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Bale nets in Spurs triumph

Gareth Bale headed home a 58th-minute equaliser as Tottenham defeated the New York Red Bulls

Gareth Bale headed home a 58th-minute equaliser as Tottenham defeated the New York Red Bulls

Gareth Bale was on the scoresheet as Tottenham completed their United States pre-season tour with a comeback victory over the New York Red Bulls.

Bale, who was left on crutches following a challenge from Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam in Saturday's goalless draw against their Barclays Premier League rivals, started this friendly and headed home a 58th-minute equaliser to cancel out Kenny Cooper's early penalty for the hosts.

New signing Gylfi Sigurdsson then curled in a superb match-winning strike seven minutes after Bale's goal to give Andre Villas-Boas' men a 2-1 win at Red Bull Arena.

The Red Bulls took the lead in the eighth minute when Tim Cahill, making his debut for the Major League Soccer side following his move from Everton, went crashing in the box under a challenge from new Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen and Cooper slotted home the resulting spot-kick.

Spurs went in search of an equaliser before the break and Bale and Tom Huddlestone both drew fine saves from New York goalkeeper Bill Gaudette, who then produced a brilliant one-handed stop to tip over Aaron Lennon's effort in the 53rd minute.

Gaudette was helpless to prevent Bale drawing the teams level five minutes later though as the Wales winger climbed high above his marker to glance Sigurdsson's corner into the back of the net.

Sigurdsson then sealed the win with a fine effort, the Iceland international working his way into the box before cutting inside Markus Holgersson and curling an unstoppable shot into the far top corner.

Spurs also hit the crossbar through Michael Dawson following another Sigurdsson corner soon after as Villas-Boas men signed off their US tour with a deserved victory.

01/08/2012 08:50
Looks like Charlie Adam really damaged him ****
01/08/2012 08:56
seems Bale's injury wasn't that bad AGAIN !  must be a spurs thing, this suedo moaning about " bad tackles, cant't play for Team GB" etc, etc
01/08/2012 12:34

The last i heard was that Bale was so badly injured by Adams that spurs were afraid he might miss the start of the season, now here he is playing and scoring again 3 days after the Adams tackle.

Is this a miracle.............. No just Bale doing what he does best. feigning injury.

01/08/2012 10:09
bale is beginning to annoy me with his moaning and team GB injury lies.such a talent,just a d**k!!
Bale, should have shut his mouth over this tackle, and the next time that Bale, played against Charlie Adam, Bale, should have done Charlie Adam, big time. Thats the way Roy Keane, and Graham Roberts, used to settle old scores, not whinge, and cry, because no one wants to listen to a whinger.
01/08/2012 12:30

Whoop Whoop, we've got a bite from Luke947.


Did Bale have MRI scans after Adams career ending tackle 3 days ago? Or was he just using crutches for a girraffe??


You're a very easy wind up.. Bale should really have been on the GB team though shouldn't he..?


And if Adams tackle was so so bad that he has cause to say loud to the worlds media that Adam is a coward, and he should apologise, then why on earth is he playing 3 days after. One might think he's full of poop.

Adam fouled me because i'm better than him. KN0b

Bale and boas  should be  ashamed , a weeks detention at the primary school they attend and 500 lines " I WILL NOT CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL NEXT TIME I GET TACKLED" Would be  in order
The other day bale reckoned he had been crippled for life by adams   Bale is full of sh  it e.
01/08/2012 12:07
oh! what a quick recovery from the tackle that put him on crutches only 2 days agao, blaming adams for a crunch tackle, what a fukcing low life and fukcing liar, he should be brought before the fa for  lying to them when he said he wasnt fit for team GB.............. typical of the lying scum that  he is!
01/08/2012 10:17

Bale will be Spurs new Centre Forward this season, watch this space.


Still a moaning Jessie mind.

01/08/2012 10:20
so much for nearly ruining his career he should be ashamed and be made to apologise to mr charlie adams. 
Typical of what seems to be the attitude amongst diva players now If it don't suit me I'm gonna spit my dummy take my ball and go home, Fair enough maybe Adams challenge wasn't great but why make all the song and dance about it when Bale was obviously faking injury just like he did with team GB he should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute the lying git.
01/08/2012 12:38
Really bad injury thats a laugh! He should feel ashamed. Tell him it was probably his only chance of major competition lets face it with Wales he will not get anything. This was the only time that we will see an Olympic Games in England.  The fans will not forget his snub!!!!!
01/08/2012 10:10
He's a lying p***k. Looking forward to the next time he plays against Adam.
01/08/2012 10:02
lazerus is not dead he as come back as bale,he try,s to get a fellow pro band what a sport the guys need to play rugby wont last five min.
01/08/2012 10:46

Another simpering self centred PL player. I suppose he'll be rolling around the floor in agony the next time somebody comes within 3 inches of him on the pitch - I'd love to see him have a crack at Rugby ( either code)

or Field Hockey - ( I don't think he's strong enough to carry the equipment in ice hockey) He should take a tip from the GB ladies hockey player who got her jaw broken and reckons she'll be up and running for the next match. Now THAT'S being a sportsman.

01/08/2012 13:59
bale- villa-boas whinging saturday about adams tackle 3 days later he scores in friendly, what crutches for bale you pansie or was it just a scam to have him suspended, man up you pansie take up cookery or hairdressing if you not man enough to be tackled.
01/08/2012 14:17
Excuse me for maybe being a bit one sighted here mate but did you end your season with anything more than LFC ?
I was under the distinct impression you missed out on the champions league  were knocked out of every other cup, lost the best manager you've had in the last 20yrs and are set to lose the best midfield maestro (Modric) that you have since the 80s so, given all that what foundation do you have for any sort of gloating or boasting ????
01/08/2012 14:34

I have no difficulty... I put it to you that it is you sir with the difficulty.


You're so disillusioned, naive perhaps that you actually believe his injury took less time than scheduled... Like he's some super human... maybe in your squ-iff spurs vison he is but to me he's just another player.


He's not wolverine, he's normal. However maybe i am wrong... he was on crutches only 2 days ago yet now he's playing in friendlies and scoring goals to boot!! I wander what he eats that helps his body repair so well...




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