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Carroll pulls out of England squad

Andy Carroll will not feature for England next week

Andy Carroll will not feature for England next week

Andy Carroll has pulled out of England's opening World Cup qualifiers against Moldova and Ukraine.

The West Ham loan signing suffered a hamstring injury during an impressive debut in his side's 3-0 win over Fulham on Saturday afternoon.

Manager Sam Allardyce said after the game it was unlikely Carroll would be able to join up with the England squad and he FA have confirmed that, although no decision will be made about replacements until after Sunday's three Barclays Premier League games have been played.

"West Ham United forward Andy Carroll has withdrawn from the England squad to face Moldova and Ukraine," said the FA in a statement. "After picking up an injury in the match against Fulham, Carroll will not be part of the squad for England's opening FIFA World Cup qualifying matches next week.

"Any decision on whether to call additional players into the squad will not be made until after the three fixtures on Sunday have been completed."

Roy Hodgson's decision to wait until Sunday before deciding upon replacements is a wise one given the potential for further withdrawals.

However, it is clear England have a striking problem to overcome.

Main man Wayne Rooney had already been ruled out with a gashed thigh, whilst Ashley Young, who has done well in the 'number 10' role in the past also misses the double-header with a knee injury.

Presently, Danny Welbeck, Jermain Defoe and Daniel Sturridge are the only three remaining strikers.

The obvious choice to replace them would be Aston Villa's Darren Bent, who many thought would have been included in Thursday's squad anyway.

01/09/2012 23:38

has Hodgson forgotten the result against Italy and the youngsters that played? what a complete arse!


01/09/2012 22:27
six foot three caroll will be replaced by a pygmy.
02/09/2012 16:52
Main Man Wayne Rooney??? For England??? Have I been asleep the past few years? When was the last time he played like the main man for his country?
I notice it's mainly the sports journalists and pundits who still think he's great, does he pay them? 
Waste of space Wayne Rooney would be more apt!!
02/09/2012 12:02

Everyone is having a go at Eie which is fair enough he is not the most pleasant on here for sure, but he has got a point. Liverpool have no recognised goal scorers in their team. Suarez gets involved in the game and makes just as much as he would score and Borini is unproven in th premier league still. Liverpool need many goals from midfield but you have not got goalscoring midfielders. It's an issue with your team.

Carroll is a good player and he showed that yesterday, if you have him in the right system then he causes damage. For England we have a bit of a problem up top, I hope Bent doesn't get the call up but there is a shortage of top English strikers.

02/09/2012 16:20

Well according to most on here, regards Carrol, his injury is good for England.

 Now I know it was a blessing regard Fat Tub Rooney, but Carrol. Think silly biases are abounding.


02/09/2012 17:00
why does every atricle regarding Carroll become a liverpool issue dont those liverpool supporters know that he is now a west ham player that liverpool are dead and buried an untried manager hapless players in a few weeks if the results dont go their way Brendan what's his name will be out the door OH and just in case they dont know liverpool lost 2-0 today
02/09/2012 06:08

Steven twahu.

Brendan Rodgers responsible for Andy Carroll's latest injury....playing for a different team. Priceless!

02/09/2012 09:56
02/09/2012 11:38

thanks for that sarah i did not no is name did not see it on website have now

02/09/2012 11:04
eie herd you  are a f-cking ****  we don't need any body we have suarez borini  sterling joe alan sahin of course steven gerrard  to lead them on city match first  class match  with them all in so shut the f-ck up di-k head not brendon rodgers at all FACT
02/09/2012 13:34
thank god for that one less donkey trundling around
02/09/2012 11:55
herd f-ck off you know nothing imbecile you talk absolute crap that's like  pot calling the kettle black you f-cking d-ck head your one your self  first class imbecile that is
02/09/2012 00:51
Cheers Rodgers.  Not only have you potentially destroyed Liverpool FC, but now you've gone and made ENGLANDS job even harder next week.  Way to go.
02/09/2012 10:56
It's no loss, he would not have made any difference... he couldn't score in a brothel.
02/09/2012 11:18

Well he certainly had ALL the pundits drooling. Most saying he terrified defences and West Ham players gelled and it lifted them 20%. - Like Gassa used to.

  He did at Mewcastle. Needed better service with England and certainly Daglish hadn't an Iota how to play him.

 Only ones that know better are these one finger P.c. pundits.

 I just wonder how 90% of the managers in Europe can't realise he is rubbish. Beats me!

 BR has other playing structure team wise and he didn't fit into his way of playing, like Aquinlina. Think it will be interesting how Liverpool move forward from here. Which tey certainly will.

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