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Barton: I deserve to lose captaincy

Joey Barton (© right)

Joey Barton (right) says 'Losing the captaincy and missing 12 games is what really hurts'

Joey Barton admitted he was "reckless and stupid" after being stripped of the QPR captaincy and fined six weeks wages for his sending off against Manchester City on the final day of the Barclays Premier League season.

The 29-year-old was hit with a 12-match ban and fined £75,000 by the FA last month after being dismissed for elbowing Carlos Tevez, then kicking out at Sergio Aguero as he left the pitch before aiming a headbutt in the direction of Vincent Kompany. Following their own internal investigation, QPR have now imposed further sanctions on the controversial midfielder.

Barton apologised in a statement on the club's official website, which he later expanded on in a series of Twitter posts, he said: "I was reckless and deserved every punishment I received. Money comes and goes, it's not important to me. Losing the captaincy and missing 12 games is what really hurts."

He added: "I was stupid and that what happens when u [sic] do dumb things. I am confident ill [sic] bounce back. Cannot wait.

"That's all I have to say on the matter. I wish to put it behind me now and help QPR, once available of course, push on towards the top half.

"Have a good day people. Thanks for all the lovely tweets of support. Speak soon xx."

Barton has a long history of controversy, both on and off the pitch. In 2008, he was given a six-month jail term after admitting assault and affray.

During his time as a player at Manchester City, Barton was fined after he stubbed a lit cigar in the eye of young team-mate Jamie Tandy during the club's Christmas party. Earlier this month, Barton was arrested for affray following a night out in Liverpool with his girlfriend.

In his official club statement, the player issued an unreserved apology, which read: "My behaviour was wrong and I accept the punishment that has been imposed upon me as a result. I apologise to the manager, my team-mates and of course the QPR fans for my actions.

"I also apologise to the Manchester City players, staff and supporters."

25/06/2012 15:31

No way does he deserve to lose his captaincy.............what a joke.






He should lose his JOB.

25/06/2012 15:39
Captaincy? Job? With all the people this idiot has assulted down the years, his freedom and rights are what should be on the line. He's an animal and animals are kept in cages.
25/06/2012 15:39
Yeah til next time, he is just an idiot who will never change.
25/06/2012 16:06
joey you deserve to be sacked full stop.
25/06/2012 15:49
The man is a thug with little footballing talent... he doesn't belong in a professional league.
25/06/2012 16:32
The apology was written by someone else and is meaningless to Barton. He is a thug through and through and he has proven this on many occasions. The FA in their usual spineless manner fine him a paltry sum and ban him for twelve games. This is not a one-off, this is a continuation of gutter actions that needs to be stamped out of the game.
25/06/2012 16:09
There's no "I" in team but there is in lunatic and that is exactly what Barton is. Take a bow son. You should be in Broadmoor. 
25/06/2012 16:18
club should have fined him the full 12 weeks wages for every week he can't play .... PR**K !!

Peter Marsh your tag is well named - you must be a "troubled individual" if you think that moron Barton is worth supporting. You can be passionate and a hard tackler without being a nut job thug!

I'm sure Joey is very pleased with the support he gets on Twitter- he probably knows them both.

25/06/2012 16:30

Should be banned from playing the dik ed

25/06/2012 15:40
he deserve's evrything  he get's racisit  thug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He can use the "time off" to visit his murdering brother in prison.  Something strange runs in that family.
25/06/2012 14:55
The shirt pulling and diving that has been imported is seen as acceptable by the authorities. The corrupt powers that be live in a fraudulent world where lies are acceptable as long as you don't get caught. If Barton carries on openly doing silly things he will get banned from the game for sure. He should adopt the weasel approach and keep everyone happy.

Mr Marsh It will be a while before you enjoy watching your darling volatile thug ! It's quite worrying when it's actually perceived that this conduct and character is "passion" Give me "fairy Jessie's" anyday over ignorance

FYI, Zidane the "hero" ended his international career with a red card ! for violence on the pitch

25/06/2012 17:39
Sorry Joey,out here in the real world where people do ordinary,mundane jobs for average salaries this kind of behaviour would be regarded as gross misconduct and/or bringing the firm  into disrepute-both sacking offences. Upset to lose the captaincy? You should think yourself very lucky to still have a job.
25/06/2012 17:27
He wants to be thankfully hes still got a job or playing football,thats if you can call playing footall a job???Hes nothing but an animal,a little boy with a big gob.....Gobsheet !!!!!!!!!!!!  Didnt  wimp hughes av the balls to sack him............chicken!!
25/06/2012 19:59

Christopher, it was a contact sport 30/40 years ago when the game was much harder and tougher but back then the players were known as sportsmen and there is nothing sportsman like about kicking and headbutting professional players just becasue your unhappy at a decision. There' s no room for that in everyday life, especially not a football pitch.

Also stubbing a cigar out in a youngsters eye and breaking a team mates jaw are criminal offences and even if one of his previous offences would not of put him in jail the amount of charges would of by now if he was not a footballer.


Discuss things like gentlemen without going to extremes? From you, christopher? Hardly. Check your own blog response to Danny zulu. Still if this is a new leaf I'm glad to see you've turned it.


And Football is not a contact sport in the way that Rugby is, and even in Rugby deliberately attacking an opponent is likely to result in a player being sent off, and in extreme cases,  banned.


 Football becomes a contact sport when ill judged tackles take place.  Elbowing an opponent in the throat , kicking a second in the back and attempting to head butt a third don't come into any of those categories. Barton was, and almost certainly will remain, a thug with huge and ultimately uncontrollable, anger management issues. There's a point where listening to his apologies becomes a useless exersize. He's no more able to control his behaviour than you are.

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