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Campbell: Torres can regain pace

Fernando Torres has yet to find his goalscoring touch for Chelsea

Fernando Torres has yet to find his goalscoring touch for Chelsea

Former Olympic sprint champion Darren Campbell has claimed he could solve Fernando Torres' goalscoring problems for Chelsea.

Campbell, who won gold in the 4x100m at the Athens Games eight years ago, believes Torres needed just a fortnight's specialist training to recover most of his lost pace. Torres briefly worked with Campbell during his first year at Stamford Bridge, prior to the departure of Dr Bryan English as Chelsea's medical director during Andre Villas-Boas's reign.

Campbell, a sprint coach in football and rugby union, told the Daily Telegraph: "It's something that is best done in pre-season but I think Fernando just needs two weeks when he hasn't got to worry about playing on the Saturday and just put in a nice two-week training programme that I think would definitely bring the majority of his speed back."

He went on: "I'm sure I could fix him. It doesn't have to be a lengthy process because these guys are already extremely fit. That's the great thing about working with footballers and rugby players. You're not having to worry about the base fitness so you just go in and teach the raw speed.

"In the case of Fernando, I think he would also probably need to do a bit of weightlifting as well as the running and the speed drills to put some power back into his muscles. That's why sprinters lift weights, to gain that explosive speed and power."

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Galaxy chief executive Tim Leiweke has admitted he is "honoured" his club have been linked with a move for Frank Lampard.

Lampard has long been touted with a move to Major League Soccer as a big-name replacement for David Beckham, who is quitting Galaxy at the end of their season.

Leiweke told Sky Sports News: "Chelsea is a club we have a great relationship with.

"We've heard of other players mentioned that are playing in Europe and we want to respect their clubs and where they're at."

But he added: "When you mention the likes of Frank Lampard to me, he's one of the class acts of football. I'm a huge fan of him as an individual, a huge fan of him as a captain and a huge fan of him as a player. We're honoured that anyone would even speculate that Frank would want to come here, that's a good day."

30/11/2012 11:13

No problem with Torres's pace whatsoever, simple reason he fails to score, he doesn't get in the box, it is almost at every opportunity he opts to go wide, saving himself any grief if he fails to score, he would rather pass than shoot. Typical example, Spurs away, the 4th goal, the brilliant Mata steals the ball of Walker, slides a pass in front of goal, Sturridge taps in, where was Fernando, on the edge of the box.

These are goals he should have scored, he needs to in the box, and he needs to try and shoot, not look for other options. This guy has emmense talent and ability, he needs to adopt a strikers mentality, be greedy and shoot on sight and finally get him to take the penalties.

30/11/2012 10:52
Who says he has lost his pace? Certainly still leaving defenders for dead. Has other problems I guess. But it certainly isn't pace.
30/11/2012 14:52

So let me get this right; this guy worked with Torres before but failed to improve his form. Now, as if it is something he found in the bottom of his locker, he claims to be able to sort his issues in two weeks. YO, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. He may have lost the edge off his pace but he is still quick. However, he lacks awareness and movement. It is the mind of this striker that has slowed, not his legs. Put him on a pay per goal contract for a month, see if that motivates him. Two weeks, fool.

30/11/2012 10:27

they should send him on loan to leyton orient or watford to get his confidence back

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