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Cech: Players must adapt or leave

Petr Cech, pictured, insists Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez 'deserves' the chance to prove himself

Petr Cech, pictured, insists Chelsea boss Rafael Benitez 'deserves' the chance to prove himself

Petr Cech has delivered a stark ultimatum to any Chelsea player opposed to Roman Abramovich's hiring and firing policy, saying: "If you don't like it, you can leave."

The Blues goalkeeper also challenged his team-mates to help the eighth manager he has worked under win over the fans following the savage abuse directed at Rafael Benitez in the Spaniard's first game in charge on Sunday.

Asked if it was difficult getting used to new managers, Cech said: "You adapt or you're out. It's as simple as that. You're here to play, you're here to do what the club and manager wants you to do. If you don't like it, you can leave.

Abramovich's habit of sacking managers has long been a fact of life for the likes of Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole. But the axing of Roberto Di Matteo meant Chelsea were given only three days to get used to a new boss before Sunday's top-of-the-table Barclays Premier League clash against Manchester City.

Cech added: "I'm here to play, I want to play so I do everything I can straight away so that the manager has no option but to put me in goal.

"That's the way I work and is the way it works for everybody because, if you stay sad and don't do the right things, you can end up on the bench and you're not playing and it will be even more disappointing."

The jeers of disapproval at the mention of Benitez's name on Sunday were almost deafening, while the chants and placards left no doubt about how unwelcome the former Liverpool boss was at his new club. Benitez admitted only wins would silence the boo boys and Cech insisted it was the responsibility of Chelsea's players to produce them.

"It is up to us to have a good run of results for them to change their minds," he said. "The manager surely deserves to have a chance and it's up to us to make things happen and make the fans happy."

Sunday's draw left Chelsea five points behind leaders Manchester United with a third of the season gone and a run of victories after just two in nine games would do more than get supporters onside.

"This is the ideal situation and scenario," Cech said. "When you have a change of manager, you need that impulse from everybody to get out of the situation we're not comfortable in. The ideal scenario is to get a run of results and then, suddenly, the season will look different."

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26/11/2012 18:21
I think "Win games or don't get paid" sounds better for (everyone)

Too many high paid footballs that don't even care about giving 100% and trying to win. 

well said m8, chelski need to out the trouble makers and the big timers who think they're above the law !!
Benitez is a decent coach proven at the top level, Chelski have a very good squad of players and so the only issue is getting them all to perform to their best and work hard for the new coach - after all it is what they get paid ridiculous amounts of money for.
all the idiot fans are obviously not true Chelksi supporters and if they don't like it they shud go and watch someone else ???!?!
Cech is obviously a true professional and the rest of the squad shud take note and move on .........
26/11/2012 20:16
Cech has earned some respect from this Utd fan with his simple truth. The fan's can moan and campaign all they want for what happens at their club, it's their right to but the players are completely different. They are paid to do their jobs, win games and win cups while respecting their superiors. No wins in 5 games is no where near good enough for a club with the aspirations of Chelsea, it's time the players delivered.
26/11/2012 20:25
If Cech catches any of the players or Benitez sitting in a bog cubicle reading a newspaper and skiving when they are supposed to be working. I hope he grasses. Abramovich doesn't pay top wages for work shy monkeys. Cech is setting a good example with his responsible opinions.
26/11/2012 19:06
when you have a chairman like abramovich sacking as many managers has he has the club becomes a posion chalice and pep will be the first of many to turn him down look at united one man for all those years creates stability and success as he pulls all the strings i dont know why he doesent become manager as well he bought a 50 million pound failure and now wants a manager to get him to play cant see it and as for all the fans holding up cards saying rafa out if they had brains they would vote with there feet and not go to games and the cards should read abramovich out
26/11/2012 20:27
to much money  far to much money football is so out of touch with the man on the terrace
26/11/2012 16:59
Topman Petr, we have the team, just need a goalscorer, welcome Falcao in January and goodbye Rafa in May, welcome Pep in May. Must keep Ashley, although I think he will go, great shame. Frank too, he has been a brilliant servant to Chelsea. This club is so easy to read. Mr Abamovich is so very consistent, fires when it's going wrong, but always, always put's his hand in his pocket when we want new players or new training ground. Best thing that ever happened to Chelsea.
26/11/2012 19:22
lets face it lads we all know football players are not the brightest tools in  the box  i  mean a life of being pampered playing with a ball ever since they were a kid as a job there exactly never going to grow up an live in the real world are they  and we all look shocked when they throw there dummy  out  of the pram
26/11/2012 20:54
Well said Petr, with all that's gone on in recent weeks let the football do the talking.
26/11/2012 20:53

Well said Petr Cech, what a refreshing attitude from one of the top stars of the English game. I find that attitude so good that I wish him well for the future and hope he stays fit to stay in goal full time. Rafa needs to be given a chance to help the side win through, and although the spectators of Chelsea might not like him personally because of his past he is only doing a job to try and win for Chelsea which I am sure thats what the specs want at the end of the day. I am Wolverhampton born and bred and support the Wolves, but I have always followed Chelsea as my second club. Give the man a chance to prove he is there for the benefit of the club not just a quick fix wage packet.


26/11/2012 18:29

Well The Doctor, you are right regards Ste99 comments ... But he is a Man U fan through and through. One who only ever has bad stupid things to say about any other team of Note. I.e. Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool ... Mind one must feel pity for him as he is brain dead besides being a cretin.

26/11/2012 20:33

Well said Pete,    could not have put it better myself.   your job is to play your best every week or like pete said sit on the bench and mope or leave.

,  i am sure there arte good players out there that would die for chelsea.  GO FOR IT.

26/11/2012 19:06
well said cech to many players think they can have a say in the running of clubs when all they are is overpaid brats.......rafa is a european manager; but not a clever league manager chelsea need to get rid of old dead beats ie terry lampard torres. come on the reds
26/11/2012 18:23
STE99, pointless post. You should remember the old adage. 'If you have nothing nice to say, shut your effing mouth up'.
26/11/2012 17:59
Wow stee99 is still commenting on anything mentioning Chelsea !! You sure your not a cfc supporter as you always have a say about Chelsea ? Lol unless you ain't got a life then that's understandable "
26/11/2012 19:14
I thought this was about a serious issue.  Who cares?  It's only a spat between girlies!
26/11/2012 18:57
i was at dury lane yesterday to wotch chels v city.  rafa got plenty of s**t.  but without seasond fans ,it will kill any atmosphere. but you will be able to buy a choc ice at half time. long live CFC.
26/11/2012 20:22
ste99, one words sums you up but it's unprintable but i'll give you a clue. It starts with a C and ends with a T
26/11/2012 20:38
I don't want peter cech leaving chelsea!!!
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