16/11/2011 11:07 | By Kerry Stewart, Reporter, MSN

Arsenal will be the top team in the Premier League

Raymond Verheijen, whose CV includes stints at Chelsea, Manchester City and Barcelona, Russia, South Korea and Holland says an increasing emphasis on the finances of top sides will mean billionaire owners can no longer decide league titles. Currently Gary Speed's assistant at Wales, the Dutchman told MSN Sport Wenger will have the last laugh over his critics.

Raymond Verheijen

"Arsene Wenger only spends money that the club has. What you will see in the coming years is most Premier league clubs have so much debt they will have to release players. Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are already financially healthy...that is a big advantage compared to other teams," Verheijen explained.

He also said that the very strength of the Premier League could be its undoing as the concentration of resources at the top club means many great players aren't getting an outing.

"They (the top clubs) have better players on the bench than the opponent has on the pitch so overall that will reduce the quality of football."

Fifa changes that are to be implemented by 2012-13 means clubs are not able to spend more than they earn so the huge wage bills will have to be met from income generated and not by the handouts of billionaire owners. Some other leagues already have different financial rules and tax regulations from the English Premier league. This will lead to a shift in power away from traditional big spenders like Chelsea and Real Madrid, according to Verheijen.

"The German Bundesliga will become stronger and stronger because all the teams in Germany are financially healthy."

"The message to all Premier league clubs in the future is to develop a strong youth academy instead of just buying all these players" advises Verheijen.

Raymond Verheijen is the founding director of the UK Football Academy, an innovative organisation dedicated to the education of football coaches, staff members and practitioners. For further information or to book places on UKFA courses, visit: www.ukfootballacademy.net

18/11/2011 16:55
completly agree, man city and co were nothing until they had unlimited funds.wenger does things properly
18/11/2011 18:44
Wenger is no fool,he knows a footballing talent when he see's one,he wont throw money down a bottomless pit..and i am a Palace supporter..so go wenger do it again,youve done it before
18/11/2011 18:42

Said it before and will say it again


18/11/2011 17:35

I love the way in Britain we adore knocking people down. While there was a number of people saying that wenger should go there were plenty more that said otherwise. We as a club will never stop kids moving on for pastures greener, its like that in life and cant be helped.

I'm actually proud of what my club has achieved not just in the last 10-15 years but going way back to the 70's 60's etc.


I have no doubts that we will finish in the top 6 clubs this season (due to the poor start) or the normal 4th. This sounds mad but to be fair to all concerned not too shabby for a youth team!


Mr Wenger is right in his approach to the game, its just a shame footballers are only human and those that get their head turned for a few quid are happy to move on in my eyes.


Good luck to all those clubs that are financially unsound and who pay players excessive wages while their fans struggle with their pay packets




18/11/2011 17:29
If anyone doubts the views in this article, take a look at the barcelona team. Currently the best team in the world ! Yet their starting 11 only contains 3 purchased players. All others have come through the barca academy to become some of the best players in football history. This is what football needs to get back to. The academy strategy Never Fails
18/11/2011 20:43
Delilah ( and anyone else making the same old worn out point ). Wenger's record speaks for itself? You wanna talk about records? Ok, lets talk about a Double in his first full season, first foreign coach to win the League, 2001 unbeaten away all season, lets talk about 2004 unbeaten entirely in 49 matches, lets also mention more scorers in one team than any other in several different seasons ( 17 was the most I believe - that's nearly  two squads ), the most goals scored at home and away is another record we set on a couple of occasions. Lets talk about Wenger buying players nobody had ever heard of like Anelka for £500,000 and turning him into a world class player sold for £23M - Viera for £3.5M, sold for £16M ( would have been nearly £30M had we sold him to Madrid the season before ) Let's talk about a bunch of idiots saying the most successful, resourceful, financially sound manager in Arsenal's history having to leave because he's had his day - it's utter CRAP!! You lot have no other valid point to make other than the last 6 years - during that time we've competed in cup finals and countless quarter/semi finals, losing twice ( narrowly ) to the best club in the world. It's taken Wenger longer than usual to build a winning side but we're inches away and it WILL happen again very soon and I can't wait to ram it all back down your throats!! FIFA's new rules will stick it to the money-bags clubs. It's about longevity, and in 3 years when Wenger most likely leaves us, we'll be back on top! 
i wonder how many of the so called top clubs would be where they are without all there massive funding Arsenal are the best top club doing it while being in control of funds and will not be dictated to by players  .
18/11/2011 20:35
18/11/2011 17:07
Arsenal for the league 2012-2013 then. Get your bet on now!
18/11/2011 19:38
Footballers earn way too much money anyway it is immoral
I think we need to give all clubs a set budget in the premier league so they are all on a level playing field then lets see who will be best make a change from who has got the most money
18/11/2011 16:58
The Germans seem to have a better grasp of football.Not only have they got a grip on the ownership  and finance of their clubs, but also understand the desire of many fans to prefer to  stand during a match. We think we are "more superior" than we actually are,but get it very wrong.It,s often the Germans who are accused of arrogance,but perhaps we should try looking in the mirror.
18/11/2011 20:09
As a gooner i am definitely looking forward to the future,thats if the prediction he is giving comes true.
18/11/2011 21:47
i realy hope he's right on this - it would make wenger one of the shrewdest men in football
18/11/2011 17:25

To Jeff Gardner, re read the article you numpty, he says that big clubs will have better players on their bench than someone like wigan or wolves have in their first team. And don't forget, Chelski were useless before Roman came along and threw hundreds of millions of pounds into the club. You guys can't even fill Stamford Bridge so when the revenue rules come in you are buggered


18/11/2011 17:04

 'We think we are "more superior" than we actually are,but get it very wrong.It,s often the Germans who are accused of arrogance,but perhaps we should try looking in the mirror'


your bang on Les, and it is'nt just in football were we have this superiority complexe !



18/11/2011 18:41
man city dont deserve anything more then they had
just think of all the other premier league regulars if they all get billionaire owners do they some how deserve silverware
man city fans are also turning big headed which i was suprised by
booing there own players at half time against wolves when there was nothing wrong with the team performance.
when it goes wrong i expect mancini to go 
whether thats in 5 years 2 years or if they dont win anything this season i expect mancini to get saced at the end of theis season
these new rules should stop leagues turning into leagues of leagues
david lee.. do you even understand what the man is saying? that comment is an idiotic response to a sound opinion based on INCOMING rules and regulations, ie meaning in the future arsenal will be in a better position than others... saying 'they've had their day' shows you dont understand what the man is saying...

and by the way, i love that argument.. 'their time is over' 'they've had their day' 'it's downhill from here'... etc etc..   do you understand how football works!? there is no 'over'. it goes in cycles. who were united in the 80s and how big were liverpool??  where were city 3 years ago and chelsea 8? clubs improve and faulter. we faultered. now we've improved. try paying attention..
18/11/2011 22:15
it,s about time something like this happens it has been long overdue, developing the young players has to be good, we can get back to homegrown teams, sounds like there is a chance uk  football can become great again,
18/11/2011 20:10
To John,

If you read my comment properly you'd see I didnt refer or compare Arsenals academy to barca's at any point. My comment was based on Veheijen's comment which said
"The message to all Premier league clubs in the future is to develop a strong youth academy instead of just buying all these players"
This has nothing to do with the quality of the barca players, because they were all 'developed' in an effective way the same with paul scholes, giggs, tony adams, gerrard, etc.

Dont be narrow minded. Youth development is most important in all countries from spain to nigeria.

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