12/12/2012 12:07 | By Rob Jones, editor, MSN Sport

Arsene Wenger to be sacked?

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal v Bradford City (© PA)

Arsene Wenger has been cut from 25/1 to 5/1 to be the next Premier League manager to leave their job following Arsenal’s Capital One Cup defeat to Bradford.

The loss, to a side who were 2,000/1 to win the tournament heading into the first round, has also prompted online bookmakers to open betting on whether the Frenchman will still be at the club come the end of the season.

You can now get odds of 5/2 that Wenger will not see the campaign out.

Wenger not embarrassed by cup exit

Sky Bet’s Chris Spicer said: “Failing to beat Bradford would be worrying enough if Wenger had named an experimental squad, but the fact that such a strong side was named rings real alarm bells.

“Arsenal’s board are certainly not the sort to make rash decisions but serious questions are surely being asked with the current side looking so uninspiring.”

Pep Guardiola is considered as the 5/1 favourite to be the next Arsenal manager with Jose Mourinho and Reme Garde following at 14/1 in a market, which is yet to attract any real interest despite their latest failure.  

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12/12/2012 14:58

So quick to blame one of the premier leagues greatest managers.  The fact is-

1.  The club finances can't compete with the big boys, and haven't since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea. Always therefore shopping in different (second rate) market (eg Gervinho).

2.  Other clubs scounting programmes have copied/caught up with Wenger (eg Newcastle), more difficult to scout the next big thing from Africa/Brazil/whereever.

3.  Greedy players moving for wages such as Nasri, Van Persie, Clichy (Fabregas exempted, but still a big loss nonetheless) etc to the aforementioned big boys.  Can't hope to compete if losing best players every season.  Now going to lose Walcott....

Be careful what you wish for....................


12/12/2012 14:06
Sacking Arsene would be a mistake, he's been overall a fantastic manager, he just needs to focus on the needs of the team, we need more quality defenders & a reliable striker, & please sell the deadwood, it's costing the club millions every year in salaries.
12/12/2012 15:19

it time to spring clean early, sell sell sell, and then buy buy buy, walcott to go because he wants to go, mertersacker more like merterkaka ie - s**t, ramsey all for himself not the team mr i can't follow the game. gervinho can't pass or don't want too. looking for glory goals what don't come off.

chamach more like give him a shmack. and all the so called sick or not fit get rid of as they are still getting wages, arsenal want players that what to play and be proud of the shirt they wear,

12/12/2012 14:45
Its not just wenger that needs to go. The board are a disgrace and so is the owner. Get rid of all the greedy cnuts!
12/12/2012 14:58
walcott was a no body until he came to arsenal but now he wants to go to man utd, to follow robin van persie who was also a no body untill he went to arsenal. what i would like to know is how can man utd, and other teams buy these players when they are in loads of dedt
12/12/2012 18:16
Paul Gillespie You're very quick to blame everybody except the players who are the real problem. The players get paid ridiculous wages and are letting the club, the manager and everyone else down when they are on the pitch. A tiny minority of so called "fans", or idiots, or whatever else you want to call them are calling for the head of one of the best managers the premier league has seen. If that does happen it will be the end of Arsenal for a long time, it makes no difference at all who the manager is if the players don't do their part.
12/12/2012 18:08
the board more than wenger needs to go, however, wenger needs to get his head straight and get rid of his deadwood that has been leeching his funds for years!
12/12/2012 18:30
As a Chelsea supporter, I think Arsenal would be mad to get rid of Arsene, he is well respected throughout Europe. Give the man the appropriate budget to spend and he'll bring home the goods. Just don't do one over us!
12/12/2012 15:44
from being a team unbeatable in a whole prem season to a team getting beat by a team in the lowest division
12/12/2012 17:47
Strong Side??? Who are you kidding, Gervinho & Chamakh should be sold or even given away as they are rubbish.  Rosicky is looking good, Wiltshere is top notch, Sanga is iffy, Ramsey is VERY iffy.  Injuries excepted, that was not a full strength team whichever way you paint it.    The men in charge of finance should untie Wengers hands and let him spend some serious Wonga on new players.   You simple cannot keep laying the blame at Wengers feet, he is an outstanding manager who has kept the gunners in the forefront of British football  The players have simply failed to come up with the goods for which they are paid to do.   They should get some serious dosh for Walcott,  sell Arshavin, Gervinho & Chamakh (How about By 1 get 1 Frees) for a kick off, we need to get rid of the dead wood and soon.  Bradford where a much better side and deserved their victory, as an Arsenal Fan it hurt, but credit where credit is due and if Bradford can put in the same performance as they did against Arsenal then they have no one to fear.
12/12/2012 15:18
how can arsenal be a great team with the board that wants to sell players, and rob arsenal blind, last week they stated that arsenal will be buying new players and will be a great team in the next few seasons, watch this space
12/12/2012 17:49
The club is clearly being run strictly as a business...buy young players...bring them on and sell for profit, if gunners happen to win something that would be a bonus....but until they change attitude and go for trophies again.....building and keeping good players they will at best get 4th in Premiership.With the attitude of  the Board a change of Manager woud do little if anything to improve matters.
12/12/2012 15:37
oh jolly good news fellows, the transfer window opens in 19 days, arsenal can eventually buy and sell
12/12/2012 14:40
He should be Embarrassed and walcott only got the player he is  because of arsenal traiter (Robins Arse licker)
12/12/2012 19:46

You have got to remember what wenger has done with what he has, its pretty good really, every year he has qualified for europe, if big money hadnt come to  city and chelsea every year it would man u and arsenal fighting for the title every season.

So wenger is a bloody good manager really

12/12/2012 18:00
It isn't the manager out on the pitch it's the players, the manager can only give them instruction and guldens if the players thought Bradford we will beat them hands down, then play like old women then blame the players and pay them on results, watch them play a lot better
12/12/2012 18:06
I can't see Arsene Wenger leaving arsenal for now better yet i wouldn't want too see him leave
it's that f#@king board who's ever up there reaping the profits they need to sort something out for those wages those great players want..but saying that! i think Arsenal fc sold all the recent greats and now we just have "maybe babies"..the club just needs to turn it around and seem like you want to achieve "damn".
12/12/2012 17:16

I sincerely hope he's not sacked as the new manager may win some silver ware.

12/12/2012 17:58

walcott , dont want to go ! if they wont pay him what he is worth then  they have made the choice for him .  also  you cant blame the arsene wenger  as i am sure he wants to spend more on the team but the board really have the reins there .
12/12/2012 21:32
I do not support Arsenal, quite the reverse? ,but i must say Arsene Wenger is a brilliant manager, the board of Arsenal would be making a big mistake to sack Wenger at this stage of the season, Arsenal are still in the European championship, and his experience is vital, remember the old saying,''lucky Arsenal'', I've seen how lucky they have been against teams in the past?. Plus remember his French, so we would never hear the end of it?.He is Mr Arsenal.I like the guy.I don't like Arsenal.I like Arsene Wenger. His team is letting him down, They need to step up to the mark, as good players should,and fill the gap left by Van Persie.
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