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Carlisle critical of FA's Terry ban

Clarke Carlisle says a four-match ban for John Terry, pictured, is not enough

Clarke Carlisle says a four-match ban for John Terry, pictured, is not enough

John Terry's four-match ban for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand has undermined the Football Association's hard-line stance on tackling racism, according to players' chief Clarke Carlisle.

Terry has until October 18 to appeal against his suspension and £220,000 fine, but Professional Footballers Association chairman Carlisle believes even if the punishment stands it is not consistent with the eight-match ban handed to Liverpool forward Luis Suarez last year for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

"I think what we felt as an industry was that the Luis Suarez eight-match ban really did send out a strong message to the members of the union and the public at large that racism isn't tolerated in the game," Carlisle told BBC Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme. "To dilute that with this four-match ban, it has almost undermined the initial message that went out."

Carlisle called for a rehabilitation programme to be imposed on top of any suspension for a racism offence.

"If part of their integration is actively partaking in the anti-discrimination campaigns, in the seminars that go on, not only will they benefit from the information that's shown in these seminars, but also it shows that they do show some remorse for their actions and a willingness to contribute to the campaigns moving forward so that other people are aware of the message that's being sent out," Carlisle added.

"If (Terry) doesn't contest this decision and an appeal isn't forthcoming it would do John Terry's image a lot of good if he was seen to be contributing to these sort of campaigns and also it would further affirm the message that this is something that we stand for in football."

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07/10/2012 11:32
who is the racists now all i can see is co lours after there pound of flesh it would seem that they want to cause offence the the whits in this country
This stupid business has already cost England one of the greatest captains we have ever had. Carlisle, should shut his mouth or does he have a vested interest in stirring this silly case up again ? John Terry, has been found not guilty by a proper court and that should have been the end of the matter. Football players will always abuse each other on the field and no amounts of punishments or knee jerk laws will stop abuse being dished out. Its official, John Terry, is no racist, so all of you race mechanics trying to make trouble for JT, shut the hell up. No sane person is interested in this dreary case.
07/10/2012 12:21
If Ferdinand was as good at defending as causing trouble he would be the best. 
To : J, name me a better captain. I am not a Chelsea, fan but john Terry is a fantastic footballer. He should never allowed himself to get embroiled in dishing out abuse with Ferdinand. Both the Ferdinands are known as trouble makers. Rio, served a long ban for missing a drugs test, and Anton has form, not the angels they are portrayed as being.
07/10/2012 12:06
I think the whole thing stinks and if anything is going to cause a racism problem in football its the double standards being showed by the FA who think that it is ok to victimise white players for things the A COURT OF LAW has found them not guilty of just to keep the black players happy!!!
IMO the FA should also be charging Ferdinand as it seems the charge was effectively that terry had used a racist sentence... one which he was just repeating after being accused by ferdinand of saying.. therefore ferdinand should be done in a bigger amount as he was the instigator and used the very same sentence that terry used while fronting terry about it in the first place!!!!
07/10/2012 14:16
As a senior  PFA  employee i am astounded at Carlisle's constant negative comments toward Terry. I thought a Union Rep,as he is as such should support at least publicly their members.
I have been a union member for over 30 years and would be horrified if my Rep made negative comments about me constantly to the press.
Hardly helping the situation just fanning the flames further i feel.I have not heard the PFA Chairman be so verbally critical,maybe he should follow and SHUT UP and be more professional!!!
07/10/2012 16:14

ste99 I appreciate we all make mistakes but lets face it even if he did forget the club shouldnt have let him go there does seem to be a deliberate decision not to be there. But this is hardly a good point I would draw more attention to the whole choc ice affair with Rio as it directly links into the racism issue. 


It depends on what kind of test it was, there are several for drug testing


and just quickly the rio drug thing wasnt my point it was lewis



07/10/2012 15:19

I think the points that should be raised are:


Terry was found not guilty by a court of law and the FA. He is facing ban and fine for insulting A Ferdinand. So by MSN and people on here consistantly saying he's guilty of racist remarks is wrong. It does bring up the arguement that A ferdinand should be facing the same punishment as he aslo abused Terry


ste99 sorry but I believe rio missed drugs test because he would have failed it. The FA tell club and player a month before that they will be tested. Another notice is give two weeks before and then the week itself. They made several attempts to contact rio who left directly after training( why the club let him leave, maybe they knew he would fail?) who was uncontactable. Although I cant see what this has to do with this story?


As for anton i can honestly say i havent really heard of him outside the terry case so will agree with you on that point

To: Someone (ste99),yes, Bryan Robson, was a great skipper. It does not necessarily mean a person is a racist because you call a black person a black kunt, like John Terry did. For example how many of us have lost our tempers in an argument with someone, and said : " I am, going to kill you" when very few of us will carry out our threats. It does not make us potential murderers. John Terry was extremely foolish to have uttered those words, but please cant we forget about the whole nasty business and move on ?
07/10/2012 15:50

no probs duncan, i just believe we all make a mistakes, weve all missed appointments and had other things on our mind, we are human after all. yeah massive one to miss admittedly he did go back in the afternoon though, and from what ive heard it takes 3 days for drugs to come out of your system i think?  pls correct me if im wrong lol!  i was just answering a point u made about ferdinand.

07/10/2012 12:23
i thought jt was found guilty by the loons of using insulting words towards anton, notwithstanding  antons insulting words , which appear to bypass our fa towards jt, did not the fa say that they believe jt is not racist ( obviously to deter an appeal), so i cant understand this carlisle chappie going against the fa and that other lesser court in saying jt is not guilty of racism and would like him and others to enter a  rehabiliation program. maybe clarkey mate ought to enter a rehab unit himself
07/10/2012 14:35

lewis day bryan robson much better captain! becauserio missed a drugs test that doesnt make him a trouble causer! he served an 8mnth ban for something that couldnt be proven, however those testing positive have also been given bans much lower than his!  u say anton has form for trouble!  name some!


yeah lewis u also state hes not a racist!  he just calls blacks hey!

carlisle has every right to speak out about the ban, as he maybe a union rep but hes also a union rep for different colours of skin!  4 match ban not based on jt but in general if someone is found guilty is pathetic!  whats the point of a football against racism if u give out such low bans!

07/10/2012 14:27
I am no Chelsea fan or an admirer of Terry but like to see a level playing field where people are treated as equal. It seems that the football world has become a very unsportsmanlike place to be. Biased officials are running and ruining the game. They are out for the quick profit but also hate players from other teams to their own. When are these nasty spiteful idiots going to realise that you need two teams to play a match and putting the opposition out of business isn't a bright idea? This Clarke Carlisle sounds like a self publicising moron. He most certainly will be financially benefitted from his moral crusade and any further witch hunt. 
08/10/2012 02:37
The FA and Carlisle have said the judge is an idiot and the judicial system is useless, they've acted on probability. Probability that he might have done it so he must guilty. How would anyone fancy being sentenced in court for theft because your bank account was in overdraft so therefore you probably did it, even though there are no facts to support your conviction..????

If any of you bother to read the FA report and not the biased filth the hacks write then you'll see the truth. Biggest shambles ever seen, in their haste to publish this report they accused Cole of perjury, Terry of racism, absolved Rio Ferdinand of actual racist remarks and without any proof told Anton they believe him and it was ok for him to swear, use foul language and insult Terry first. Insult Barnard, Chelsea secretary and a man who has served not only Chelsea but football for over 35 years. The FA only had one thought and that was to be seen to do something whether that something was right or wrong. The FA need closing down, gone too far and believe they are above the law....

Regardless of Terry being a racist or not, this draconian organisation needs dealing with. Hitler also had a 95% conviction rate, you were guilty before the trial started... you want this stretching in to our own legal system...? If Terry is guilty then kick him out of the game but.... guilt requires fact to be proven and guess work by those FA members who are paid by the FA and on their so called impartial panel is no where near any real facts. The FA think all England fans are stupid. This cowardice behaviour by the FA is outrageous and only goes to show the disrespect they have for supporters. They believe they can rough ride over the fans with this disgraceful draconian report and attitude. We the fans deserve more than the FA at present.... they should resign with immediate effect.
07/10/2012 20:48

Ste99 I stand corrected so I apologise


But the point i was trying to make was that in these cases the FA cleared suarez and terry of racism they were charged with insulting comments/behaviour. Yet in these cases the FA accept that both players in both cases made insulting comments but only one person in each case faced charges. Surely as evra suarez terry and ferdinand should all have faced the same charge as all were guilty of saying things unacceptable on the field.


Again I draw your attention to Carlisle lack of responce to the Rio Ferdinand case. I accept you are a man utd fan i also accept that i seem to be attacking man utd players on this issue (Evra and Rio) but i am just using the more recent high profile cases and the one i believe show a hypocracy in the FA ability to conduct a fair investigation. So i hope you can see the point im making and not just think i am attack your teeam. As in all the cases the FA claimed that none of these cases were racist but insulting behavoiur so why arent all these players facing the same charge?

07/10/2012 20:14
duncan suarez admitted making the comments on the evra case!
07/10/2012 18:33

Robert you have made the same mistake that MSN, Carlisle and alot of poeple on here have made. The ban and fine that the FA have imposed was due to insulting language and not racist remarks. The problem is that because the original charge sighted racism thats what people have fixated on. 

Carlisile needs to understand what the FA has actually said regarding Terry. It is also strange to me that while he (carlisle) is saying the FA should be tough on racism (which I agree with) and quotes the Suarez case, a case where the only evidence was evra's word which in a fair persons mind is on dodgy ground. He also remained quiet on Rio's choc ice case which only resulted in a fine. Another question raised by Carlisle's comments is why he does he stay quiet on the fact that Ferdinand andd Suarez both abused players but were let off scott free. Maybe Carlisle and the FA need to adopt aprogramme of charging all players who spout insulting comments

08/10/2012 05:21
The FA are actually PC/ class racists. And what makes it worst is that I believe deep down they don't believe their own decision. I say that because if Terry had had of been upper class ( and money doesn't mean anything in social status to these people) he wouldn't have charged him with anything. That's the problem here, The people the FA employ for these tribunals wouldn't be caught dead with the oiks in the stands. And I would think Rugger is more their cup of tea. Admittedly I've had a few, but just think of the MP who called the coppers plebes,they are all in the same gang.
07/10/2012 18:04
Regardless of what the FA are saying John Terry is not guilty of racism because a British court of law said so And unless the FA are above the Law and outside its juresdiction they should reverse thier verdict otherwise they are liable to be challenged in a law court.If they had been awake and got the case heard within a reasonable ammount of time after the incident and before the court case they may have a reasonable case but they didnt so they are making themselves appear STUPID .
07/10/2012 13:17
John Terry is a terrible example to the youth of today! He comes from the I am the biggest , hardest lad in the team so you better listen..He should be banned for 16 games ..You don't mess around with the captaincy of England,even though Chelsea will let you get away with it...Shocking!.Steven Gerrard is a purist..A gentleman, a grafter..Terry is no Bobby Moore , Beckenbauer,Tony Adams, Carlos Puyol..The best of a bad bunch!..Racism, sleeping with his team mates wives...Oh its John though..Whatever! 


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