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Berbatov: Better for everyone if I leave

Dimitar Berbatov has fallen down the pecking order at Manchester United

Dimitar Berbatov has fallen down the pecking order at Manchester United

Dimitar Berbatov believes it would be "better for everyone" if he left Manchester United this summer.

Berbatov's four-year stay at Old Trafford looks to be coming to a close after he found himself outside manager Sir Alex Ferguson's first-team plans last season. The 31-year-old managed just 12 league appearances last term, scoring seven goals, a year after he was the Barclays Premier League's equal top-scorer.

Berbatov has now hinted he had given up hope of remaining at United, despite admitting he would like to see out his the final year of his deal. He wrote on his official Facebook page: "The truth is, I love this club, but I am not going to be useful to anyone if I am not playing. And I want to play, I want to help."

He added: "But for unknown reasons it's not going to happen, or my chances will be limited, so it's better for everyone if we say goodbye.

"If not, I am professional and I will keep doing everything I can to help my team and my team-mates, whenever I have opportunity to do so."

A host of clubs are apparently already circling to acquire the services of a player who cost United £30million when he signed from Tottenham four years ago.

Reports have suggested that United have slapped a price tag of £10million on Berbatov's head, although the striker claimed Ferguson had told him the figure was half of that amount.

"Because I am tired of speculation, I am telling you this," he wrote. "I read the papers and I see they say 10 million pounds is my price. I go and talk with Sir Alex, and he says to me 5 million. So who is telling the truth, what do you think??"

Berbatov has scored 48 league goals at United, helping them to two Premier League titles, but his Old Trafford future has been in doubt since he was left out of the squad for the 2010-11 Champions League final against Barcelona at Wembley.

Last season he found himself behind Wayne Rooney and young strikers Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez in the pecking order, although he served a reminder of his goalscoring class with a hat-trick against Wigan on Boxing Day.

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16/07/2012 07:21
Literally from hero to zero, from joint top scorer in the league one season to 12 starts the next. Just shows how quickly football and especially Fergie can evolve. We can speculate with what ifs but the truth is no one knows if United would have kept the title if Berba had played more games. My view is, I don't think he would have made the difference. On his day he is class, no question, but his style is more 'measured' than the fast pace of attack that Ferguson is looking for from the likes of Welbeck and Chicharito who have supplanted him. A shame to see him go, he came good just a fraction late. He's not a bench player and deserves regular football. As a United fan I have to say thanks for his commitment and moments of genius. It's a nice tradition at the club that the fans generally send of players with a thank you and a good luck rather than the bitterness and anger that has become the fashion. When Beckham and Ronaldo, Steve Bruce, Keane, Bryan Robson, Paul Ince etc return to Old Trafford as managers or players the cheers drown out the boos 10 to 1, that's class. Bring on the new season.
15/07/2012 22:11
still a useful player, need to keep him when he gets a run of games he will be class, feel fergie ruined him by not giving him a chance (not calling fergie however he should of been given a better chance and we may have won the league with his experience!)
16/07/2012 08:34

I am a Man,U, FAN,  THE FELLOW IS A CLASS ACT,  silky skills, an eye for a pass and goal,

I think Ferguson, HAS, and is making a mistake with this fellow,  on the down side he is a Moody player,       and who am I to argue with Ferguson, 

16/07/2012 09:13

Yet again bacon face is letting a class act go, he is miles better than Welbeck, although he can look lazy and slow.

15/07/2012 23:44
back to spurs player plus cash for modric.....do it
16/07/2012 01:13
i think like so many people that on his day there aint many better, but those days are to far between poor or average games. im a utd fan and with him getting fewer chances those excellent games which he is capable of will be non existant. i wish him the best who ever he decides to join but his time is up at utd its time to move on.
16/07/2012 09:39
Berbatov is a great player! and one that would have made the difference if given the games and chance! l believe SAF although a great manager has made a real big mistake in putting all his
faith in Wellbeck! He's a decent player but nowhere nearly as good as the media has made him
out to be! In certain situations he has not got the class....the goal in the Euros was a good goal,but as a striker it was a natural movement for how the ball came to him....however what else did he do
? lm not trying to run Wellbeck down as he is a good player...but Fergie made a big mistake in not
playing Berbatov much more....although l understand Fergie does try to encourage the youth players...but he has made mistakes last season in his selections..without a doubt...If Berbatov
was shown as much faith as the Wellbecks and Chicharitos l believe we would have won the league and played much better football....thats my opinion!

Maybe if he would have play at least against Everton, manu win title.....Welbeck is not good enough...Fergie does not like him for somewhat, shame.
16/07/2012 01:42
Berbatov said he wouldn't go to Liverpool, he said he's particular not peculair, they haven't won the League for 22 years, would you go?
15/07/2012 23:25
on his day world class footballer with sublime touch and vision.....................unfortunately not had enough days of this in his 4 yrs at Old Trafford and certainly not in any big games........ok sticking 5 past a very poor Blackburn side but where were u on recent trips to Shamefield, Etihad,Emirates n Bridge..................and dont even mention Champions League record
16/07/2012 12:42
15/07/2012 23:52
omg rednose isnt going to like this someone telling the truth,looks like a season playing with the kids as we all know how spitefull fergie is
16/07/2012 01:31
.Have to agree with most posts on here,but i blame SIR ALEX,for showing for the first time,he aint been able to get in a goalscorers head,and harvest his talent.Bad sign for UNITED fans
16/07/2012 08:13

One of the greatest touch players of all time , of course he needs to leave how can a player of this quality sit on the bench week after week.... the situation reminds me of when Spurs had Rebov another player with fantastc ability left out each week by the childish Glen Hoddle ... Fergurson is the same , couldnt believe he was not using him throughout last season .... perhaps one day he will expain why

Love to see Berba back at Spurs

16/07/2012 08:32
@Steve Hughes
Your posts are littered with poor grammar and terrible spelling. Can't even give you the benefit of typos with most of them.Perhaps it should be YOU who wears incontinence pants - when you go back to primary school to try and learn to spell.What a plank. Stop trying to bully others, you thicko.

16/07/2012 12:06

Has been a good player but at 31 you can see that he is not upto the pace at the top level. He has had some good times at the club, and some not so good but he has always stayed professional and all credit to him for that.

Move to France Berba, nice bit of money there in an up and coming game, maybe an exchange for Lewandowski. What ever happens all the best for the future.

15/07/2012 21:30
Times up Dimi, fanks n tara, you got paid well and everything changes eventually, If I were you Id head for the USA.
16/07/2012 14:57
He is wanted back at Street Cars but watch out for Tracy...
16/07/2012 08:01
Wish Rooney would come out with that comment!!
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