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Campbell understands Van Persie decision

Sol Campbell can understand why Robin van Persie (© pictured)

Sol Campbell can understand why Robin van Persie (pictured) wants to leave Arsenal

Former Arsenal star Sol Campbell understands how Gunners captain Robin van Persie has lost patience with the club.

Campbell, who was a key part of Arsenal's 'Invincibles' side in 2003/04, believes the Dutchman, who has announced he will not sign a new deal at the Emirates, has become disillusioned with the club's lack of competitiveness for top trophies.

"I can understand why Van Persie has decided not to sign a new contract," the former England defender told the Daily Mirror.

"When you go back to your club for pre-season, and you look around the changing room, you want to see top players around you and think, 'Yeah, we're going to do something this season. This is where it's happening'.

"That's what van Persie is looking for. And maybe he's had a look and thought, 'Is this it?'

"Robin has seen the good times, and been part of the good times, and he wants more of it. Basically, his statement is shorthand for saying his patience has run out, and that he can't wait for ever if he's going to win major trophies in his career.

"From the outside, it looks as though he wants to go to a club who will start the season expecting to win things, not just to be in contention with a lot of ifs, buts, maybes and strings attached."

Campbell believes reconciliation is not impossible, but thinks Arsenal would have to make some serious statements in the transfer market.

"Maybe he could still sign a new contract if Arsenal rustle up £100m from somewhere and make a serious statement by signing three world-class players," he said.

"But they lost Fabregas and Nasri last summer, so we've been here before and I don't see how it's going to be any different this time."

07/07/2012 14:05

Some good posts here from disgrunbtled Arsenal fans. As a Chelsea supporter it gives me no pleasure to see a great club tread water in mediocrity. The PL needs strength in depth and that means an Arsenal side capable of challenging for, and winning, the league. At long last many Arsenal fans are beginning to see through their board and as Jonathan says, the club is run like a business with profit first and trophies a mere bonus if one happens to come along.

Wenger now lives permanentley in cloud cuckoo land; it is always "next season" or "we are building for the future". A future that never arrives.

 Why does Uzmanov not get a chance to input something? Are the board scared of him? It seems so. Until there are changes one of our greatest clubs will continue to slide into mediocrity.

07/07/2012 23:25
I can't believe all the bleating about this cripple RVP.  Wenger would be better off without him. He is so frail it was a miracle he played all those games last season. Take the money and run. Let's remember this is a team game.
07/07/2012 12:02

After making huge profits selling his Arsenal shares Hilwood said ''you can not reject a few more millions''. But this same Hillwood, 6 million pound a year Wenger, and their bossom friends have managed to convince the naive fans that great players should not earn exorbitantly at Arsenal fc.

It really should be about the players, not the manager and the old farts at the board.

I used to think differently of Arsenal fans. Or could it be that spurs fans have infilterated Arsenal fc?

Wenger can never be questioned. The board can never do any wrong. The players have got no right to  earn as much as Wenger and the board members. The players have no right to move to greener pastures or even question the ambition of those managing Arsenal fc. The thugs abusing and insulting the departing player. The great fans supporting mediocrity.  No trophies. No quality players. Just a team of accountants and a bunch of drunk yobs shouting abuses.

And we used to be the super gunners. Whoever plucked our wings. Whoever removed our senses and cast a spell on us. Shame.

07/07/2012 18:15

The slow bleed at Arsenal continues. After losing key players in the last 4-5 seasons Wenger is FORCED to rebuild every year. He got the Gunners a 3rd place after losing Nasri, Fabregas, Toure, Cliche et al. This is not a Wenger problem it's a board problem, they have a beautiful stadium, great fans and zero success. Yes AFC is run like a business, but like any business if you don't invest in the future then business will suffer. Arsenal fans 'club' together, put some pressure on the board to KEEP your best players.


Wenger is like the wizard of Oz, it's all smoke and mirrors, but the curtain is slipping and we all see the illusion. There's no place like home, there's no place like home....

07/07/2012 13:21

It seems to me that Arsenal are trying their very best to run the Football Club the way a modern business is run. United are heading the same way with the Glazers at the helm.


Some may say this is admirable. The problem is Football is NOT a normal business and never will be. An acceptable return on investment is just not possible in the current environment; at least not while a club is being successful!!!

Until FFP rules kick in if they ever do (and work) or more realistically, until a salary cap can be introduced which covers all the major Football Leagues, the successful clubs will be the ones which enjoy excellent management on and off the field, AND the ones who spend the most money.


There are Directors at both Arsenal and Man Utd, who have profited, and continue to profit, handsomely from turning these clubs into Corporations. This is why neither team will win the Barclays Premier League until either the rules change, or the Clubs move away from a policy of shareholder satisfaction and greed. 


So while we may feel Wenger and Ferguson, and their Boards, may feel they have the right business plan, they are just being naiive at best and greedy at worst, and in the mean time the Arsenal and United fans will pay the price. 



07/07/2012 11:01
Arsenal fans should stand up and revolt against Gazidis and Hillwood.How long are they going to be loyal to Wenger and his cowards who are only after profits? Arsenal tickets are amongst the most expensive in the league, what for? To go and watch Mertesecker, Squillachi, Jevinho, Ramsy, Walcott, Diaby and a few of those `cheap buys?Its high time Arsenal fans join hands through facebook or other means and meet up to protest outside the emirates to speak out before the season starts.Enough of this loyalty bull because "In Wenger we trust there will be cheap buys and as usual making profits makes sense to him, Gazidis and Hillwood".I can understand Van Persie`s decision to leave.Enough is enough.
07/07/2012 11:39
There's a power struggle there, Usmanov is 20  times richer than Kronke and he owns a 30% stake and he hasn't even got a seat on the board, so he's bound to try and manipulate the situation to his own ends, at least he seems to give a monkeys about the club and the fans. Wenger will keep his gob shut and troll out the party line as long as he's on the pay roll , although he  really should stop talking Arsenal up as though they are contenders as clearly they aren't , he can go on about consecutive champs leagues as much as he wants but they were 19 points off two teams last season. He works with limited resources and one hand behind his back, a whole team virtually of top players has now left the club for pastures new, they are professionals , why shouldn't they go after more money and a few honours, that's why they play the game, the club has let their contracts run down and in every single case chosen to take the money, RVP will be no exeption  
08/07/2012 11:39

VP should go, make the money he needs for his retirement, be lured by the heated seats on the bench at Manchester City and stop distracting away the good news Arsenal supporters have. We have just bought two players who were the top goal scorers in their respective leagues last year, VP has had one good year but towards the end of last season and during the Euros he didnt look the same player he was, puhaps it was because Sagna was injured and doesnt play for the Netherlands. I will be more upset if we were not to re-sign Benayoun !

07/07/2012 10:11

Not many of Arsenal's former great players are speaking out in defence of the great club.

The former Arsenal players are only interested in protecting their own private relationships with Wenger and the board. They dont want to be seen to be rocking the boat and risking the usual five star welcome from the board. But by so doing they are destroying Arsenal fc as much as Hillwood and the board.

Our club is stagnant. Status quo is not progress. Thriftiness and good financing are good but some one needs to think differently without destroying all that has been achieved. Wenger needs help and needs motivation and directives. Such a big club should not be abandoned to one man and his few friends.

Usmanov has money to invest and no intention to asset strip or penny pinch. Why is he being prevented from making his contributions?

Speak up people. Evil thrive when good men keep quiet and do nothing.

Speak up gunners..

Arsenal for life

07/07/2012 10:17

Ross Coley please move over to spurs. Spurs want to be stagnant and we want our great club, Arsenal fc, to compete with the biggest and best in Europe.

We are tired of spurs fans come here to defend Hilwood, Wenger and Gazidis.

Campbell left spurs and came to Arsenal to win big things and he would like Arsenal to be up there with the biggest. If you do not like the progress of Arsenal fc, please move over to spurs. 

07/07/2012 10:50
Someone, I'm no more a spurs fan than fly in the air. Get real, was speaking about Sol's rather senile, and constant quips. Trying to be contraversial and is obviously a MSN writer that fits into the cheap skate row. But if you feel that Arsenal are also owned, or run and controlled by MSN, then yes have a quip your self, for you too can certainly dra a universe from one line.
08/07/2012 14:44

Wake up Wenger and the Arsenal board.How can you progress and build a great side when you keep on selling our best players.I agree with what Ian Wright said last season,basically he said why do we spend big on an unproven and untested at the time Oxlaide Chamerlain,yet we won't splash the cash on a world class player?........Don't get me wrong The Ox has been a great signing,but what will happen in a few years time,will we end up selling him to City or whoever?........Same with Wilshire.The way the Arsenal board are behaving is a lack of total lack of ambition.I don't expect us to go silly like City,but 2 or 3 world class signings would convince RVP and the fans that the board are ambitious.


Maybe Kroenke needs to sell some of his stake to Usmanov if he's not prepared to splash the cash to build a great squad again.If Usmanov is prepared to splash the cash,and make sure we keep our best players then maybe he deserves the chance.Bout time Arsenal also got rid of alot of the deadwood as well,and bought some real quality back into our squad.


As for RVP i'm disappointed with whats happening,but i can kind of understand where he's coming from.He's 29 and only got so many more seasons in him at the top level.But be careful what you decide to do RVP,because the grass isn't always greener on the other side.Just look at Adebayor for instance.

08/07/2012 09:54

Seems extraordinary to me that so many are bleating about Arsenal being solvent and not spending money. Struth, they are a role model in that respect. Getting into top four nigh every season and europe. Most would give their hind teeth for that alone. And have players coming through.

 Suppose these knockers would have a debt ridden side lingering just above relegation every season etc. Portsmouth etc. Rangers ETC. S very many clubs are in real debt. Like the banks there will be a reckoning soon. Man U are really in debt in real terms.

 Yes the fans are to expect trophies and titles. Are to furnished their dreams, They pay their way and all should be expectant, but not so much as those putting in millions and safe guarding the future of the club. If the spend nowt this season, and even sell a few and make money and yet again finish in top four, have a cup trophy or even Euro league, then they would sing the praises.... but will then say 'If only that had spent and bought ...' I believe.

08/07/2012 14:03
ok so what does he want,if its accepted that arsenal players are wanted by every other team with Man City being Arsenals team in all but name you have to ask yourself why when all playing together in an Arsenal shirt they aren't winning,my thoughts are they are leaving just as they hit their prime,if they were all stay and play for the club that gave them the chance we would not be have this problem,the players want the money and instant success without working to earn it
08/07/2012 09:19
the way i see it is RVP is a great player he also turned out to be a great captain and as a lifelong Arsenal fan i will be gutted to see him go but no player is bigger than the club RVP was brought in as a longterm replacement for bergkamp but hes always been injured throughout hes career at Arsenal yet we survived without him countless times and i truly believe Arsenal will score more goals per game without RVP at the helm but what i will miss about RVP is hes silky skills ive always thought he should be a midfielder and not a striker although last season i ate my words so many times lol but life goes on we will see another player picking up the goals next season in arsene i trust i just hope we get a decent return on RVP hes real value should be around the 50 mill mark but for some unknown reason we never seem to get the players real worth im looking forward to the new season with high hopes i think Arsenal are on the verge of something very special
08/07/2012 15:59

city need some improvements to their stadium,a longer bench to make room for rvp

08/07/2012 15:20
As a family we are life long born and bred Arsenal supporters, all ways will be.
Footballers good and bad have come and gone and no player is bigger than any club.
The problem with football today is its run like a business and players will move to any club that will pay them much much more.
So many footballers have said "i am committed to this club forever" until they are offered more money, like business it all boils down to money !!
Keep the Faith.   
07/07/2012 18:55
08/07/2012 13:59

Sol's slightly wrong there. RVP does want trophies, but he's also concerned by the board's (especially Peter Hill-Wood) lack of ambition, and their money-grabbing ways. Hill-Wood's statement went along the lines of "We're fine, it's not like we've been relegated...", and yet he doesn't feel the need to give us the money for titles, only raise ticket prices to fill his pockets? I don't blame Robin, though I'll miss him :'(

Well, how the hell are Arsenal, expected to win trophies with all their star players leaving the club to get a bigger pay package somewhere else ? No wonder Sol Campell, understands why RVP, wants to leave Arsenal, Campell, was one of the most disloyal and treacherous players ever to lace on a boot. I heard that a lot of Arsenal, supporters disliked Campell, and never trusted him, and never considered him a true Gooner.
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