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Adam's agent slams Bale coward jibe

Charlie Adam's agent has hit back at Gareth Bale

Charlie Adam's agent has hit back at Gareth Bale

Charlie Adam's agent has defended the Liverpool midfielder after he was labelled a coward by Tottenham winger Gareth Bale.

Wales international Bale was left on crutches at the weekend following a bad tackle from Adam during the 0-0 draw between the two sides in Baltimore. It was not the first such incident involving the pair, with Adam having injured Bale in a tackle in May 2011, causing ankle ligament damage which ruled the Spurs man out for three months.

Bale branded Adam "a bit of a coward" after the latest clash, but Adam's representative Kenny Moyes claims such talk is "outrageous".

Quoted in the Daily Star, Moyes said: "It doesn't warrant a reply because everyone knows Charlie is not that type of player. Everyone in football knows he has no malice or anything like that in him.

"For someone to have a go like that is outrageous. It was schoolboyish for them to come out and say that."

Bale and Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas both called for an apology in the aftermath of the tackle, but received good news yesterday on the severity of the injury.

The 23-year-old has resumed light training after scans revealed the damage was not as serious as first feared.

Quoted in the Daily Mail, Villas-Boas said: "Needless to say, we are extremely relieved Gareth has not been seriously injured."

31/07/2012 11:05
AVB and chums need to give this a rest now,would he keep banging on about it if it was someone else,Nooooo...3 days of crying about a misplaced tackle,he said his piece after it happened,turn it in fella...As for Adam,the guy should just forget about tackling,because he has to be the worst in the prem,always late and clumsy,however this has nothing to do with being personal or cowardly,it was just a sh*t tackle..
31/07/2012 15:02
GB Ladies hockey player gets smacked in the face with a stick by another player, has to go to A&E, operation to repair fractured jaw, hopes to play in the rest of the tournament. No moaning to press about it, just gets on with it as these things happen. Bale gets tripped, rolls around for 10 minutes as if he has been shot, plays on for a further 30 minutes, reappears after the game on crutches moaning about that coward trying to injure me. Complains to press, his manager,anyone who will listen. 2 Days later, back in training, still moaning. Mmmm...and they say football is a mans game.
31/07/2012 14:16

Well considering Gareth Bal played on for a further 10-20 minutes after the tackle, I don't see why they thought the injuy was serious in the first place, if they thought it was serious, they'd have taken him off IMMEDIATELY.


Actually it's AMAZING he's playing at all, after his back injury forced him out of the Olympics.


My message to Bale..........Grow a pair mate.



31/07/2012 12:48
being a united fan I should hate Adam and be all stereotypical about him (typical liverpool player etc) but in all honesty Bale just proves what's wrong with football today, bunch of over payed whimps on a pitch that just happen to have talent. people like Scholesy and Parker have had worse but didn't start blaming people or kicking off (well maybe using Scholes was a bad choice) but end of day football has become a school girl's game. BALE SORT YOURSELF OUT YOU GIRL'S BLOUSE. overrated welshman.
31/07/2012 11:22
so everyones said their piece...end of story.really hope this doesn't turn into some long drawn out 'war of words' .
31/07/2012 15:42
Does anyone else think that Gareth Bale has blown this out of all proportion to deflect the bad publicity and stick he has taken over the olympics. Yes it wasn't the best tackle in the world but it was on the top of his foot (not his ligaments) and he did carry on playing. There's nothing like trying to win the sympathy vote.
31/07/2012 18:30
turns out the "injury" is'nt as bad as they thought......just like the injury that kept him out of team GB
31/07/2012 16:23
Gareth Bale would end up on crutches if he chipped his nail varnish. get on with it lad, stop being a tart and start acting like a man, football is a contact sport that will sometimes mean a little bit of rough and tumble now and then. if its all too much for you, perhaps try something less active, like knitting.
Lets get one thing clear about Charlie Adam, he is no hard man of football, any fool can kick the opposite sides players, which Charlie Adams, does on a regular basis, thats why Liverpool, conceded so many free kicks last year, because of Adam. If you are talking about the hard men of football, are you going to compare Charlie Adam, with say : Graham Roberts, Roy Keane, Graham Sourness, Razzor Ruddock, Tony Adams. Just because Charlie Adams, fouls players, does not make him a hard man.
31/07/2012 13:02
Ooh I'm injured and can't play in the Olympics (it's not a cup big enough for my ego)....Olympic squad picked - oh it's ok I'm fine now.  Plays in pre-season game and takes a knock.  Cue big hoo-har about the tackle and how bad it was...next day fine. Get back to your tyre Mr Bale - shame on you.
31/07/2012 13:10

Bale has no obligation to attend the Olympics.


On this subject:  Charlie Adam is a bad tackler by 'modern day' standards...  Bale is a bit of a diver sometimes.  End of.


Play ball.

31/07/2012 16:17
If you are old, single and lonely, top yourself and stop placing comments on a sports comments page.
31/07/2012 14:43
Adam isnt a bad player. He had an off season last year but for Blackpool he really come to grips with the PL. Bale's comment is understandable but this has Karma written all over it. Charlie Adam would have killed to play in the olympics and so would most people. Bale might never play in a major international tournament and he may regret this for some time!
31/07/2012 10:19
Isn't he entitled to an opinion or comment on a player who has clogged him twice??
31/07/2012 12:06

Wasnt Gareth Bale Allready Injured,Thats why he couldnt play for TEAM GB.What would they do today if they had to play against such players as Norman Hunter,Tommy Smith and other such players??????????.


31/07/2012 13:19
No time for wimps like him, should have been playing for team G.B. but supose he thought he was to good for them
I absolutely detest Charlie Adam, because he is a poor footballer and my team Liverpool deserves better players than Charlie Adam. However, I cannot comment on the : Bale : foul because I did not see the incident in question. Its quite common for Charlie Adam, to kick out at players as they glide past him, most players are faster than Adam, and glide past him. Charlie Adam, fouls players from behind and does not tackle in a conventional manner. I hear we have sold Charlie Adam, to Fulham, poor Fulham, do not realise what they have let themselves into.
31/07/2012 12:46
He shouldn't be there anyway! If he's fit enough to play for Tottenham,he's fit enough to play for Team GB.................JUDAS!!!
31/07/2012 13:53

Well gareth you should count yourself lucky your not playing against the likes of Roy Keane, Duncan Ferguson, you would av retired by now

31/07/2012 13:31
Laughable comments from Bale and Boas, ok it was a miss timed tackle, every game has 5 or 6 of them, but Bale played on for about 1/2 an hour,  probably since it was a friendly, came off when planned to, then goes on about it as though he'd been shot??? Boas himself didn't have a problem with it until after being told about another incident between the two, when Adam was playing for Blackpool, then suddenly a personal apology is being asked for,
 as I said laughable.  
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