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Carroll must forget price tag

Robbie Fowler believes Andy Carroll is burdened by his transfer fee

Robbie Fowler believes Andy Carroll is burdened by his transfer fee

Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler believes Andy Carroll will become a better player when he forgets about his £35million price tag and focuses on his personal strengths.

Fowler believes the hefty price the Reds paid for Carroll, who became the most expensive British player on the back of Fernando Torres' £50million move to Chelsea in January 2011, has weighed heavy on the striker.

"Liverpool is a massive club. What Andy has to do is forget about the price tag and let other people worry about that," said Fowler.

"It is not as if he was saying 'Buy me for £35million'. The clubs agreed a fee but he has to forget about that.

"At times last year he tried to do a little bit too much and tried to be a £35million player and not do the simple things that got him the move in the first place ie: being a tough forward to make and getting his elbows into defenders in a good old-fashioned English centre-forward way.

"He has to continue what he was doing at the end of last season in being a headache for defenders as he looked a totally different player to the one at the start of the season.

"I know he only started one game (at Euro 2012) but I thought he was fantastic and caused the Sweden defence a lot of problems.

"It was a little bit reminiscent of what he was doing for Liverpool at the end of the season when I think he believed in himself a bit more."

13/07/2012 09:48
He scored one of the best headers you will see in the Euros, he has quality in all departments as a striker, Liverpool must keep the faith in him. Yes his price tag was a bit high but thats how this game is now, he does have the potential!
13/07/2012 09:46

Amazes me how folk on here can call him rubbish... Like to see them play againnst him.. Fair enough saying not lived upto expectations but rubbish !!!! How many rubbish players could have scored goal of tournament at Euros ????


His price was inflated cos they had money and needed a player... (or thought they did) Was a panick buy ..


Leave bloke alone. He`s a great player and for once I agree with the article. He`s an old fashioned centre forward in a modern game... Is there a place for him ??? Who knows? Spain didnt even play a forward let alone one like Carrol..

13/07/2012 09:44
roy your an absolute muppet when it comes to assessing the quality of players because anyone could see a continuing progression  in the quality of his play and dont forget he is only a young lad,his potential is massive and if he continues improving he will become a big player so stop the cliche comments you plank and get into the real world,oh and get a job.
13/07/2012 12:40
We would love Carroll at West Ham. He would suit our game of just hoofing the ball from the halfway line and hoping for the best.
13/07/2012 10:45
Andy Caroll is a good footballer, agree with Robbie Fowler,he needs to forget the hype get on the training pitch and concentrate on what he good at-Scoring Goals,the press cannot take away his skills just his dignity.
13/07/2012 12:25
I think for the sake of England, Liverpool need to keep Andy Carroll.  Get his deck game improved.  Can't stand seeing players come to Liverpool and come back to haunt us because we did not work hard enough to develop them.

While £35mill is a little OTT, he has shown he has potential worth sticking with. 
Fowlers's absolutely spot in with his appraisal of Carroll .He's a decent centre forward as opposed to simply a striker. His problem is (and has been) confidence He can make life difficult for any centre half if as Fowler says he plays to his strengths. He's good now playing with his back to goal; with the right coaching and devlopment he could be outstanding. His selection for the Euros will have boosted his confidence; only then for Rodgers to knock it down by talking of him going out on loan. You don't spend £35m on a player and send him out on loan. He needs coaching staff supporting him and developing him at the Club he's at not offloading to Stoke Fulham or even Milan for that matter.
13/07/2012 10:17
To the poster who said that Andy Carroll, scored one of the best goals ever in the recent Euro, football. Well thats what's wrong with football today, a player scores just one nice goal, and is immediately valued at a ridiculous price. One swallow does not make a summer.
13/07/2012 13:07

"king" Kenny was the problem last year, without a clue he was destroying Liverpool from the inside.

Andy Carroll has alot of potential and given the chance this year i think he will shine, if he can help get Liverpool back to the Champions league then many would say he has paid back the 35m. Rodgers did wonders with less resources at Swansea and time is needed for all the players he has at his disposal, everyone deserves a second chance.


Alan, Crouch is over 10 years older than Carroll and has played alot more for England and if you think scoring one of the best goals in the Euro's was not coming up with the goods then your simply wrong. He had about about 90 mins to impress at the Euro's and he did alot better than most the others.

13/07/2012 15:09

Forget the price tag, he did not set the valuation, from a business point of view, Mike Ashley did a brilliant job, getting as much as someone was willing to pay!

Concerning Andy Carroll, he has the ability to trouble any defence, and also offers a presence when defending set pieces, but if Liverpool do not play to his strengths, you will not see the potential he has, or more importantly, hurt other teams by scoring - which we know he can.

Liverpool have these players, but if the delivery is poor, no one will benefit.

In Suarez & Carroll, Liverpool have a strike force to trouble any team, but by different routes.

I hope that Mr Rogers and his team can perform miracles in providing a TEAM that work together, and performs better as a whole, only then will you see how the front men play, and then everyone can criticise or eat their words accordingly! 

13/07/2012 12:03
Not worth £35 million, but he is a top striker if you play to his strengths. He will win over 50% of anything in the air and like Fowler is saying, he is an old fashioned number nine. No reason not to wish him well at Anfield, he would still be a Toon player if Kenny hadn't paid over the odds and that isn't  Andy's fault.
13/07/2012 11:13
give him a chance to prove himself.
13/07/2012 11:18
I am a man city fan and i like Carroll give the lad a chance he is young man and can only get better,
13/07/2012 11:46
andy carroll was 35 mill simply because we had 50 mill for torres.
13/07/2012 12:54

rather be carroll than i would be torres.


and i support no prem club and dont dislike either player

13/07/2012 11:54
Brendan Rodgers has already proved what a novice he is at a big club by dropping a huge clanger over Andy Carroll,the kid finished the season in good form for Liverpool,he also did very well for England when called upon,and Rodgers has just killed his confidence before the season has even started by saying hes going to send him out on Loan,the kids improving and is a Raw Talent unlike Rodgers whos just out of his depth,Liverpool wont finish in the top 4 this season that you can be sure of
13/07/2012 12:19
hes a bustler <>hold the ball<>>and lay off type of player who will only get better as soon as people realise his assets/ end of last season and england game revealed his potential and scored a brilliant header
13/07/2012 09:42
Yet when he got a few winning goals all those LFC fans thought the sun shined out of his backside. He is a good player but not worth any where near what LFC paid for him. I bet Newcastle couldn't stop laughing. He needs lots of first team football every week and with the right support, he could do really well up front. But he isn't going to get that at Liverpool until they replace the has beens and has nots at Liverpool. Until then you will stay a mid table club at best.
13/07/2012 10:39

Liverpool fans i ask you this question which of these two were the best piece of business.


Andy Carroll 35mill Games 42 Goals 6 age23

Luis Suarez 23mill Games 44 Goals 15 age25


In conclusion AC massively over priced

13/07/2012 11:51

Carroll can do nothing about his price tag so as Robbie says forget it.


This lad will soon be doing what he is best at, given the service he needs, his stats are fantastic a good hard working forward.


Please remember Anfield legend Ian Rush had a lousy first season and he did not arrive injured.


I hope Rodgers gives Carroll a decent chance, to send him on loan would not make sense to me.

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