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Capello silent over England exit

Fabio Capello was tight-lipped on his departure from the England job

Fabio Capello was tight-lipped on his departure from the England job

Fabio Capello refused to speak about his departure from England as he prepared for his first competitive match as Russia boss, saying only that his exit was a matter of "respect".

The Italian coach resigned from his position with the Football Association in February after the governing body decided to strip John Terry of the captaincy.

While England turned to Roy Hodgson, Capello made a swift return to the international stage when the Russian Football Union came calling in July.

Capello's new side take on Northern Ireland in Moscow tomorrow in the first Group F World Cup qualifier, and he was in no mood to reflect on his previous engagement.

Asked about the end of his England tenure, Capello said: "I left England, but you know why. Because of respect. Only this. It's finished. No more questions about England."

Capello will have come across several of the Northern Ireland players during his days scouring the Barclays Premier League, but he would not be drawn into identifying any specific threats.

The likes of Jonny Evans, Chris Brunt, Aaron Hughes and Gareth McAuley are all regulars in the top tier of English football, but Capello is focused on getting the best out of his own side. He said: "They have players who play in the Premier League, in England and in Scotland. I know the players, it is my job and I need to know. But I do not speak about individual players.

"I prefer to speak about the team, I don't single them out. In my mind I always try to look forward, to achieve. I hope the next result will be really, really good. Our team is a good team, in the Euros we played some games really well and I want to see the same spirit and style. If we play at that level, the result will be okay."

Capello made the bold decision to leave out Andrei Arshavin, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Pavel Pogrebnyak from his 24-man squad and has already lost one of only three strikers - Artem Dzyuba - to injury. Nevertheless, he does not plan to add cover up front before Friday night.

"I picked 24 players and I have two forwards...after the game we will decide if someone has an injury and maybe I will select new players."

06/09/2012 12:33
fair play to him, pity our lot didnt learn from this guys dignity.
06/09/2012 19:21
Steven Brown, It wasn't Capello that was useless! It was the English FA and the England players that were useless, Capello will do a better job with Russia than he did with England, Why? Because the Russian FA WONT treat him like a lapdog, and the Russian players WILL treat him with  respect.
06/09/2012 12:50
The FA are a bunch of corrupt benders who are not qualified to have anything to do with sport. Their kangaroo courts are a joke and should be made illegal. They abuse their power on a regular basis and it is not surprising that a man such as Capello would walk away. They have the players by the balls and act as though they are some high and mighty employer rather than the tin pot committee that they actually are.
I do not know what to make of Capello's silence . Is it because he is a man of dignity, or is it because there is a clause in his contract that forbids him to comment after he left as England coach ? My opinion for what its worth is that he was a very good coach that did his best with a group of players that had limited abilities. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
06/09/2012 18:48

doesn't matter who is coach of England still won't win any thing "WHO SAID" the great man himself

BOBBY CHARLTON and i agree sorry to say

Nice to see a football manager who can keep his mouth shut and concentrate on the future.
06/09/2012 21:15
Re:-yy yy
 you are so bang on. Some of these one dimensional ignorant British managers know how lucky they are; with their Ego regularly massaged by the likes of sun news paper and classless Talk sport. that's why they never go to Italy, Spain,France or Germany to manage,cause their poor knowledge of the game will be exposed. This ignorance filters down to the players all the way down the leagues which in turn is reflected on the national team. can you imagine Alex Ferguson managing Barcelona or Rednap managing any of the Milan clubs or Steve Bruce in Valencia? lol. There is a reason why Ferguson is the only current British manager that has won something in Europe. Even he only managed two trophies in 25years with all the money in the world    
06/09/2012 20:49

sorry lewis, i don't agree with you, capello was just another " manager " that was chosen to do what he was told, he got payed an extortionate wage, to be another puppet/headcoach, not manage, and obviously there was like you say a gagging clause, he accepted the job because the money was irisistable,

and lets face it as we can tell, what you see is what you get, ( a numty ),,,

while the FA have control of the team yes i do mean the team, we will never win anything,

why do you think the expression, " head coach "  gets used rather than  " manager " they are very different, the FA only want ( puppets/headcoaches ),     

06/09/2012 13:52

Cappello's with Russia now, so why is he still being asked questioned about England??

He was useless anyway... His record as club manager is unrivalled but international football

is a different ball game, will see how he does with Russia!!!

06/09/2012 18:56
To be honest, i have lost interest in the England team, i;m sticking with my Arsenal, & watching the Prem Games. Sorry, but as i said, i have no interest. 
06/09/2012 14:21

I think it was agreed he had total control over who he picked among other things.

 Think they tied his hands there and went back on their word.

 Like who was to be captain etc. Was conflict a few times. Also I believe the straw that straw that broke the camels back.

 he also wanted a lot of what other nations did, and allow but the FA wouldn't hear of it. Did get his way regards having a independant medical when certain players / Clubs refused their players.

 Was a good thing that too ... wish Roy would do the same.

To : Ross Coley, the England managers job is a poisoned chalice, and it will not be long before the press tear Roy Hodson apart. I hope I am wrong because Hodson is a decent man trying to do his very best for our country. I do share your opinion of the press in this country, they are a pretty sad bunch of hacks.
To : all seeing eye, yes, you may very well be right in what you say. Capello, was on an extraordinary salary, I think he was being paid an astonishing amount of money like : like six million quid a year. I still maintain that he did a fair job with a limited amount of talent. The F A, are clueless and do not know a lot about football.
06/09/2012 19:51
Come on England! We might play poor football at present and even if it got worse and we slipped to 50+ in Fifa's ratings I would still support England all the way. I'm English and will always be English whether the times are good or bad.
06/09/2012 19:32
england wont win anything, england players only interested in me me me and money.  and the fact , their simpley not good enough , this rotten country has let it happen, all the yes men and hype that surrounds the england team, i mean cappelo on 6 million , for fcuks sake, someone must be accountable. fcuk england.
06/09/2012 20:18
Well said Lewis Day . . . . I couldn't agree with you more. This problem will get a lot worse yet before, if ever we start to improve again  . . .
There is vermin ie Sir Exlax,"Arry the blagger","Steve quasimodo Bruce""Sam Cowardice"all british all been caught with their snouts in the till,all their family in collusion yet they creep around one another thick as thieves all pandering to the media to brainwash the simpletons who read the sun.Then there are not only great managers but more importantly great dignified people in Cappello,Benitez,Martinez,Mancini,Hiddink, who have courage and digninty to stand up to the uk bully boy managers who have the press on their side,just likre Rafa stood upto "Ol Beetroot Head" so the **** senile bully got his thieving managerial friends bruce allardyce redknapp to gang up on Rafa then the media jumped in and LFC lost a great manager and weve gone downhill ever since even with £200m spent.Rafa stood upto the media Rafa stood upto the uk bullying managerial clan,Rafa proved hes a dignified guy unlike the uk bullying scumbags who all ripped off their own clubs with members of their families brokering deals for players and gullible fans still applaud these people,no wonder the uk is the laughing stock of the world.
06/09/2012 20:44
06/09/2012 20:43

Well Lewis just what is it that the press want to twist and make headlines over. A. Whatever he said would be maglined and Head lining! Why should he have a say, let alone one of interest to us? He hasn't any say because he isn't on our pay roll and whatever he did say would be irrelevant. AND above all He has dignity and respect for himself, and as such shows it to others.

 True he said Rooney only understood Scottish - seems about right that - and trus it would be that he was force to play him, and a few others when he didn't want too. And team tactic etc. were FA boards whims. Like he said it made his position untendgeable. Last manager  that wouldn't cow pow to them was Sir Alf ramsey. They hounded him galore, like the media, and his idea of  -then - the controvial 4 4 2 etc. they hounded him after he'd won the Cup, and then took over the picking the players... and then sacked him... as a warning to any other manager  who didn't bow to them. capello was dignified not to publically spout it out right, but it was obvious when he spoke out what he meant.

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