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Aguero leads City to easy win

Sergio Aguero scored one and set up two goals for Manchester City

Sergio Aguero scored one and set up two goals for Manchester City

Sergio Aguero starred for Manchester City as the Barclays Premier League champions ended their Far East tour with a comfortable 3-1 victory over a Malaysia XI.

The 24-year-old Argentina international opened the scoring with a fine first-half solo effort before setting up strike-partner Carlos Tevez and then winger Adam Johnson to cement the win after the break.

It took Aguero just 17 minutes to make his mark at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur when, having earlier hit the crossbar and forced a save from goalkeeper Farizal Marlias, he opened the scoring.

The former Atletico Madrid frontman surged past three defenders before chipping a deft shot past Marlias to put the visitors ahead.

Johnson and Tevez both went close before half-time and although Norshahrul Talaha headed wide for the Malaysians in injury time, City went in at the break 1-0 to the good.

However, the game was effectively over within seven minutes of the restart when Aguero fed Tevez to make it 2-0 from a tight angle and then obliged once again to allow Johnson to add a third from 12 yards.

Manager Roberto Mancini made a series of changes as time ran down, Aguero making way for Marcos Lopes with 20 minutes remaining, and the home side claimed an 87th-minute consolation when substitute Azammuddin bin Mohd Akil reduced the deficit.

30/07/2012 19:41
thats a bit over the top ,for any united fans  who might be visiting this page to be mentioning the name agueroooooooooooooooooooooo again ,lol
31/07/2012 06:46
Oh please Malaysia X1 is like playing a 10 man Macclesfield side. 
31/07/2012 07:16
ernie tyler - you are very funny, such wit.  i guess your upset a little that your team did not win the perm, but don't keep abusing the champions like you do, sooner or later you will be ok - ****.  Only envy makes you write what you write so I hope you keep going. Your a muppet!
City looked good although the opposition was weak. Good to see Mancini trying out a lot of the youngsters. I see that we have a total of 70 professionals on our books and a good chunk of them are out on loan. The  thing that worries me is how any are going to make it into the first team squad if we're going to follow the policy of buying three or four players a year.

That said we'll have to get cover for Yaya. He and Kollo are going to be absent for the African Nations cup again in January and February, and he's going to make a huge dent in the midfield. He was awesome in this game. Though where the hell you'll find a player that's a patch on him at a price anyone can afford, I've no idea.

Tevez and Aguero looked  very sharp as well. Its going to be an interesting start to the season.

31/07/2012 09:44
You can tell all these "Utd Fans" aren't from Manchester or even the U.K as they can hardly speak the language look at some of the illiterate posts on here.
31/07/2012 09:36

Shantel, how can you say City have no loyalty, years of having to play second fiddle to the trafford trash, and yet their supporters still stayed loyal. As for Fergies freeloader suppoters, just watch as soon as they stop winning and the prawn sandwiches dry up they,ll be off to chelsea, or spurs.

And this is from another loyal L.F.C.supporter.

city looking good, chelsea spending a fortune, utd will find it tough next season but if anyone can stop chelsea and city it's fergie, can't wait for the new season it will be a cracker.
31/07/2012 08:47

Manchester United arent even based in Manchester, how ironic !


Like ive always said, theres only one team in Manchester and thats City ....... Come on you blues !!!!

31/07/2012 03:18


I agree the opposition was weak, and it really should have been 6 or 7. What this says about Arsenal, I'm not sure. Malaysia arguably outplayed the Arse and were leading with just a few minutes to go. Only a friendly I know.

City have certainly stepped up a couple of gears since those dreary first 2 games.

31/07/2012 09:24
chantell, if you forget before manchester city, manchester united used to buy their success, so stop flinging mud on others but turn around and fling it on yourself...man u will not win anything no more, maybe the carling cup, maybe, cause other team have more spending power than you nowadays..bet Fergie must seriously be f offed init

31/07/2012 10:28
i guess there must be a lot of Manchester united, city and chelsea fans not liking what i am saying because without backing from success from there owners they wouldn't be winning **** all 
31/07/2012 07:22
Kun King does the biz again! Felicitaciones Kun! Un trabajo bien hecho!
31/07/2012 09:53
ernie tyler u shud b nobbing chantelle ray your both bitter scum probley dont no wr ot is and never been there under the rock you pair of ****e
31/07/2012 09:49
i support a team based no were near Manchester, but to be honest any team could win something when they have the financial backing that city have, i would only ever rate a team as great when they get to the top under there on success and hard work not from some arab, or russian chucking money at a team, thats not what football is about its hard work that's what should make a team and justify there success not what some of field backer can chuck in, teams should only be able to fund them selves from what they earn as a team, then and only then could the premiership be played as an equal ground.

31/07/2012 09:19
Kyle defreitas crawl back under that rock suddenly you have  voice..... united  have history you sorry you cant buy that money money thats all city have no loyalty you will see this season MAN UNITED are writen in history ad be carefull you might get a hard-on you wouldnt now what to do with one like al city fans lol
31/07/2012 04:03
aguero ,,,,, isnt that the latest model from nissan ,,, or was it renault ,,, cant remember now ,,, judging by the quality it was probably SKODA      ,,, pre season friendlies dont count for a lot really ,,, you cant cheat and get the opposition sent off ,,, but mancinile has got a problem this season ,,, lescott got so used to playing thugotelli out of the game in the euros ,, that he may still tackle him at the sh-tty ground ,,,hurry up back barton ,,, tevez ( trick or treat ) wants to get you sent off again ,, so he can lie down and cry for 9 minutes ,,,,   bet he has already booked his mid season holiday back home ,,, i sent him a text the other day saying john terry was nobbing his missus ,,,, happy days ....hope the baby isnt black lol .....
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