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Ashley key to Carroll deal - Pardew

Andy Carroll is at the centre of speculation that he may return to Newcastle

Andy Carroll is at the centre of speculation that he may return to Newcastle

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew will leave the club's bid to lure Andy Carroll back to Tyneside to owner Mike Ashley.

The 50-year-old is keen to secure the England international's return from Liverpool, with the Magpies having had an initial bid for a loan move with an option to buy rejected.

It seems likely that the success or otherwise of their approach will come down to finance as much as anything else, but Pardew, currently in Germany with his squad at their pre-season training camp, admits that has little to do with him. "That whole process is a little bit more involved with the chairman and the board at Liverpool," he told the Evening Chronicle.

"We have got a great team here, a great squad, and if Andy Carroll comes, it will only add to us. It's simple, really. Sometimes transfers are done at corporate level. I'm slightly detached from that. It will be what it will be.

"It's been said that he's available and if we are involved, then we will be involved because of the figures, not anything else, because we know he's good enough."

Newcastle launched their attempt to re-sign the man they sold to Liverpool for £35million in January last year after it emerged that he was not a central figure in new Reds boss Brendan Rodgers' plans for the new season.

Carroll was not among the party which flew out on the club's North American tour on Monday, although he was never intended to be after being given an extended break following his trip to the Euro 2012 finals with England.

The Magpies meanwhile remain hopeful of striking a deal with Lille for defender Mathieu Debuchy, with the 26-year-old France international signalling both his intention to leave and his frustration at the delay.

He told L'Equipe: "Despite my commitment to Lille - the club is in my heart - I am 100% committed to leaving. I want to leave LOSC. The coach wants to keep me, but I will not change my opinion.

"The discussions are not going very well. For now, I am stuck in Lille. LOSC want to find my replacement before I am released. Ten, 15 players have been suggested to them, but still nothing happens. There must be a little goodwill. It disappoints me and bothers me."

18/07/2012 01:44
total madness if you sell him ... a liverpool fan for over 40 years .. Suarez can't hit a barn door and is too selfish ... Borini is totally unproven ... and if they get injured in pre season or at the Olympics what then ... no plan B ... Swansea played great football but did not score enough goals .. this guy deserves  a real chance and a run of games to see if he can live up to the great potential he has tried to show under ridiculous pressure. only Drogba had the presence  of Andy and we know that on his day he was unplayable, Andy is the same .. dismiss this at your peril ...
17/07/2012 19:52
the last ten games, carrol was liverpool best player liverpool must not sell him or put him out on loan or they will be a joke
Mike Ashly, absolutely conned the great King Kenny, out of all this money for a second rate player, like Andy Carroll. What burns me is that you just know when Mike Ashly, gets Carroll, back to Newcastle he will sell Andy Carroll, on again to some mug of a manager for more millions.
17/07/2012 22:32




When Carroll was at NUFC he was on £30k a week,the King signed him and gave him £80k a week so i cant see NUFC being too happy taking him back paying a hefty fee and paying more than £30k a week wages.Carroll has 4 years left so knock off the £50k a week wages for the 4 years =  £10m and knock off another £5m so NUFC should cough up £20m if they want him,if not keep him,the impact he had against Chelsea in the fa cup final when he came on shows he could be of great use,but to give him away on a loan deal or for peanuts would be criminal.

17/07/2012 20:35

something for everyone to ponder:

Tiote, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Ba, Cisse, Krul, Santon = Andy Carroll +£8 million. Liverpool have been proven to be hopeless in the transfer market. Henderson, downing and carroll were all awful signings. The toon are now by far a better side and whether we take andy back from you at less than half the price and get him banging in the goals again, we will still finish above liverpool in the league.


18/07/2012 01:01
As,a neutral,if mr.rodgers tries to get his way,can see him leaving before ANDY. Last thing LIVERPOOL need is a namby pamby TIP-TAP footie team,but finesse with a cannon up front.ANDY is a young lad who needs nurturing,not axing,and mr. rodgers is the last manager i would have picked for LIVERPOOL,
17/07/2012 23:00
He will come back and bite us on the arse, give him a chance
17/07/2012 22:15
Liverpool don't play the style of football Carroll needs to be successful. Under Rodgers it will even further away from the system he needs. We should never of bought him in the first place, and it ultimately cost Comolli and Dalglish their jobs.
17/07/2012 22:26
you get a new manager, and start talking champions league etc ,,, but if  rodgers wants to take you there he has to change the squad.. and to do that he has to have money ,, and to get money he has to off load players ,,, if you want to be in the same situation as this in twelve months time ,, just keep slagging him off and stay as you are ,,, carrol cost kenny his job ,, and rodgers does not want the same results ,, this man does not need to spend big ,, he can get the best out of average players... thats why swansea are in the prem ,,, wake up ,,,,

17/07/2012 15:28
Worries me to see a manager saying that he cannot fit an International footballer into his style of play. Something is in the water up there that makes the club make all the wrong transfer decisions. Guy plays rubbish for months and they stick with him, he starts looking a lot better and now they want to sell him at a huge loss. Crazy. Unless Newcastle want to pay 25 million for him, they should be the last team that they sell to. No way.
17/07/2012 23:20
who said carrolls value was 35mil ? wasnt andy carroll it was liverpool fc newcastle bit their hands off but at the same time he was injured and so was never going 2b match fit for ages /we saw his potential at the end of the season and at wembley and euros so why not just keep him tell him he has a place at anfield and give the man some confidence !! clubs will still want him if it dosent work out
17/07/2012 16:32
was he worth £35m in the first place? answer is no,is he worth £25m even now,answer is no.l think brendan rodgers knows full well,he does,nt want to carry the burden left behind from the previous manager regardless who he is,he,s just not worth the risk,where ever carroll goes he has alot to prove,& any new manager wants a strong group of players,ready to play football the way he wants it played,carroll is surplus to the modern game now.LOOK AT SPAIN.?where is their centre forward,
17/07/2012 21:31
I honestly think liverpool just are making knee jerk decision's without thinking about what they should do long term it makes no sense 
17/07/2012 22:23
Liverpool can keep him. Don't want the traitor back at NCL. We showed when he left we have a team that works well and was still scoring goals. We didn't end the season where we did by chance. Cabaye, Ba, Cisse, Tiote & Ben Arfa all rose up and came up trumps.

35 million for him?...we robbed the scousers!!!
17/07/2012 23:22

It concerns me that Liverpool have not got the resources to keep Carroll. We were short of goals last year and have lost Kuyt who was bought originally as a striker.

Cliff Dempsey is a fringe player at best. We desperatley need more forwards not less.

Carroll gives you that option to change agame.

When he came on against Chelsea in the F.A cup he put Terry on the floor and changed the momentum of the game.

For all Swanseas lovely play they struggled to score goals.

17/07/2012 15:49
I bet there are a lot of defenders that dread going up against him!!!!
18/07/2012 00:28
Get yourself back home where you belong Andy lad, you have been away long enough now, back home and show us geordies how good you really are, Come on Mike Ashley get the money spent and bring our boy back home, you never know we might even get to like you again. 
18/07/2012 10:10
Will this be Liverpools next big mistake? What's the rush to move him on?
17/07/2012 23:39

What is this newfound Man u type bigheadedness in some NUFC fans?? you finish above us for 1 season and you think you are world beaters, what exactly did you achieve last season that we didnt( in the worst LFC prem season that i have seen in my lifetime) yes you finished above us but that didnt get you in the champs league so is irrelevant, the way i see it is we are both in the europa league except we went to 2 finals winning 1 of them. So even in our bad seasons we are still more successful than NUFC in their best seasons.

 Also you still have a terrible head to head record against us you have beat us at the sports direct.com arena the last 2 seasons but how many times have you beaten us over the last 20 years home and away!!! especially at anfield, what is it 17 years or summat since you last beat us there>lol. Soon you will be brought back down from the clouds when your "stars" jump ship to bigger, better paying clubs. Once a feeder club always a feeder club!!!

 Sorry for being so harsh and this doesnt apply to all NUFC fans just the 1s on cloud cuckooland that need to be brought back down to reality

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