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Butland keen to take Hart's place

Jack Butland hopes to stay level-headed following his rapid rise up the ladder

Jack Butland hopes to stay level-headed following his rapid rise up the ladder

Jack Butland wants to push Joe Hart for the England number one spot but is determined to stay level-headed following his rapid rise up the footballing ladder.

The Birmingham goalkeeper is in contention to make his England debut in Wednesday evening's friendly international with Italy in Berne. Butland spent part of last season on loan at League Two side Cheltenham before the 19-year-old ended up being called into the Euro 2012 squad and was Team GB's keeper during the Olympic Games.

But he is conscious of not getting carried away, and said: "Things have happened so quickly for me and I'm thankful for the family I have. They make sure I don't get ahead of myself, which is something I hate to see in players. The term 'big time', I hate to see that."

He added: "That is something I am trying to avoid myself, I don't think I will have trouble doing that. I just think it's the borderline between confidence and arrogance really.

"Any professional needs to be confident in your own ability and what you can achieve, but there's a line between that and arrogance which not a lot of people step over. But it's a very careful line because it can taint people's views of you and, once you've lost that, it can be very difficult to get it back."

Butland is aware he still has much to learn but is keen to push Hart, absent from the Italian clash with a slight back injury, as quickly as possible,

He said: "Joe is a fantastic keeper and I want to challenge him as soon as I can. Being number one for England is something I've always dreamed of doing. Joe is in there at the moment and only one can play.

"My target for the coming years is to be the biggest challenge I possibly can and stay in this squad for as long as possible because this is where I want to be for the foreseeable future."

Butland also recognises he may alternate between the senior and under-21 squads to help with his development.

He said: "We've had the conversation already because there is nothing better than playing games. Throughout the years it's going to be a balance. Will I go on trips with the senior team and then which games will I play for the under-21s? I know I have to play. As fantastic an experience as it is to come away with the senior squad there is no better way to learn than play games."

14/08/2012 13:37

Better to have players wanting to play for their country and pushing first team members then struggling find the new players of tomorrow and have to keep bringing out the same old faces.


Harts good but England should have 12 players competing for every place - footbals supposed to be our No 1 sport


Go on lad get stuck in and dont listen to the arm chair fat arsed football pundits on here.  

14/08/2012 13:23

he's only a young lad. good to have two decent goal keepers in the team all we need now is some decent defender , midfielders and strikers and we will be nearly there.

14/08/2012 12:16
I must have missed something there, have read the story twice and nowhere do I see him bragging that he is the be all and all. Hope he does manage to keep his feet on the ground, and not become a big time Charlie.  Good luck in the future Jack.
14/08/2012 16:21
At least he wants to play for his country,unlike people like Ryan Giggs who are
always "injured" after they have been selected.

14/08/2012 14:33
 No pressure pal ! Well done Jack, have a good game.
14/08/2012 13:42
Tottenham are looking for a good keeper, so why not buy Butland???
14/08/2012 09:40
I hope he`s better at catching easy shots like the one he fumbled in the Olympics.
14/08/2012 13:45

well he's not picking himself is he ? so why be negative it's the Manager's call any critiscm blame him

14/08/2012 15:16
People seem to be forgetting John Ruddy here. He had a great season in the premier league last season (most of the goals conceded can be put down to Norwich's terrible co-ordination with their chop and change defence) and should be getting some credit :p
14/08/2012 17:47
'Jack - straight-through - me - hands - Butland
14/08/2012 17:40
Just like any other squad, the second and third choice keepers will get the odd game. The competion will keep Joe on his toes, but he will be England's No1 for the next decade.

And MSN, sort these fkkkin spammers out !! We get nothing out of all the sh!t they post, its all garbage, so put a stop to it, NO ONE READS IT !!
14/08/2012 15:44

Sorry but who wouldnt want a premier league title winner  in goal?


No doubt in Butlands ability but Hart is young too, and unfortunately for Butland, Hart will be the Number 1 for many many years to come, by the time Hart retires or is coming to the end of his career, Butland will be too.


He will definitely play for a top side as he gets older, but sorry Jack mate, youve come on the scene at the wrong time. 



14/08/2012 16:36
He was making positive comments, so keep replies positive plerase.
14/08/2012 11:54
Getting a bit above himself he is not in the same league as Hart, quite literally, who did he play for last season, Cheltenham Town, no offence, when he is playing for a Premier League team against quality players he can then make such comments, until then keep quiet and get lots of practice. Lets face it GB squad was hardly a shining example of football in these islands was it, the womens team was better to watch and at least made it further.
14/08/2012 17:33
he plays for BIRMINGHAM CITY,,HAHAHAHA what a joke,,,,
14/08/2012 16:52

What a load of rubbish, if he he plays tomorrow he is worth

18 million according to some manager from Birmingham

who I have never heard of,many young keepers have gone

before, Wright being one who looked as though he was

going to make it, Carson another andlots more, pick a 20

year old from any amateur team and he will perform just

as good as this fellow, in 4 years he will be remembered

as playing for Team GB and 1 England game!!!


14/08/2012 12:49
hes crappp he didnt even look like he wanted to save a pen in the olmpics
14/08/2012 13:08
Hart/cech/reina are probably the best in the league by a mile can't see Jack pushing hart, if he does have potential he will have to move to another team where he can get regular football.
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