made since the last time I was here is amazing. The guys have done an awesome job - it really is quite fantastic! It's built to the highest quality, exactly as we expected, and I've absolutely no complaints whatsoever."

Whiting believes the drivers, in particular, will be impressed given the possibilities available for overtaking, and which are crucial for entertaining an American audience.

Whiting added: "There are three or four corners that are very likely to see overtaking.

"You'll see the turns have been designed so that they're extremely wide and the apex is very short.

"It's a very modern approach to slow corners where we hope overtaking will take place. So I'm very confident it will work well.

"And turn one is awesome! It's the only word I can think of to describe it, and I think drivers and teams coming here for the first time will say the same thing."

Whiting will conduct one final inspection on the Monday before the race to ensure completion of the remaining ongoing landscaping and painting projects.

26/09/2012 16:49

Whilst I enjoy the thought of a new track and the prospect to renew Formula 1's links with the U.S. I do fear that for each new race venue, one traditional european circuit may be heading towards Bernie's big axe. We cannot let the likes of Silverstone, Monza or Spa ever be replaced. Having said that, the Austin circuit does look like a promising circuit and with the possibility of plenty of overtaking, a race on the calendar which could be very exciting to watch. I hope this will be a great race but I hope also that we can keep a lid on further overseas venues and keep at least a third of a season to traditional circuits that we are all familiar with.

26/09/2012 16:58
why cant existing tracks be replaced? Places like Monaco should have been scrapped years ago. If it is difficult to overtake at a track, then either modify it or remove it from the calendar. I am sick and tired of watching  a merry go round. People want to see drivers racing and overtaking, not following in a line cos its hard to overtake. Ge rid of all the electronics and driver aids and put the driver back in charge
"You'll see the turns have been designed so that they're extremely wide and the apex is very short."

Oh, America. Just because your cars can't turn corners, it doesn't mean European cars can't.
26/09/2012 17:05
Look forward to some overtaking amongst the big boys in Austin,make a change !
Christopher Williams,loves America, and racing with : all the young dudes. Apparently, Williams assured me that he has not seen a finer track for racing on.
26/09/2012 12:37
usa especially texas will screw it up as usual they are only used to working on tracks like nascar for the rednecks,,,,,,,,,,,,, glad im not there anymore, what a dive  with eeryone packing a gun, they need to wake up and  get into the 21st century. what a backward state and country, so far behind europe,  maybe they wil see some real drivers , as they only have drivers that can drive in circles
26/09/2012 22:30

Christopher and Lewis


Do you two need to get a room? I seem to be detecting an undercurrent of sexual tension between you!

26/09/2012 19:30
Queens Soldier loves a Grand Prix. He will be pleased at how smooth the ride is for the driver. His mechanic only uses the finest lubricant.
26/09/2012 16:00
Is this the brand new track that they started then stopped last year or an existing one revamped?
26/09/2012 16:55
F1  is going to the dogs.i wont be watching it no more
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