15/09/2012 13:58

Anton Ferdinand refuses to shake hands with John Terry

Anton Ferdinand has refused to shake hands with John Terry and Ashley Cole ahead of the match at Loftus Road.

John Terry

John Terry

Blues captain Terry was cleared of racially abusing Ferdinand in a criminal trial earlier in the summer but he is still contesting a Football Association charge over the matter. Cole gave evidence in support of his teammate sparking an angry response from Anton's brother Rio.

Earlier, Roberto Di Matteo insisted Terry would not be put off by the tension around the fixture.
Terry was booed at the pre-match warm-up when he posed for pictures with the QPR mascot.
Manager Di Matteo said: "As a human being there are certain aspects of life that will faze you. But, if you look at his career, he's always got on with it."

He continued: "He's a confident player. I played with some great players in my career. There were certain players who were very, very confident."

He added: "To be able to survive for so many years at the top level in football, at club and international level, you need to be mentally strong. That goes for all the players who have had that kind of career, not just JT."

Terry's desperation to play has been compared to that ahead of January's FA Cup fourth-round tie at Loftus Road, which saw him aggravate a knee injury, sidelining him for several weeks. There is a sense of deja vu about the Barclays Premier League clash, with Terry coming into the game having only just shaken off an ankle problem.

15/09/2012 16:50

personally any 1 who plays football are no role models as all they do is sleep around or be racist to each other,  to me the people who fight and die for our country and get hardly anything are our hero's and role models, footballers get paid far to much for just kicking a ball in the net sorry if not all of you agree but football is all about money now none of them play from the heart anymore, i'd rather watch olympics and Paralympics over football any day now that's something to be proud of,


15/09/2012 23:43

This is Anton Ferdinand, the brother of Rio Ferdinand? The same Rio Ferdinand who threw all his toys out of his pram, sulked like a badly behaved child & refused to take a drugs test that the FA requires all football players to take??!!


Come on - look at the bigger picture - haven't we just hosted a glorious Olympic & Paralympics Games? Where we met amazing athletes like Mo Farrah & David Weir? Mo is Somalian born & spoke no English when he started school here, for which he was mercilessly bullied. He won us two Gold Medals. David was born disabled with a spinal condition - he has never walked in his life. He won us four Gold medals.

Compare those two amazing men with these over-paid, over egoed, under-achieving footballers -  Isnt' it about time they grew-up?? When they have won as many world cups as Team GB won Gold Medals, then we may just start caring whose hand they shake this week??!!

15/09/2012 17:10

The Olympians and Paraolympians have shown us what true effort over many years, the development of skills and endurance, can produce. How many years have I listened to managers and commentators accepting that our Premier players cannot match the skills of those from so many countries - despite being the highest paid.

I have watched matches played this season.

They are over-paid, over-valued, and severely lacking in skills - the only way it will change is if the paying public, who give so generously to their life-style, stop doing so.

Take the family out instead.


15/09/2012 16:54
sorry you and your bruv are black whats the problem ,call me a white b.............  i wouldnt care less ,its a mans game grow up and act like one
15/09/2012 17:02

I just can't understand why they just don't get on with playing football and stop whimpering like spoilt brats, although most of the are. They all believe they are something special they kick a bag of wind about want to know whats special the brave men who go out and risk life and limb to protect pratts like them. Get a life you football divas and grow up.

 Thomas M Byrne

15/09/2012 22:56
this is so bloody stupid most black people need to get the chips off there shoulders it's ok for them to take the **** out of white people and get away with it but when the boot is on the other foot it's always racist **** grow up
15/09/2012 16:44

Who would want to shake the Ferdinand brothers hand anyway.

15/09/2012 16:37
The Ferdinand Bros are racist the tweet by Rio said it all...from what i Understand Rio was the one that pushed Anton into this, he wanted to let it go unto Rio got involved. It was surprising that it happened JUST after Rio lost the captaincy of England to Terry. Sorry but Rio is so so so racist its untrue , he hates whites...As for a role model, let me think a footballer named Rio who was banned from football for refusing a drugs test hmmm and Terry who slept with someone EX girlfriend and has been aquited of racism. Sorry Rio you lose and I guess your racism has rubbed of on Rio...refusing Coles hand proves that as he didnt do anything to you at all.
15/09/2012 17:03
How childish - what sort of example does this send to the youngsters that idolise these overpaid football stars!!!!
15/09/2012 16:59

Anton Ferdinand is doing nothing but bringing the game into disrepute by not shaking the hand of Terry, and failing to shake Ashleys  Hand is nothing but disrespectful. 


And all this coming from the brother of a footballer who failed to attend a Drugs Test, because he, in his own words "FORGOT", who is also the same player who lambasted a fellow pro whoi's name had been dragged through the mud, when he didn't shake the hand of a footballer who had done the dragging.


I don't know a man is found NOT GUILTY and another man is found guilty ON PROBABILITY, and Rio has a different view on both.


PROBABILITY is no more guilty than NOT GUILTY.


Anton & his brother should both move on, before they ruin their own name.


FERDINAND used to be a name in football, that was held so high, he was one of our best CB's and Anton was also looking like a future star, now both look like spoilt prats using twitter to send their "Poor me" messages, if they're not careful, they'll end up like Joey Barton.

15/09/2012 17:47
Obvious Ferdinand is a racist,hes taken the side of his black parent(can I say black?)Doesnt he like his white parent
15/09/2012 15:56
Ferdinand should grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child. I am disgusted with the Ferdinand brother;s behaviour. What Rio said on twitter about Ashley is no less harmful to the ELP than what Terry is alleged to have said to Anton.

The behaviour of Anton is starting to cast doubts as to what was really said on the day in question. I am very disappointed and cheesed off with this pathetic, childish and petulant attention seeking behaviour.

Learn from the sportsmanship of the Olympics and Paralympics and put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.

You don't have to like each other but showing some tolerance and respect for the game and us fans who spend millions to pay your wages would be a step in the right direction.
15/09/2012 19:55
Storm in a tea cup or what?
Get over it.
People are discussing whether two overpaid footballers should shake hands or not while on the same day an MSN headline states that 10% of the country are worrying about being able to feed their family.
The good news is that this government are tackling this problem by making it easier for companies to dismiss their staff.
It would appear that they are not happy with just 10% of the people on the breadline - they want to get more people living in misery and fear of losing their jobs.
It's time for this government to go before they do any more damage.

15/09/2012 22:27
15/09/2012 15:53
15/09/2012 22:29
its about time that the footballers gave at least half of their earnings to good causes and grow up
15/09/2012 15:52
Pathetic. Grow up and move on Ferdinand.
15/09/2012 16:49
sorry anton you and your bruv are black so whats the problem call me a white b .............  i wouldnt careless ,grow up its a mans game act like one

15/09/2012 22:24
Who's Racist - Ferdinand has the problem- what is it with some black people- they call us names- like red necks - salops - don't tell me that we are racist - they are
15/09/2012 16:48
Maybe they just dont like each other ?  
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