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Beckham left out of Olympic squad

David Beckham has been left out of the Team GB squad for London 2012

David Beckham has been left out of the Team GB squad for London 2012

David Beckham has not been picked for the British Olympic football squad, the player has revealed.

The 37-year-old had hoped to be named as one of three over-age players but has not been selected by Olympic team coach Stuart Pearce. It is understood Ryan Giggs, Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards will be the three over-age players confirmed by Pearce next week.

Beckham said in a statement released to the Press Association: "Everyone knows how much playing for my country has always meant to me, so I would have been honoured to have been part of this unique Team GB squad."

He added: "Naturally I am very disappointed, but there will be no bigger supporter of the team than me. And like everyone, I will be hoping they can win the gold.

"As a Londoner I was really proud to have played a small part in bringing the Olympics to my home town as part of Seb's [Coe] team and I can't wait for the Games to begin and will enjoy every moment along with the rest of Great Britain."

Beckham is understood to have been told by Pearce that he had chosen to pick Richards instead because he wanted stronger defensive options.

The former England midfielder had been on the 35-man shortlist and Pearce had flown out to the United States to watch him in action for the Los Angeles Galaxy. The player could also point out that he would have at least been match-fit while all the other players would be entering the tournament after the summer break.

Giggs and Bellamy were widely expected to be included but the call-up of Richards is also as much of a surprise as the Manchester City defender being left out of England's Euro 2012 squad - after which he refused to go on standby for the European Championship.

Other under-23 players who are almost certain to be confirmed by Pearce include Arsenal's Aaron Ramsey and Tottenham's Gareth Bale.

28/06/2012 13:16
the guy deserved to be in the team, after all HE was the major reason we got the games!  instead Pearce selects a troublemaker like Bellamy
total waste of a selection!
28/06/2012 13:11
Sorry Beckham should be in the squad - its a huge kick in the teeth for him - he has done so much for the country and the games - he makes us proud - feel for him
28/06/2012 12:29
wow, cant believe this, so disappointing after the work put in to the olympic bid by beckham, will have to be seen as a own goal in terms of merit, spectacle and ticket sales, personally was really looking forward to seeing beckham play for GB feel quite deflated now.
28/06/2012 12:50

As a Scotsman and someone who has no real concern about the GB football team or David Beckham i think this is a real mistake by Pearce. The British public I am sure would have wanted to see Beckham and I think in the integrity of sportmanship Beckham should have been rewarded for his help in bringing the games to London. Beckham is also a great ambassador for the UK which i think is sometimes lost on many people. Pearce I believe was the wrong man selected ... again team GB should have selcted someone who is recognised as having a fanatstic standing in the sport ... Sir Alex, Keegan,  etc .... a real pity but thats life!

28/06/2012 13:22
I am angry that a no talent loser like Pearce, fired from Man City after a disastrous time in charge, has made a decision that most England/British supporters will be disgusted with. Beckham has shown how a real sports patriot should behave - we probably would not have got the games without his name attached. It's a stab in the back, probably because Pearce is frightened that Beckham will take all the limelight. I for one will boycott this Olympic farce and I hope others will join me. 
28/06/2012 13:24
H ow dicusting that David Becham has been left out of the team after all he has done for this country,  i think Stuart pearce needs to have a rethink, the Engalnd squad we have at the moment are useless and if a diiferent team had been picked we might still be in the running, come on all you England fans make a stand and fight for David to play Best wishes Carol
28/06/2012 13:29
No surprise really. Heaven forbid the GB team winning which might of happened if Becks had been selected. The moaning individual countries red faces who struggle every tournament to qualify would have been worth seeing. A GB team using the best players from each country, good grief we cannot have that ; they might win. As for Stuart Pearce bless him perfect for the job another yes man with limited ability.
28/06/2012 12:48
shows you what sort of england managers we got  coming in the future   look what happened at the euros,  nothing  but  wind.
28/06/2012 12:36
It would been nice to see Becks give his last hurrah to big tournaments but he's 37 now and Psycho, sorry - Mr Pearce, obviously feels there are younger over-age players (if that makes sense) who can have a bigger impact. Pearce, ever the competitor, wont be thinking about ticket sales and nostaglia, he will want to win. And who knows, with a bit of luck, homefield advantage and huge support it might just be possible. Go on the lads! Gutted for Becks though.
28/06/2012 12:54
Who gives a ****! The sooner the proper season starts the better! 
28/06/2012 16:16
Wot a big big mistake uve made pearce as usual
28/06/2012 12:33
A Bloody disgrace, Beckham should have been in the team for all the work in bringing the games to Great Britain. Pearce said it all when he said he wanted defensive options. so that's what we can expect is it, Defence, Defence, Defence.  Get rid of Pearce!!!
28/06/2012 17:14

I think this decision to exclude David Beckham is a total disgrace and an insult to a man who has done whatever was called of him to play for England and promote sport in whichever countries he visited and/or played for. He still plays at a relatively high level, (not premiership exactly), but good, and he played a large part in securing the games for London as part of Seb Coe's team. He is an AMBASSADOR for sport and promotes it through the youth of this and other countries.


There is NO VALID REASON to exclude him, and Stuart Pearce should be ashamed of himself!  

28/06/2012 16:25
1. Most young players aspire to be at the top of the sport and look up to players like David Beckham (whether you think he's good or not has achieved great things). They want the success (who doesn't?) he has had and having him on board to guide them through the championships is nothing but a positive.

2. David Beckham has given everything to the cause for seven years to this project. He has flown tens of thousands of mile, shook hands with every person needed to win the games, he has been an ambassador promoting the games and always conducted himself professionally. Obviously there wasn't a clause in the contract regarding playing but if you committed so much (Billy Stride) energy into organising a party then not getting an invite, wouldn't you feel a bit used?

3. I can't think of any cons having David Beckham in the Olympic Squad. 
28/06/2012 16:45

Well I wont be in any rush to get my tickets to watch them now! Seriously he will be a great miss for the team, nobody can pass a ball like Becks and we really could do with someone with his ability in the England team now.  Wont Richards think its a bit beneath him to represent his country for team GB?   I personally would have loved to have seen Becks in the team, he would have played his heart out and been an inspiration to a lot of the youngsters.


28/06/2012 14:35
It makes me laugh how people comment on how he is just a money chaser. The guy can afford to buy virtually anything he wants so why would money be an issue? It's about playing for and supporting your country. I would wager that most of the negative comments about him here are from non Manchester United fans, the ones that tend to hate on United (or United related) at every chance! 
He was one of the best long passing players in the game when he was at United/England. He gave their game width and options going forward, the exact things that the teams lack now!  AND let's not forget his free kicks, each chance was as good as a penalty. I guess all the people here slating him must have been the ones that DIDN'T celebrate when he scored that late free kick against Greece in 2002? David Beckham has done alot for the football scene and should be playing for Team GB.
28/06/2012 15:30
Becham may be 37 but he has the WILL TO WIN. Has everyone forgotten he can pass the ball AND score goals, more than most of the players on the pitch this week. Perhaps he should start to COACH ENGLAND then we may even get to the final of 2016 European Championship. Is there a chance someone will have a second thought on what they have done?, Lost the Olympic Gold and even the Bronze medals.
28/06/2012 15:07
It's good that Giggs and Bellamy are getting a chance to play in a championship that's sort of on the world stage but it is a bit of a slap in the face for Beckham considering all he has done bringing the Olympics to London.

Having him on the squad would have good for team morale as probably most of the under-23's idolised him growing up.

Definitely more pros than cons having him in the squad. 
28/06/2012 14:20
He done more for British football than the whole England squad put together. He deserves a role in the team. He has been a real supporter for the Olympics in London and deserves more from the powers that be...… SHAME ON YOU PEARCE
28/06/2012 18:11



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