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Assou-Ekotto backs AVB's stance

Tottenham's Benoit Assou-Ekotto has backed his manager in the debate over the goalkeeping situation at Spurs

Tottenham's Benoit Assou-Ekotto has backed his manager in the debate over the goalkeeping situation at Spurs

Benoit Assou-Ekotto has backed Andre Villas-Boas' stance on the Tottenham goalkeeping debate.

Spurs' new £12million signing, Hugo Lloris, has admitted it was "not nice" to hear manager Villas-Boas declare Brad Friedel would remain his number one for the time being after the club's last match against Norwich.

France boss Didier Deschamps last week suggested Lloris was not happy with Villas-Boas' comments, but fellow Frenchman and new team-mate Assou-Ekotto told RMC: "It won't be easy for him because there is competition.

"Number one keeper in the French team or not, he will have to fight to get the position in the team.

"We currently have a keeper that doesn't make any mistakes, who is very well known in Great Britain.

"To start, I believe Lloris will be number two. If our keeper doesn't make any mistakes, there is no reason to change."

Lloris had said of the situation: "When I join up with the national team, I concentrate fully and we'll see about my personal situation when I go back.

"Obviously, it is not nice if the coach says he will pick someone else for the first team, but we can see what happens.

"For now, I have to put the situation to one side as France have important matches and I cannot worry about what might happen at my club."

12/09/2012 09:37
ekotto should have just kept quiet,just adds to the media 'turmoil at tottenham,crisis at spurs'  bullspit that's being sprouted for the last few days.

lloris wasn't eligible to play the norwich game and hasn't even trained with the first team yet due to international duties,so do the media really expect him just to go out and play his first game at reading without getting to know his team mates first.

i'm sick of the AVB bashing,if SAF or mourinho or wenger or mancini said what AVB did,it wouldn't even be an issue.i mean The Mirror referred to AVB as david brent the other day......To55er5!!!

we all know that newpapers are in decline as more and more people go to internet for their new,so they have to fabricate some sort of drama in order to sell their toilet/newspapers and AVB is a very easy target.....don't believe the hype. (g.roberts testes).......COYS!

12/09/2012 09:26

AVB doesnt have a clue what he's doing - whatever his thoughts are about the goalkeeping situation he should not air them publicly as this will cause a rift from within. His lack of tactical awareness was proven 10 days ago against Norwich at home with two holding midfielders and one up front - does this not send a signal to Norwich saying we're scared of you! Line up like this away to Man Utd or City.


I was willing to give him a chance but he should have made changes after 30minutes of the Norwich game where it was evident that the system wasnt working.

12/09/2012 13:03
12/09/2012 12:43
Spend £12 million on a keeper and the board will expect to see him on the team sheet
12/09/2012 13:28
Buying Lloris really was one of the hardest to understand transactions of the transfer window. Brad Friedel is an excellent keeper, yes he's getting a little long in the tooth, but he still does a fantastic job. Going out and buying a younger keeper to learn from him I'd understand, but not a £12m international. Wonder who it was that wanted him? Never sure who's in charge of Tottenham's transfer policy.
12/09/2012 14:15

Sorry but with Avb, Tottenham are going nowhere. Just like he made a right mess with Chelsea. He seems to like to play really young players. Just like at chelsea, Lampard was on the bench most of the time under his control. Now look what he is doing at Tottenham, Modric was always going to leave but I don't think Van der Vaart would have left if the manager didn't change. I think the reason he left was because he know AVB would not get regular starts after signing the likes of Sigurdsson and Dembele and knowing the manager's playing style.

He likes to have fast and young players which is not always a good thing. When AVB was at Chelsea they were doing really bad, but when he left Chelsea won the champions league. I do not like to rant but Tottenham can not afford to lose against easier oppositions if they want to get a champions league spot or finish at top 4. AVB is not the right manager for Tottenham!

12/09/2012 08:49
12/09/2012 13:46
This is the player that has publicly stated on more than one occasion that the would play his football anywhere for the team that pays him the most!!!  Even is this is true he should not say it - what does that say to the Spurs fans? Nothing BAE says is worth listening to - the mans an idiot and a lazy idiot at that.
12/09/2012 08:44

See what he has to say when the relegation battle looms   :)


12/09/2012 11:19
Pineapple head.Mabe his heads that shape.
stick freidel,cudicini,llores and gormless in together.....itll save you getting hammered every week with that cu.t in charge.
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