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Fearsome Price stuns Harrison

David Price, right, knocked Audley Harrison, left, out after 82 seconds

David Price, right, knocked Audley Harrison, left, out after 82 seconds

David Price retained his British and Commonwealth titles with a brutal first-round knockout of Audley Harrison that almost certainly sends the former Olympic champion into retirement.

A quiet opening unravelled rapidly for Harrison as soon as he tasted the fearsome power Price carries in his right hand and after just 82 seconds he lay prone on the canvas.

"I shocked myself again really with the power in my punches," Price said. "I didn't expect to do that to Audley Harrison so quickly. If anything I thought I'd break him down over a period of time and get to him after a good few rounds."

By his own admission, Harrison was drinking in the last chance saloon - a place he seems to have resided for quite a while - and stated a sixth professional loss would end a career of perplexing underachievement.

The last time Harrison topped the bill in a packed north west arena he was dispatched by David Haye in an embarrassingly timid display in Manchester two years ago next month. On that occasion, a countryman operating at a higher level allowed him two untroubled rounds before administering the finishing touches. Price did not give him the luxury.

A national hero when he brought gold home from Sydney 12 years ago, a stark demonstration of how far the 40-year-old has fallen in the public's affections came when he walked to the ring to a chorus of boos and chants of "Who are you?" before Liverpool's Echo Arena crowd opted for a courser version. By contrast, ardent Liverpool fan Price was afforded a spine-tingling reception to the strains of You'll Never Walk Alone.

The two giant combatants initially came cautiously to the middle of the ring, Harrison stalking behind a high guard. The veteran landed the first punch of the contest, but his left to the chest was of little consequence. When Price finally connected, it was anything but.

Finding the range with a jab more inquisitive than authoritative, Price detonated a fierce straight right that caught Harrison flush on the chin and sent him reeling towards the ropes. As when Haye had Harrison in trouble, Price scented blood and would not relent.

Harrison covered up under the inevitable barrage that followed - briefly to reasonable effect - but he had nowhere to go. A chopping Price right-hook got through forcing Harrison's head to rock sickeningly back over the ropes, prompting referee Howard Foster to step in as further punishment rained down and the defeated fighter slumped flat on the floor.

Price has now knocked out 12 of 14 opponents faced in an unblemished career to date and he looked every inch the heir to the Klitschko brothers. But it is questionable how much can be taken out of a win against a man who has squandered his talent and now serves only as a cautionary tale to 2012's golden generation.

13/10/2012 23:24
Pikey Fury caled Harrison a bum, and then called \\\\\price Gay and he was going to do him, Bring it on, lets see if the Pikey can las onger then 82 seconds ? ets see who the real bum is !!!
14/10/2012 09:03

tbf to Fraudley them punches would of ko'd anyone,

I wont be disrepectful by calling him a bum, after all it takes balls to step in a ring, and he's won gold for his country at the olympics, won the british and european belt's and fought for a world title so its a career he can look back on with pride but now is the time to hang them gloves up

14/10/2012 11:58
Career over? What career? I feel sorry in some ways for Harrison, he should have had the world at his feet after the Olympics but he blew it on just about every level. 

In the final analysis, he simply wasn't up to it and he simply wasn't good enough. 
14/10/2012 12:15
the sad thing was audley came to the ring looking quite serious and motivated,he had real concentration etched on his face till he took that first straight right then he just looked completely shot there is no aggression in him,he is just not a fighter a really nice guy but without that killer instinct needed to jump on an opponent and punish them.adios "AFORCE" please try something new ,go out on your shield and dont come back again you are already just a punchbag for younger hungrier fighters and would surely be heading for real injury if you carry on
14/10/2012 00:44
14/10/2012 10:18
Well done David Price, good boxer, definately a future world champion. Audley Harrison, yet another all talk no show performance, already a laughing stock after the Haye fight, and how many people are gonna buy more tickets to put a big pay packet into Audleys pocket for yet another 2 minute showing.............. As for Tyson Fury, like him as a boxer but he needs to drop the attitude, Price has a better record of knockouts and goes about his business quietly, respectfully and professionally. Fury is just gonna be another in a long line of all talk and nothing at the highest level like Harrison & Haye.
14/10/2012 12:12
This is what happens when fighters try to carry on past their sell by date.. Audley should bow ot while he still has an ounce of self respect left..  he's not been able to make it into the big time.. he should face facts... it's  time to say goodbye..
Audrey Harrison, has a heart the size of an Aspro. He has always talked much better than he boxed. It takes courage to box in the ring, and I do not like to belittle any boxer but this guy was an absolute fraud. He used boxing as a way to exact money from gullible fans, the boxing public will probably have to suffer Audrey, commenting for the BBC, this is very normal.The BBC, gives well paid jobs to all washed up sports people.
14/10/2012 11:29
Harrison , do yourself and everybody else a favour and quit boxing, I think you are an utter tool but I don't want to see anybody end up in a wheel chair or a box.
14/10/2012 11:53
The thing is that harrison has always believed his own hype.Always talked a good fight but never came up with the goods.
It is up to Audley if he wants to retire or not but I cant see nobody being interested in watching or supporting him fight again . At the end of the day he hasn't entertained the public as a fighter but he has given us one hell of a laugh he has been on his back more than Joan Collins .
14/10/2012 11:36
should be called audrey he fights like a big girls blouse
14/10/2012 13:13
He talked a good fight before he was smite..........! What a waste of time and talent, someone give him a job as a doorman where he can call on support because he is no good on his own in the professional ring.
14/10/2012 09:53
poor showing audley , hopefully he will retire before he gets hurt properly . Such a waste of talent thought he was going to light boxing up when he won gold , just goes to show wot money and fame can do to someone .
I suppose we all should be relieved Harrison suffered no permanent damage to himself. My opinion of this dreadful boxer is that he never really had a fighting heart. I think Harrison went in to boxing because he was very big, and the heavyweight scene so lacking of talent. I hope he now retires, because I would hate to see any harm come to him.
14/10/2012 07:00

ordanary harrison livedhis dream for a while,but the truth catches up with you,he has never and will never be a good fighter, but good luck to the bloke because he has tried where others were too fearful, so enjoy your retirement.





14/10/2012 11:25
Maybe he can take up running outside the ring now  - he's shown how good he is at it inside.
14/10/2012 11:42
what a total donkey harrison is he should hung them up years ago
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