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Carrick in experimental England squad

Michael Carrick did not go to Euro 2012

Michael Carrick did not go to Euro 2012

Roy Hodgson has made wholesale changes to his England squad for next week's friendly with Italy - with John Terry among the senior players left out and Michael Carrick returning to the fold.

The Manchester United midfielder told the Football Association he did not want to be selected for Euro 2012.

However, he has now made himself available and comes into a squad that sees Tottenham duo Steven Caulker and Jake Livermore selected for the first time, in addition to Chelsea's Ryan Bertrand.

England captain Steven Gerrard, plus established regulars Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole, were left out of the squad for Wednesday's match in Berne but Frank Lampard - who missed Euro 2012 through injury - has been included.

10/08/2012 17:45
So Michael Carrick snubs England and refuses to help us during the Euro's, yet he gets rewarded with a call up to the squad afterwards. 
No doubt Hodgson has guaranteed him a starting 11 spot, otherwise Carrick would not have accepted. 

Sad day for the England team.  
carrick is not good enough for utd never mind england, i'm a utd fan by the way.
10/08/2012 17:15
Why oh why do England managers continue to make a mockery of friendly matches by constantly picking tried players and using so many substitutes................we have 2 years to build a team for next world cup so use friendly matches to blood new young players to see if they good enough to step up to international football, after all lets face it the 'golden generation' hardly set the world alight did they so young inexperienced kids couldnt do any worse
10/08/2012 18:59
10/08/2012 18:51
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10/08/2012 19:04

Oh Dear Roy,  Are  you so desperate that you have to call up Carrick. Where was he, for the 2012 Euros!!!!!  Why oh Why are you rewarding a Footballer who did not wish to represent his country in 2012 Euros?


Roy, have to say it, but feel you are loosing it Mate!!!

11/08/2012 16:11
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10/08/2012 13:16
He has seen the light, want to play a passing game take a passing master, does his job well and is really undervalued by many. Good to see a few of the older ones left behind, the likes of Gerrard has had too many chances.
10/08/2012 17:30
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LOOK HODGSON PLAYERS LIKE CARRICK WERE TRIED AND TESTED AND DROPPED .......WHY.BECAUSE ALTHOUGH THE ONES IN POSSESSION NOW ARENT ANY GOOD.THE ONES RECALLED ARE EVEN WORSE....JUST FACE IT YOU AINT GOT A CLUE.ITS A POINTLESS GAME who our gormless f.a had 51 other weeks to play in and they every year arrange it this week....the opening week of the season.....AND WERE..SHI.....
10/08/2012 19:27
No Roy, no. C'mon, there are better out there than this player. He aint bad, but hes far from what any person on this thread would call class.
10/08/2012 15:19
3rd in the world rankings and now this? what a joke!! and I'm a United fan.
10/08/2012 15:20
The reality is Carrick is ok. Not great but certainly not as useless as some on here say. BUT should he be in the England squad? Surely we should be able to do better than that. Even trying another untried youngster would be more sensible than someone Carricks age and who of course won't even be considered for the competitve matches ahead. Doesn't make any sense picking him now.
jarrod milburn is right NOW is the time to try out the young up and commingplayers give them chance to show what they can do. as for the womens footy in the olympics they all showed  the so called professionals how to play the game properly, with commitment,hard work and playing  AS A TEAM FOR ONE ANOTHER and not to push themselves, well done ladies!!
10/08/2012 13:45

Carrick actually had a really good season and deserves these opportunities. I was never a fan of him until recently but he has started showing some great form and some of his goals last year were brilliant finishes.


I think he will be a good for the team setup, has a great range of passing and has improved his finishing no end. He also does very good at holding the ball, something our team seriously lacked. Shame he didnt go to Poland and Ukraine as I feel we really lacked a player with his qualities - Stevie did the best he could granted.


Carrick central midfield, Stevie just ahead of him, Parker holding the back line and some pace down the wings could prove to be quite a force.

10/08/2012 14:27

Agree that the old boys need to be left out. The likes of Rooney, Lampard, Downing etc. have had more than a fair shake of the whip to prove that they aren't able to adjust to international level.

 But again, they prove this in the premier league when they play against good oppositions. Marvellous thing is when, say for instance has a bad game etc. and it is against Kompany etc. excuses are rife. But when having a blindd against lesser foes he is world class, which he obviously isn't as his disastrous performances for England have proved time and time again.

 Time to turn out the fearles young studs who have proved, against pain etc. that they are prepared to listen and play as a team. Do as required, keep their shape and not let inflated even if not merited,  ego's get in the way!

10/08/2012 16:58
Watched the ladies final the other night, USA v Japan 2-1.  End to end football absolutely great to watch.   I dont think i shall be going out of my way to catch England v Italy mens game, unless i need to catch up on my sleep.
10/08/2012 17:02
I think he's definitely past it now, if he ever was a good player can't see how, he won't contribute much.
11/08/2012 08:33
People have been complaining about how the england team have been doing for many years , and as soon as someone TRIES to sort it he gets critisism for everything he does , but we dont have to worry we have at least 20 possible new England managers on this Column dont we ???? I DONT THINK SO
11/08/2012 00:48
Its painful that England are not top class, cant we just copy the German set-up,it works for them.
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