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Whitmarsh takes blame over Button slump

Martin Whitmarsh has taken some responsibility for Jenson Button's wretched Canadian Grand Prix

Martin Whitmarsh has taken some responsibility for Jenson Button's wretched Canadian Grand Prix

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh has admitted failing Jenson Button throughout the course of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Button endured his worst few days since joining the team two and a half years ago, finishing a wretched 16th in a race won by team-mate Lewis Hamilton who now also leads the championship.

"Jenson is a great racing driver, but we served him badly over the weekend," said Whitmarsh. "His rear tyres were completely shot because we didn't long-run with his suspension set-up on Friday. That was our fault. We didn't give him a car he could perform in."

He went on: "Looking at what is happening with the rear tyres I think the car was excessively hard on them. It was killing the tyres.

"But we have a lot more data, so we will sit with the engineers and do more analysis.

"He is a super-smooth driver and we just didn't give him a car he could do it with. We have to get it right."

Whitmarsh feels his team could even remedy Button's ills prior to the next race, the European Grand Prix in Valencia in 12 days' time.

"He has a smart head on his shoulders, he is strong minded and he will keep his head up," added Whitmarsh.

"He is capable of coming back, and I hope he does. He could be the first driver to repeat a win this season."

12/06/2012 10:52
It was about time Lewis had some luck!! They are both good drivers and deserve equal support!!
12/06/2012 10:46
Andy, that's because Jenson had an oil leak in his gear box which then went onto other components of the car effectively ruining the insides of the car.

It normally takes ages to change the gearbox and clean up etc but the McLaren boys did it in a couple of hours to at least allow him to have some running time in practice. But he missed almost two out of the three practice sessions because of that. So of course he had no time to set up the car.

Martin Whitmarsh was taking responsibility for that and not that he couldn't be bothered to set Jenson's car up. And Jenson couldn't just copy Lewis Hamilton's set up because of completely different driving styles.
12/06/2012 15:00

Iam shocked at martin whitmarshes statement he and his team one of the best in the world and to send a driver of jensons calibre out in a unsorted car is an insult to both jenson and his sponcers I am a motor sport fanatic have been for 60 years and yes I hate ball games not enough excitement for me I love engines and speed   F1` should be free on regulations fix an engine size then turbo,huge slicks ground effects,  traction control , take the helm away from bernie he has single handedley robbed F1 all those billions of pounds he has taken from the sport should be there to help the smaller teams not make him a fat cat,   drop entrance fees , get rid of monaco of the calender whats the use of racing on a track you cant overtake on how he slated silverstone, at least you can park there, there are run off areas ,sand traps and the public can walk all the way around ,try that at monaco 

12/06/2012 11:49
Nice to see that someone has the nuts to stand up and shoulder the responsibility instead of passing the buck! These professional teams undoubtedly want their drivers to do well. There is a lot riding on  their success. 
13/06/2012 16:41
 am sure there is not a problem between jenson and lewis.The problem is mclaren so get it sorted and lets get back on the team awards.
13/06/2012 15:48

Allistair Williamson....McLaren have no part in the tyres. There is nothing McLaren can do to make better tyres for next year.

Pirelli make the tyres and ALL teams use the same tyres. this has been a basic rule in place in F1 for at least 6 or 7 years.

The only issue was that Mclaren did not do a long run of laps with Jenson's car in the practice sessions on the Thu and Fri before the race.

Jenson will bounce back, he always does, but McLaren need to improve their pit stops as the Strategy and the drivers are fine. Ferrari and Red bull are better in the pit stops department at the moment.

12/06/2012 15:40
MSN obviously agree that the blatant adverising by " faan zen " and  " **** NgNg "  is OK with them as they are not publishing my "replies" which basically say "get lost".  If anyone else is infuriated by this, then please feel free to comment.  My view is that this is not the place to ply this trade !  
13/06/2012 10:07

gud on ya martin we wish  jenson +lewis and the team all the best


13/06/2012 16:21
Its big brave man to admit he has failed his driver even more so when you consider his position in the team well done Martin
12/06/2012 17:29

nigel i agree with some of your comments but your first sentences are false.

he had an oil leak!!!!! can happen to anyone so it is not an insult to jenson or his sponsers at all


the fixing of it cost him time in practice to fine tune his car so naturally he's going to be behind the rest

12/06/2012 21:59
Who Gives a toss since F1 sold out to Sky
13/06/2012 16:44
this has been happening to Jenson all season, in practice and in races about time Maclaren got it right
13/06/2012 11:15
Brian Crampton (ABITFRENCHY) you're one funny guy. F1 is full of super geeks. Giving both drivers the same setup simply wont work. Drivers dont weigh the same, some are left handed, and their driving styles differ. Same setups wont work mate. Imagine giving all men the same kinda woman, temperament, behaviour etc. Would all men be happy?
14/06/2012 10:39

One might suggest that from the post race chats that Mr. Button had/gave he discounted that the/his problem(s) were entirely the result of the tyre compound(s) being wrong. He did not discount, however, that some of the blame might lie in and with himself. Also within the team, up to a point.


Now that's a fair assessment.


That said, it was a terrific race. More please.

13/06/2012 09:43
I think Button has been unlucky, he is and has proven he is a great driver. It's an error but not on Buttons part, I hope he comes back strong in the Mclaren. I love the Mclaren team v.exciting. People say F1 is boring, how? We have a great British combo in Button and Lewis and should support them, interesting to see how Di Resta is coming on. Also Perez is an exciting driver who is definatley one to watch
13/06/2012 11:01
Craigp1981.  I totally agree with you. BBC pulling out of the sky deal over a mere £25m. shame on you BBC. What pisses me off about the BBC are the bonusses their bosses pocket which is quite sizable compared to £25m and this is our TV licence money they're pocketing without our say so.

I had to fork out an additional £400 (on top of my tv licence fee) just to watch F1 on sky. Money i could gladly put to use elsewhere, but i love F1 even more than football.

Button and Hamilton both need new cars for next season and they will go all their way to the top, but their cars they are using now will be worn out. The new car will need better engines and tyres. Good luck Lewis and Jenson

I was thinking the same about the errors with Hamilton it looked more than coincidence race after race if it wasn't the pits then it was very poor strategy. But obviously I'm a Hamilton supporter - I struggle with all the Tea & Sympathy he gets from Beeb commentators whether he performs or not. It's Jenson and not Button.

16/06/2012 18:33
Well done Martin Whitmarsh stick up for Jenson he needs people like you and the team. You need a lot more Cotton Wool. Button needs to take a leaf from Lewis's book the Consistancy page. Always praise your team and let them know how good a job they have done even when they Consistantly mess up. 6 out of seven mess ups for lewis and still he is at the top. Consistantly picking himself back in the points for his team. The man that know how to manage his tyres whats up. Martin forgot to ask lewis what he was running. CONSISTANCY!!! 
16/06/2012 11:28

Mr. Barton, it sounds good to think and imagine that Alonso is the best driver. Each and everyone has the right to think and to reason the way he/she  (deemed right) wants.

Mark do you remember, Lewis first year in F1, who was his (Lewis)  team mate??? (It was Mr. Alonso).  By then Alonso had 2 world titles .  But Lewis beat Alonso in Lewis maiden year.  So you be JUDGE.  If  Alonso and Lewis happened to have the same EQUIPMENT.


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