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Cazorla completes Gunners switch

Santi Cazorla has signed a long-term contract with Arsenal

Santi Cazorla has signed a long-term contract with Arsenal

Arsenal have announced the signing of attacking midfielder Santi Cazorla from Malaga for an undisclosed fee on a long-term deal.

The 27-year-old has amassed 45 caps for Spain and was a member of the squads that won the European Championships in 2008 and this year.

"Santi Cazorla is a great signing for us. He's a player who will add significant quality to our squad," said Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Cazorla is reported to have cost Arsenal £16.5million after passing a medical and agreeing a long-term contract.

Full name Santiago Cazorla Gonzalez, he was an influential figure in Malaga's fourth-place finish in La Liga last season when the club qualified for the Champions League for the first time.

"Santi has good experience at both club and international level," Wenger said. "He's a versatile, attacking midfield player who can play comfortably on either side of the pitch or centrally."

Cazorla, the 2007 Spanish Player of the Year, joined Malaga in 2011 following two stints with Villarreal.

He made 181 appearances for the Yellow Submarine, helping them finish runners-up to Real Madrid in La Liga in 2008.

"I'm so happy to be joining Arsenal. This is a club with great players, a fantastic stadium and huge support," Cazorla said.

"The club has one of the best managers in football and their style of play is recognised and admired all over the world."

07/08/2012 15:26

Lewis you manage to make a fool of yourself on almost every post you make.

Why not try been civil for once and having a conversation about football instead of an argument..


Bored of reading it

07/08/2012 12:14
Oh Lewis.  Wneger has been '#not great' for the last 7 years. However only the fans who do their homework will understand the reasons, not armchair observers who hate us and select details to latch onto that support their argument whilst ignoring the whole truths. What you seem to forget is that Arsene has taken us to a champs league final, carling cup final fa cup final, as well as other finals in those competitions, as well as obv landing champs league every year where it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so without spending loads of money, while his best players leave, and with the youngest squad in europe.  Sooooooooo, no we haven't won anything, yes it hurts,yes it sucks, but let me tell you this, if we didn't have a manager as good as Wenger, we'd never have achieved that.  I just don't think you should comment on arsenal you decide that you want to understand everything about which you seem to comment, which, suffice to say, you don't at the moment. I say that with respect too.
07/08/2012 18:12
every year people seem to think that arsenal are finished because they make millions of profit from selling a player or two and every year we hang on in there, maybe in a couple of years we will start to see what arsene wenger has really achieved at arsenal or maybe the person who gets to take the reigns from the great man will be the one that everyone will hail as a genius what ever way you look at it arsenal have done everything right for many many years and if push came to shove id rather watch a team that dont win trophies than a team that parks the bus to win trophies any day
07/08/2012 11:17
Another great addition to the squad, feeling alot more confident with arsenal towards next season!
07/08/2012 17:09
It looks like we have made some decent signings this summer,and what with Wilshere to come back i think the future looks promising. At least this year he has got some players in and prepared for the start of the season unlike last year. Hopefully we won't be going to Old Trafford and getting our pants pulled down again.
07/08/2012 13:26

@ Lewis Day -


Arsenal paid nothing for Chamakh, you knob - they got him on a free transfer. Check your facts before you spout about other teams. However bad Chamakh is (and he is bad) he's still scored more goals than your record £35m "striker"! Oh, and he's French-born to Moroccan parents - he has nothing to do with Algeria (unless he goes on holiday there!)


In addition, 45 caps playing in a midfield that Mikel Arteta can't get into is actually an achievement and he would be a regular in just about any other international squad.  BTW - I believe "jamon" translates simply as "ham", not "fat ham", however he's still renowned for his pace, even in Spain.


Perhaps you'd like to list Liverpool's signings this summer.........?

07/08/2012 18:52
Lewis Day:

I am again angry with myself for writing back.  I have a few things to say and then I will leave you to rot.

1) You keep using information, stating it as fact, and then get proven wrong, e.g. Chamakh's heritage, people's career details e.g. Santi and where they played.  Again, wrong! His history is easy to find all over the web. Anyway, if he did go RM, all that means is he is considered one of the best in the world, so what's your bloody point?

2) Your direct and indirct racism is utterly offensive.  I don't know you, I can only go by what drivel you post, and sadly, you make me feel sick. Even Danny Clarke isn't as racist as you.  Every other comment of yours invlves mis-quoting someone's race/heritage, almost in suc a candid, indifferent way as to suggest you see a massive separation between you and presumably anyone with brown skin.  This is of course when you are not coming out with outright racist remarks.

3) You're in Liverpool yes? You're a Liverpool fan yes? Let me tell you something - I have lived in Liverpool 6 years now.  If there's one thing I know, if you are a scouser, even a blues fan, you do not and I mean NOT EVER **** EVER quote the Sun, ever. You may as well pack your backs and do one right now, exile yourself asap. I have never lived anywhere with such a sense of community and family running through the veins of the city, and as a pad rat I have lived in too many places to count. You may be a Liverpool fan, you may be born from Liverpool and have the accent, but I am a southerner telling you right now you are no scouser.  True scousers are lovely people, quirky, and they are loyal til death - you are not in the class of the gutters their drainage floats away on, do you understand?

4) Your team is a joke.  Brendan Rogers? Fair dos he can get a team to play and that is what counts, but your ambition makes me laugh, yet you have the gumption to criticise ours.  Where were Liverpool playing last season? What have happened to your best players?  And what of your most recent signings? Let me answer: The Europa League. Mmmmm, Thursdays.  And wait for it, yep, that's right, you SOLD all your best players.  Torres, Mascherano- even Reina agreed terms with Arsenal for £20m fee only for us to go and screw it up, that's how much your top players want to stay with you. Isn't Agger off to City? Top player, about time he was at a top 4 club. How you can even comment on Arsenal is beyond me. As for your most recent signings.... dear oh dear. Again, if there's one fan base who simply should NOT comment on Arsenal's transfers, it is Liverpool fans.  Your club spent £100m on a bunch of wasters!  Sigurdsson actually CHOSE Spurs over you! Haha!  And now Rogers wants to sign a £15m midfielder who, until this summer, has neither won nothing, achieved nothing on the national stage, and never played Champions League football.  I mean that is just utter utter lunacy. Liverpool are more to blame for inflated prices than City and Chelsea- at least those clubs actually buy quality players when they splash crazy money.

So please, just go. Just leave our threads to people who offer decent conversation/opinion, without alienating everyone, including your own mum haha, and who aren't racists.

Sorry for the length to anyone else reading this.
07/08/2012 12:09
Lewis - firstly I must ask why you comment on arsenal threads so much, when you hate us? Please answer.

Second, Chamakh is Moroccan.  Third, he scored 13 league goals in his first season, but was only a starter for us until xmas.  He only scored something like twice between xmas and the end of the season- I.e. his strike rate was better than Rooney's until he got benched when RVP came back from injury.  Yes he now sucks, no excuse, but he was BRILLIANT for his first 4-5 months.

Also, I saw you causing trouble and arguing with people about him on another thread - mate, please listen, he DID NOT go to nor play for Real Madrid, so stop going on about it.  He refused to re-sign at Villareal, was released, nearly went to Real Madrid, then did a total u-turn saying there is basically more to football than Real Madrid, and he went back to Villareal with open arms signed another contract. So stfu about him failing at RM because again you know what you chat.
07/08/2012 12:02
Top Top TOP signing by Wenger, for so cheap! Do not be fooled by his fringe sort of existence in the Spanish team - this lad would walk straight into every other national team from Europe, no questions asked.  What a fantastic move by Wenger. If Mata was £20m-odd, this lad should have been a least £35m by rights, incredible business.

Podolski for Arshavin.  Giroud for RVP. Santi-Claus for Rosicky? Cesc? Nasri?  At least now we can say we are replacing quality with quality - not happened for a long long time.  Obviously it's impossible to replace the 3rd best striker on the planet with 'like' quality, but a 26 yr old French league joint top scorer is not a bad start at all.  Thank you Arsene for doing yourself a favour and regaining some respect from the fans who had started to fear your marbles were long gone haha.  What a summer, more signings to come...let's see that silverware!
07/08/2012 17:56

santi is.. nuri sahin is next... wenger is buying wisely!!

com on van pesie you have to stay now!!!!!

07/08/2012 13:15
@lewis day, you cant even criticise cazorla until hes played a season in the arsenal shirt, hes a good technically gifted player in midfield who can play out wide which is good versatility, and is pretty decent on set pieces.
Arsenal usually do a good job of transforming players, if they put in the effort, so it'll be good to see if, and how well, he gels in to the squad, arsene wenger doesnt usually spend large amounts of flops, so i trust his judgement.

P.S. chamakh was a free player, no transfer fee involved.
07/08/2012 14:21

@ Lewis Day

Please no one use lewis day as a representative of liverpool. you read the sun? are you even a scouser? because no scousers read the sun you little germ!! plus your talking a load of ****e making a mockery of our club just do your self a favour an button it.

07/08/2012 21:45
Wenger is great, this is another good singing.
08/08/2012 12:04
Great signing Arsenal! With the improvement made to the squad this summer, Arsenal will finish as the best club in London again for sure. Would always prefer to have the proven Podolski and Cazorla over the unproven and weak looking Hazard and Oscar.
07/08/2012 14:15

Really good signing from The gunners, think RVP should stay with arsenal, Wenger is making a valiant effort to strengthen the squad for next season, wish liverpool were clever enough not to get robbed every transfer were about to get allen for 20m and isnt close to carzolas quality

08/08/2012 10:09
Wenger is making Arsenal a fortune. And keeping them in a decent league position
07/08/2012 14:17
Lewis day -- Liverpool are a great club with a proud history ---you on the other hand are just lowlife scum with no understanding of football --- i bet Liverpool would 'disown' you --given the chance
08/08/2012 11:13

Queens soldier, how come you have changed from posting sensible comments to being an a/hole.

Why don't you get a proper job and you wont have so much time on your hands.


FYI Arsenal have not won a trophy for years because Mr Wenger refuses to buy trophies unlike Chelsea, City , Man U etc.


As for calling Cazorla fat, I bet he is a lot fitter than you.

07/08/2012 13:36

@ Lewis Day -


If you attended school, which I doubt, they clearly didn't educate you in the use of commas. Your entries are so littered with them in the wrong places that I can only assume that as you're a Scouser you either found a stash of cheap ones or you nicked them!


Ironically you've missed out the apostrophe (speech mark to you!) in "Queens", which can be placed either before or after the "s" depending on whether you were a soldier for one or many queens.

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