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AVB confident UEFA will act on racism

Andre Villas-Boas asked UEFA to follow up on alleged racist chanting from Lazio fans

Andre Villas-Boas asked UEFA to follow up on alleged racist chanting from Lazio fans

Andre Villas-Boas is sure that UEFA will come down hard on any Lazio fans who are found to have racially abused Tottenham's players in the Europa League clash at White Hart Lane.

Loud monkey-chanting was heard to come from the away end on several occasions directed against Jermain Defoe, Aaron Lennon and Andros Townsend in the Group J clash, which ended 0-0 after three Spurs goals were controversially ruled out.

Villas-Boas said he did not hear the chants himself, but he would encourage UEFA, whose head Michel Platini was at the game, to take any action if it is proven that the travelling fans did in fact hurl racist abuse. Villas-Boas said in his post-match press conference: "I think (UEFA will act if the accusations are proven)."

The Portuguese manager added: "UEFA is very active on this kind of situation and our overall objective is to kick racism out of football. I can't point the finger at anyone in any way shape or form because I didn't hear anything. It's for the authorities to follow up in any kind of investigation."

The anti-racism group FARE posted a link on their Twitter feed giving Spurs fans the chance to report any chants they heard from the away end and UEFA have fined clubs in the past for racist incidents.

Tottenham also operate a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to racism. Away from the racism furore, Villas-Boas was left to reflect on another disappointing night.

He was happy with his team's performance, but he was far from thrilled with that of referee Ovidiu Alin Hategan. The Romanian ruled out three goals, two of which looked perfectly legal.

In the first half Clint Dempsey's diving header was ruled out for offside even though he looked level and after the interval, Steven Caulker was denied his first Spurs goal for supposedly climbing on Stefano Mauri's back before heading in a cross.

"We managed to put the ball in the net three times but unfortunately because of mistakes from the ref we couldn't get the goals we certainly deserved," said the Portuguese, who also saw a Gareth Bale effort ruled out for offside.

"Mauri is one of the strongest Lazio players in the air and Caulker beat him in the air and scored a legal goal so we don't see anything (wrong). That situation disappoints us."

21/09/2012 07:11
Disgraceful behaviour from the Lazio fans & in front of Pratini, let's see what Eufa do next
21/09/2012 07:29

Lazio will get a 20, 000 euro fine and that will be it!

Don't expect any kind of severe punishment from Uefa on this matter.

If one of their players had shown his underwear or a t-shirt under his jersey advertising a private sponsor now your talking.....heavy fine there from Uefa.

You lot need to understand what's important in the real world for Uefa.....from their previous lack of any credible action, racism in football clearly is not!

Same goes for the FA and Fifa!!!

'Stamp it out'....my asre!

21/09/2012 07:17
Lazio 9 Spurs 1 thats fouls in the last few minutes as Lazio escape referees actions for gross over the ball fouls. Where have to good referees gone ? Referee marks out of 10 .......1 for turning up....
yet more poor refereeing its about time as in rugby and cricket we had tv evidence or a forth ref or maybe the ref was just cheating 1 goal maybe but 3 never
21/09/2012 08:13
Mediterranean supporters seem to just ignore UEFA and their clubs get very little punishment for this behaviour, they burn sheep in France so what will that useless donk Platini do? He was there to witness 2 perfectly good goals disallowed and some diabolical fouls committed by Lazio go unpunished, what will he do - nothing AGAIN.!!..Useless **** still got a chip on his shoulder from when news broke that his French Team mate was humping his wife just before the world cup all those years ago.!!
21/09/2012 07:27
surprising how many team managers are deaf. I can hear it on the tv yet he can't when on the touchline are they deaf or just got no b*lls to say what they heard
21/09/2012 07:27
surprising how many team managers are deaf. I can hear it on the tv yet he can't when on the touchline are they deaf or just got no b*lls to say what they heard
21/09/2012 09:28
if you go to work tomorrow and do your job as badly as that ref i swear you will be sacked,he so needs looking into.bet on the draw i reckon.and as for the racial abuse if you could'nt hear it on the tv you would have had to have been deaf, grow a spine fifa so so childish this day and age lazio fans responsible should be ashamed of them self's this morning but they wont be GROW UP.
21/09/2012 13:39

In the last several years we have all heard so much about Italian football, corruption, Hooligans and Racists, people have even lost their lifes. If this would of been happening in English football we would be banned from European competition and no England in Euro/World cups. Is it not about time that the Italians were actually punished for once.

21/09/2012 09:19
What the feck has this got to do with John Terry?
21/09/2012 13:24

if tottenham's anti racist policy is so strict, when heard why didn't stewards & police go in and remove those responsible.

we hear a lot of talk from clubs about a need to remove racism from the game, but few actively take action within their grounds

Its about time this disgusting behaviour of making monkey chants was well and truly stamped out. It must be possible with the latest camera technology to detect who is behaving in this ignorant manner and to arrest them. I have found that there is a lot of racism in Italy, mainly aimed at the African migrants that hang around city centres in most big Italian cities. However, there is no excuse for travelling away, Italian supporters to heap racial abuse on black players in this country. Such behaviour cannot and should not be tolerated, we are not living in the fifties.
Andros Townsend, should ignore any monkey chants because he scared the pants off the Italians, he is one for the future. Spurs, have some really good youngsters coming through their youth academy, like we have at Liverpool. Shelvey, was outstanding against Christopher Williams, team, the : Young Boys.
21/09/2012 17:14
These sort of idiots get pleasure from their abuse. My comment however is that maybe these so called "fans" were merely communicating with each other?          
21/09/2012 12:28
os Smith, did you watch the game? Obviously not otherwise you would of noticed we performed very well. If the linesman and ref had their glasses we would of won 2-0 to a very good, inform Lazio side. MUG
21/09/2012 16:10
Racism is racism directed at opponents or own players, it's not acceptable in any way shape or form. 
Monkey chants at black players are racist. Because the person doing it doesn't do it to their own black players doesn't mean they're less racist. You can't be a little bit racist.
Lazio has a history of a hardcore following who are far right followers, they even had a captain who had to apologise over the PA prior to a game for his racist views.
I love Italian football but racism is rife throughout Italian society not just football. 

Timothy Lee, speaks volumes of common sense, we should work together and make football better. I used to hate United with a passion, but I have tried to grow up and put my feelings aside. As a boy growing up on Utting Avenue East, Liverpool, its was ingrained the hatred for United. The sides  I loved as a boy were : Man City, West Ham, Arsenal, Spurs and Leeds.
To: Howard Smith, yes, you are very right about racism being endemic through Italian society. What has made most Italians very racist is the large number of African migrants that hang about the city centres in most big Italian cities. The Italians, hate and detest them, and when we were visiting Italy last year, an African cafe had been shot up killing one African, and severely injuring another. England generally has less racism than most European countries,
21/09/2012 09:41
no steve jones it was utd racist scum
21/09/2012 09:57

I see Zulu is having another worthless and senile rant.

AV Boas, like nigh all managers in the world today won't get drawn into debates that won't do any good.... except to be misquoted or part sentences used to make an silly headline for 'head lining. Why should they? If the governing bodies can't, or wont take any action just how does any one think a lone voice of a manger will. Was a very good manger, out spoken when managing Luton. He spoke out about behind the back, managers taking a percentage of transfer money etc. He isn't managing any division football now.

Besides too many still have this stupid notion that unless you are black, then you can't have racism aimed at you.

It won't change by laws. Laws that can't be enforced.

No law can stop or alter a mind set if not open to change.

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