14/11/2011 08:59


Ever wanted to play the life of a footballer?


Remember what it was like to dream of being a professional footballer? - stepping out in front of the roaring crowds, banging in the goals, grabbing the headlines and scoring the girls!

Well now you can do it all - right here on MSN with our new free football game I AM PLAYR.

I AM PLAYR is the fantastic free football game where you can play your dream and become a professional footballer. Score the goals, get the girls and experience the glory right here on MSN.

The game kicks off as you sign for River Park FC, then you must prove to the manager you've got what it takes - it's all in your hands. You'll meet real football stars like Theo Walcott, Aaron Lennon, Andy Townsend and Teddy Sheringham along the way - have you got what it takes to become a Playr?

Unlike other online football games, I AM PLAYR is a free football game to play. To become a superstar you'll need to improve your skills down the training ground so you can score on the big match days and secure promotion. You can buy virtual Nike boots to increase your skills, Red Bull to boost your energy and, if you're good enough, even get your own virtual Alfa Romeo car.

So what are you waiting for? Get playing now.

18/10/2012 11:54
So to be a better player requires NIKE boots RED BULL drinks and ALFA ROMEO cars, why dont we just play i am a gullable fool instead
08/05/2012 18:18
everytime i try and play it tells me to get utility web player i try and it dosent download ...any ideas plz
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